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65 Jay’s Real Identity

 "I found the others."

"Where is it?"

Kanae pointed to one direction. Over there, there were a few people crowded as they watch the game from one person. Squeezing their way in, Misae looked towards the person in the center of all the commotion: Mike.

Kevin was sitting on the chair nearby with Neo talking to him while Mike was playing here. The game Mike chose was about racing where he controlled the car to reach the final line first. However, the one that made him gain attention was the way he drove and the many unique techniques most of these people never heard before.

"It looked like he's already a professional driver," Misae commented. "Although he hadn't got his license yet, he looked like he's already proficient in driving."

Kanae nodded and pulled Misae away from the crowd. The air felt suffocating when they were inside and it felt much better if they got out from the crowd. Kanae walked to the side where Jay and Alice were watching Tommy who was playing.

Tommy was playing a gun game, and he controlled them really well. It seemed that he was ready to break the record of that particular game.

"You don't want to play, Jay?" Misae asked.

"I'm not interested in these kinds of child play. Besides, that guy is the one having the most fun out of us."

"The reason we come here in the first place is to cheer him up too."

After playing another game, Tommy already felt satisfied. The amount of money Alice put inside the card was not much and indeed only for him to play two games. On the other hand, Mike played for another long time before finishing.

"It seems, you're the one having fun here," Misae teased when they grouped back together.

"Well, it's not bad occasionally."

"Where do you want to go next?" Jay asked the question.

"It seemed like you know the place here very well. Could it be that you live near here?" Misae asked.

Jay nodded. "You can say that. So, where do you want to go?"

"Let's just eat some food, I'm already hungry," Neo suggested.

"..." you were the only one who wanted to eat.

Kanae shook her head and turned towards Tommy. They came here because they wanted to cheer on Tommy, so it would be better if they let this person decided.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Let's just walk around. I'm not really sure where I want to go too," Tommy answered instead.

They chose to walk around the mall. Most of the stores inside the mall were the common one, but there were still a few of them that they rarely saw.

"You never saw this store before? Isn't this store quite famous?" Neo asked in astonishment.

Kanae and Kevin shook their head, and they said at the same time. "I rarely go to the mall, so I don't know."

The way they spoke and the timing made the other laughed. It really seemed that the two of them would speak at the exact moment and their tone made them looked like a twin.

"If I didn't know better, I would think that the two of you have planned this before," Misae giggled.

Jay nodded. "Yes, you two are really similar to each other."

They were still laughing when they heard an unfamiliar voice from behind them. They could see several numbers of people there holding some street fight weapons.

Misae's face paled considerably. How could the guards let these people came in? Shouldn't they were held at the entrance of the mall?

"Jay, I thought that my people see wrong, but it's really you," one of the men say with wicked grin.

Jay back felt cold. He had considered the fact that they might appear here, but he didn't think that it would truly happen. It seemed that he really got a really bad luck today to meet with them here especially in front of his friends.

Misae quickly hid behind Kanae. "Who are they?"

"A small gang," Kanae answered.

"That you called small?" the number of people appearing before them were nine people. If with that many people, they were still be called small, she wanted to know how many people would be considered as a big gang.

"Small gang doesn't only refer to a gang with few people, but also for an unknown gang that doesn't have much influence," Mike answered in Kanae's stead.

"And what is the name of their gang?"

"... I don't know."

Jay shrugged and waved his hand. "The tour is over. You guys better go ahead and leave me."

"But, we can't just leave you alone, right?" Misae looked at the others face, but their expression showed that Jay was correct and they needed to go from that place soon. She felt that there must be something wrong, why would they abandon their own friend?

"I will be fine," Jay said calmly.

Kanae pulled Misae away. "Let's go, he will explain the matter to us tomorrow."

The nine guys seemed to notice that the rest of the group plan to go. One of them threw his weapon, a rock, towards Misae. Seeing the incoming rock, Misae closed her eyes in fear, but Mike caught the rock easily. He was standing near her, so his reaction was the fastest.

"It seemed your friends are good at fighting too, Jay."

"If you want to fight that much, I will be your opponent," Jay answered as he pulled himself to be on guard. That was careless of his to let them attack Misae. If only Mike didn't react on time, he wouldn't know what her parent reaction would be.

"Are you sure a useless Young Master of Souhon Clan like you can handle us?"

The word 'useless', 'Young Master, and 'Souhon Clan' made the people turned their head towards Jay in astonishment.

Jay clenched his jaw. He always hated the word useless especially if it was being said by people outside the clan. He had to admit that inside the clan he was indeed quite bad, but in front of a small gang like them, he could beat them all just fine. If the people from his clan was the one that said those words, he would just accept it, but these people shouldn't say those words.

"Souhon Clan?" Misae was stunned when she heard that word coming from the group of men in front of her.

"Souhon Clan... if I'm not wrong, it's the second biggest clan in this city, right?" Tommy recalled something.

Mike nodded. There were several clans in this city, but the one that people know were those who ranked on the top. At the second of the list was Souhon. This clan has been here for a long time and they were famous for their member viciousness when handling their opponent.

"They're also the clan that has been in dispute lately," Neo added.

Kanae nodded her head slightly.

Looking towards her friends' reaction, Misae felt that something was not correct. How could they act as if this was something that happened on every time? None of them showed any surprise on their face. Had they already known about this from before or this was also something new for them?