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64 Playing in the Mall

 After washing hand, Misae and the others returned to their table.

"What takes you so long?" Neo put the tray of food on the table as he looked at the incoming Mike, Misae, and Jay. Kevin had told them that they were going to wash their hand, but he didn't expect that they would take this long.

"There are a lot of people wash their hand, so it takes us some time before it's our turn," Mike answered with a smile.

Tommy looked away. "I still don't like to see you smile."

"Too bad, Mike is almost always smiling. Only on some occasions he will put a strict face," Neo said with a mouth full of food. He was already going ahead by eating the food first.

"Don't talk with mouth full of food. Where is your manner?" Misae giggled.

Neo swallowed the food, "Done. What do you want to eat, everything is on Tommy."

"I have told you that I didn't bring that much money with me," Tommy complained. Even the bread that he ate was brought by Kevin as he was originally already prepared to not eat anything.

"Everything is on Neo," Kevin interrupted.

"What? Why did it change to me?"

"Because you're the one who wants to eat the most," Kanae answered in Kevin stead.

"The President and Vice-President sure love to bully people the most. I don't bring that much money with me too."

In the end, they paid for themselves according to what they bought. Only Kanae and Tommy who didn't pay because they only ate one bread that the president gave to them.

They used the car to go to the mall near the school. The number of the mall in this city was still plenty since the population of this city could be considered a lot. However, most of the malls were close during this time. They didn't dare to open their business in fear of getting destroyed by the clans because of their fight. It would be really vexing to have their business involved into a fight.

Still, some of them were open because they have more money to hire guards. Those big companies also couldn't afford to close down their business because the amount of money they would lose might reach an unimaginable amount.

"This mall is quite big," Tommy commented when they got off from the car.

Neo sighed as he locked the door. He felt that he had changed his job to be a driver with the number of times he continued to drive the car for them.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Let's go to the food court and grab some food. I'm still rather hungry," Tommy immediately suggested.

"Are you a glutton, now?" Misae giggled.

Alice smiled. "Then we should just go there to eat."

In the end, the group headed towards the food court. Kanae and Tommy bought a lot of food from the cheaper stalls and ate them while the others were busy looking towards the various foods in that place.

"How many times do you think we need to circle the place until the two of them finish their food?" Jay asked with a mischievous smile.

Misae smiled wryly. "One is already more than enough."

"Huh? Are you sure?" Neo was stunned. He still remembered that Tommy did eat really fast, but what about Kanae?

Alice nodded her head. "Yes."

The two of them were proved to be correct as when they returned, they saw that Kanae and Tommy both had finished their meal. They were currently drinking the water that they bought.

"I will really think that you two have an eating competition with that kind of speed in eating," Misae commented.

Tommy flashed a grin. "You can say so. No one will be able to beat us in terms of eating fast."

"Between the two of you, which one is faster?"

Tommy and Kanae looked towards each other. They have never thought about this before, so they were not sure about the answer. It was not like they truly cared about each other eating speed.

"Let's go, we're not going to stay here forever, right?" Misae shifted the conversation.

Tommy laughed. "We can just walk around. Besides, I'm sure that you like to shop."

Most of the girls liked to buy things and that included Misae. With her pocket money, which was a lot because of her family, she could leisurely buy some things from the store without any need to worry about the money on her.

"What about you Tommy, is there any place that you want to go?" Mike asked.

"Even if there is any, I doubt that you would want to come with me," Tommy answered.

Misae tilted her head, "Why not? Just show us."

Tommy led them inside the mall. Because he was not familiar with this mall, he needed to ask for direction countless times, making them bored.

"Tell me where you want to go. I'm more familiar with this place," finally Jay couldn't wait anymore.

"Fine," Tommy answered.

After walking for another few minutes, they arrived at the hall full of games. All of them look towards Tommy with an unbelieving gaze.

"You still like to play here?"

"Well, yes. Do you want to come in or you have any other place you want to go?" Tommy asked back.

"No need, let's go in."

Tommy looked towards Jay with a smile. "Can you buy a card for me to play?"

"Are you treating me like your money bank?" Jay rolled his eyes.

Alice giggled when she noticed their interaction. She paid for the one of the cards and handed it to Tommy. "Here, you can play with this."

"There's no need, I can just use Jay's," Tommy answered awkwardly.

"It's fine."

In the end, Tommy accepted the card and headed inside to play the games. Jay followed after him with Alice.

In the end, Misae also bought a card since she wanted to try some of them. It has been a long time since the last time she played in the hall like this and she wanted to try playing again.

Going to the doll picking game, Misae was not sure of the name, she swiped her cards and started playing. Trying her hardest to move the doll to the right place was really hard, and she failed continuously.

Kanae held the control. "Let me try it."

"Okay," Misae chose to rest her hand first. Trying to control the movement was really hard and she couldn't find herself to pick the right doll.

Kanae's eyes watched the machine carefully as she pushed the control to let the hook grabbed the doll. Lifting it up, she used the controller and moved it right to the place. She released the hook from the doll and it fell to the place where it would get out from the machine.

Taking the doll, she suddenly realized something. She turned her head to look towards Misae embarrassedly. "I forgot to ask you what doll you want..."

The one she picked was a small doll in the shape of a little girl holding a flower. All in all, the girl was really cute and because the size was only about the palm of a person, it was easy to bring the doll to many places.

Misae giggled. "You can have it if you want."

"Ah no, this is for you," Kanae handed the doll to Misae.

"Thank you," Misae accepted the small doll and put it inside her bag. "Let's find the others, where do you think they are?"

"They shouldn't be too far. Let's find them."