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61 Eating Together

 Kanae soon found the canteen and ordered a bowl of noodles. It was one of the cheapest meals here and she was already used to eat the noodle, so she didn't really bother with the menu. Paying for it, she chose a seat and began eating with delight.

It has been a long time since she could eat dinner this early, maybe today she could sleep for a lot of time since there was no need to clean up. Eating the noodle, she watched as many other night employees came to buy food and took them out.

"Even after changing job, it seems your dinner will not change," a man who came commented at Kanae.

Kanae grinned at the Old Man, "It's already my habit. How's your work, Old Man?"

"It's easy, I don't need to work that much."

"That's good," Kanae scooped up the noodle again.

The Old Man smiled. "I hear that you make quite a number of employees surprised because you know the President."

"Really, I don't know about that," Kanae frowned. It seemed that knowing Kevin was already enough for making trouble. "I'm just spending around half an hour to one hour in his office to help him out."

The Old Man was speechless by the information from Kanae mouth. If she was really in the President office, it would be no wonder that the other employees were feeling jealous. The number of people Kevin allowed to come to the office and talked with him personally from the people in this company could be counted with one hand.

Of course, that was excluding those from the school because he knew that most of the students do know him, though it was unlikely for them to talk with him personally since he was not that much of a talkative person. Besides, with his position as the Student Council President, he did indeed need to meet with a lot of people.

However, he was sure that most of the matters would be handled by Mike and Neo. They were always staying by Kevin side to do many kinds of work. The only time they separated would be during night since their room was on the side of Kevin's room.

"Does President meet with a lot of people?"

"I'm one year younger than him, so I'm not sure about him during the class. However, if it's during the Student Council, I'm sure that most of the student didn't dare to get near him because he rarely talked to anyone. Besides, the one that handle the talking and all are Mike and Neo," Kanae answered.

The only time he would talk was only when it was absolutely necessary before giving it to Mike. After that, Mike would give them the detailed explanation about what kind of work they were supposed to do. Of course, some time it would be Neo who did the job.

The only time she knew when Kevin talk a lot was during her work with him. At that time, she came to know that he could talk a lot with her, and it was really fun. Maybe he did have other time, but she didn't know about it.

The Old Man nodded. He had guessed that the case was indeed so. But at that time in the restaurant, Kevin was the one who initiate the talk towards Kanae a few times. With him usually rarely talk, the Old Man always paid attention to the word he said.

"What about you? Do you talk a lot with him?"

Kanae tilted her head, "Me?"

Although there were times when she talked with Kevin a lot, those times were really scarce and rare. She was not the type that loved to talk a lot too and when there were Mike and Neo, she rarely talked to him and would focus on the job more. Besides, the only time she managed to talk with him was because the two of them had finished their work.

"Not really, only rarely I guess," Kanae answered.

For the Old Man, even that rarely was already something. Well, it was not his business too and better not asked too much or that annoyed young man would surely come to him.

He was about to shift the conversation when Kevin and the other two come into the canteen. Neo quickly spotted his father.

"Old Man, I thought you come home," Neo called with a grin on his face.

The Old Man snorted, "Who do you think you're talking to? There's no way I will go home and leave you alone here."

"Isn't it because you can't drive Old Man?"

"What are you talking about? You know your father the best, so you should know that I can drive well."

"Well, from what I know you don't."

"You brat!"

Kevin and Mike ignored the two of them as they took the food they had ordered from their room. The employee who worked in the canteen was extremely shocked to see Kevin and the other two come down. They would usually eat at their office because there were too many people in the canteen.

"Only noodle?" Kevin glanced at the food on Kanae table before sitting beside her naturally.

Since Kanae already got used to him sitting beside her during their work in Student Council, she didn't feel anything unnatural. Of course, that was only her as the others felt surprised because this was not the Student Council. Even more was the Old Man who almost choked himself.

"I like noodles," Kanae answered straightforwardly.

"Is that the reason you work on noodle store?" Kevin inquired.

"Hmm," Kanae put the spoon down, "It's the only workplace that wants to hire me at that time."

"I see," Kevin nodded before eating his own meal quietly.

Neo hurriedly took his own meal and sat beside his father and eat. Because the table could only hold four people, Mike had to settle on the table near them, feeling rather helpless at their situation.

The other employees who still had work and accidentally came to the canteen found theirselves stunned at the sight of those five people. Who would have thought that all of them were gathering inside the canteen and eat together?

"Am I dreaming?"

"I think no, because if you do, that means we have the same dream."

Four men ate together with a girl...that was quite a picture. Honestly, they thought that this scene didn't suit their previous image at all.

Kanae finished the earliest since she already started eating first. However, she didn't leave because she felt that it would be impolite to just leave while the others were still eating. Fortunately, they didn't take too long to finish their dinner.

"You know that you can go back first, right?" Kevin turned his head.

"Wouldn't it be impolite to leave while you're still eating?" Kanae tilted her head.

"Maybe," Kevin answered, "Do you want me to accompany you back?"

"There is no need. You still have a lot of work you need to do, I will not bother you anymore," Kanae bid her farewell.

"See you tomorrow," Kevin said.

Kanae nodded and hurriedly returned the tray back. Kevin looked towards the other three who were looking at him weirdly.

"Do you need something?"

"Since when did you talk to her that much?" from what Neo remembered, even in the Student Council, Kevin only talked occasionally. Of course, the most often was ordering her to make coffee then the work instruction.

"I don't remember. Let's go back to work."

Mike smiled wryly and walked to the counter to return their tray while Neo was still following Kevin and asked persistently. The Old Man sighed, what had he missed during the time Kevin was at school?