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60 Efficient and Fas

 Kanae didn't know how long time has passed when she finally finished her work. Her typing speed was higher compared with other people, so she could finish the work faster. Although there was not much difference between her speed and the president, she knew that Neo was still slower than her. It might be due to practice as she was not entirely sure.

After everything was done, she stretched her body lazily. This was the first time for her to stay behind the monitor for hours. She checked the clock and noticed that it was only a quarter past seven. If she counted her time to work here, it were only around five hours.

"Is there anything wrong, Kanae?" the supervisor was surprised to see Kanae suddenly stood up while most of them were still doing their work halfway.

"I have finished," Kanae answered.

"Let me see," the supervisor checked Kanae work and he was surely astonished. Based on Kanae mannerism and face, he knew that Kanae was still very young. Never would he thought that she was really capable. It seemed that the people their boss brought were always capable people who had skill surpassing the others in the same category.

"Good work on your first day," the supervisor praised.

"Thank you, Sir," Kanae answered, "May I go up first? I still need to meet with President."

"Sure, go ahead," the supervisor didn't know how she became acquainted with the president and his people, but it was not his place to meddle too.

"Excuse me Sir," Kanae said before heading to the lift. During the time of chaos outside, people would just focus on their job in fear of losing it if they were not careful. She was not worried for the people here to feel jealous since there wouldn't be any at these times, but later, it might be a problem.

Although her speed was something that seemed easy to replicate, not everyone would be able to do that. Some people needed longer time to type because of their habit and so on. As for Kanae, she was already used to type without looking much on the monitor and focused on the paper. This made her typing smoother and quicker.

Going up to the highest floor, Kanae knocked on Kevin office. His office was surprisingly easy to find, maybe because he was the president and his name was written in big letters before his door.

"Come in," a voice could be heard from inside. Despite the door made the sound become fainter, Kanae knew the owner of the voice very well.

"Excuse me, Sir," Kanae opened the door. Inside the room, she could see a neat desk with Kevin sitting before it in a big chair. On the right side was Neo doing his work on a different desk while on the left side was Mike standing with stack of papers on his hand and a cupboard full of books and document behind him.

Somehow, the scene she saw reminded her to the one she usually saw on the Student Council room. Her mouth curved slightly at that thought, it seemed that they were no different compared to the time when they were still at the school.

Her work here and the scene she saw in the office kept on reminding her about her time in school. Although she knew that he was now her Boss, she found it hard to see him any different compared with the time she saw him as the President of Student Council.

"Oh, it's you Kanae, is there anything wrong with the work?" Kevin asked.

"It's not that, I have finished the work and Neo said that after I finished, I need to come here," Kanae explained.

Neo glanced at the clock and he sighed to himself. When Kanae started to work on those papers, it was only half past two and after she has done it was half past seven and with a few minutes passed. How in the world did she work so fast?

He was not the only one feeling astonished, on the side, Mike also surprised heavily. It seemed the capability of this little girl was far more than what ordinary people could do. Suppressing his feeling, he put the paper down and browsed through the documents on the side.

Kevin nodded and asked, "Any problem with the work?"

"Nothing right now," Kanae answered politely. The workload was not that much and compared to the time when she needed to work at the noodle store, she could finish earlier. The backside was just she sat down too much today.

Besides, it was only typing the information to the computer. If she found it hard to do just that, she might as well search for a different job right now.

"Mike, the contract," Kevin said calmly.

Mike handed the paper to Kanae, and she read them carefully. Upon seeing the freedom she was given by Kevin, she was stumped on the floor.

"Um... I really can go back after I finish the work for the day?" Kanae wanted to make sure.

"Yes, you can," Kevin answered patiently.

"And the contract is not limited to time?" normally, a contract limited the employee for quite a range of time, which would make one of the sides had to pay for penalty should the contract be broken. However, the contract Kevin offered was not limited to time, meaning Kanae could leave anytime she wanted.

This kind of contract was not easily given to anyone because the employer might make a big loss if their employee were to leave right after payment or during important time. But, this was the kind of contract that suited someone like Kanae the most.

"Yes, any other questions?"

Kanae looked at the contract for a moment before nodding her head, "May I borrow a pen?"

Because she only slept in the school today, she didn't bring her pencil case. On her bag were just a bottle of drink and a few other things.

Mike handed her the pen, and Kanae signed the contract before returning it to Kevin along with the pen. Taking it back, Kevin glanced at Kanae.

"You can go back home for today."

It seemed that the reason she could go home was because Kevin knew that she had been lacking in sleep thus she was sleeping in the school.

"It's still early, is there anything that I can help?" Kanae shook her head.

Kevin pointed to the papers on the side with his chin, "You can group these papers."

"Okay," Kanae moved and started to group the paper. It seemed that the papers were all important ones as many of them involve things that even she never heard. Really, with this much job, why did he still go to school and all?

Her eyes landed on the titles of these papers as she silently moved back. "President, is it alright for me to group them? They're all important papers for you, right?"

She was only a small employee at the bottom and shouldn't have known about these topics. After all, she knew that the information might be restricted to only be known for the higher-ups. She had no intention of barging into his life as she only stayed with him because he selected her as Student Council member.

"Its fine, I believe you won't divulge any of the information. If you're that worried, I can ask Neo to prepare nondisclosure agreement contract for you."

"I think it's better that way," Kanae agreed immediately.

Kevin glanced towards Neo and the latter quickly handed over a paper towards the two of them. After signing it, Kanae quickly went to work and grouped the papers in front of her.

"It's finished," Kanae informed Kevin.

Kevin nodded, "It's already late, a girl should not go home too late."

"Before that, is there any canteen in this office?" Kanae couldn't cook and it was best if she didn't spend hours just to make a simple meal. The training with Misae also resulted in terrible disaster, which she didn't want to remember.

"On the sixth floor, if you want Neo can escort you," Kevin answered.

On the side, Neo was speechless. Since when did he become Kanae's escort? Just once was already good enough, alright!

"Its fine, I can go by myself," Kanae answered politely. It was better if she didn't attract more attention than needed. It was just a canteen, she could go by herself.

Bidding her farewell, she went down using the lift. Inside the office, Mike smiled wryly at the stacked paper.

"It seemed that if we give our work to her, she can finish it like Boss."

"Boss is slightly faster than her, and he would not say polite words," Neo interjected. It would be a miracle if he could hear Kevin praised him for his work. Only when he did a spectacular job would that happen.

Kevin shook his head as he looked towards the clock. Come to think about it, he hadn't had his dinner too.

"Let's go to eat too."

"Yes, Boss."