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59 Kale Company

 Kanae looked towards the indifferent face of Kevin with a blank face. Was he trying to joke with me? She has worked under him in the Student Council. What else did he expect?

"President, I already work for you in Student Council, right?"

Kevin was startled when he heard Kanae's answer. His mind worked as he realized that his word could be interpreted that way. Well, it was not wrong, but that was not what he meant.

"Work for me in Kale Company."

Kale Company? It took her a few seconds to respond to the question.

"Are you serious?" Kanae couldn't believe the offer Kevin had just thrown into her a few seconds before. Although she was not knowledgeable at this matter, she knew that Kale Company was not a small company by any mean.

It was indeed a kind of new company under Kevin lead, but the profit and the scale this company operated was not like the small one. The number of employees also a lot, and she was sure that many of them must be professional, not a small kid like her.

Kevin nodded. "Do you think I would joke at this matter?"

"Well, no... But, are you sure that you want to take me in?" Kanae was uncertain.

"The office can make do with an errand boy-girl."


Neo laughed, "With Kanae skill, I'm sure that you would not be an errand girl for long. There might even more change to elevate your position there."

She was not really interested in having a high position as long as she could get enough for a living. Of course, a steady job was welcomed, but could she fulfill the requirement Kevin pushed forward to her?

"Is there a lot of requirements?" Kanae asked.

"No, just do things as you did as the Student Council Vice President, but this time you're doing different work," Kevin answered.

"What about the salary?"

Kevin raised his finger. Kanae was stunned, that was almost twice what she got in the noodle store... She had wanted to spend more money on her food and this offer was just too tempting. Well, there didn't seem to be anything wrong in this job, so might as well accept it.

Kanae nodded her head. "Okay, I accept the offer."

"He he, nice to work with you again, Kanae," Neo grinned widely.

"I'm sure that our workplace will not cross each other path, Neo."

Neo scratched his head. That would be true. With Kanae's identity, she would only get a low position, which was nothing compared with him. He was the secretary and manager of Kevin.

"Let's go," Kevin got inside the car and beckoned Kanae to get in.


"Your work started today. I will prepare the paper for you to sign today," Kevin answered.

"So fast?" Kanae was startled. Kevin's action was similar to a kid who got a treasure and unwilling to let it go. It seemed as if he was afraid that she would change her decision if he didn't bind her fast enough.

Mike patted Kanae's shoulder. "You already know that this work maniac only thinks about work. He wants to make use of everything at his disposal to the fullest."

Why did she get the feeling that she was being used by this president? Still, recalling the salary that she would get from him... There was nothing wrong with being used. She was fine with it. Besides, she would just be a normal employee there, so there shouldn't be anything weird happened.

Kanae walked to the car. Upon seeing the car from close up, Kanae felt that she was seeing things because the one in front of her was not an ordinary car. Rather, it was one of the expensive cars that she never rode before. These guys were really rich.

"Wait, can you drive?" Kanae said hesitantly. They were only 16-17 years old and by law shouldn't have a driver's license yet.

"Don't worry. Neo is 17 already and he has one," Mike answered as he got into the seat.

Kevin, Kanae, and Mike were in the passenger seat while the Old Man and Neo were at the front. Tightening the seatbelt, Neo started the car.

Although Kanae was suspicious about the driving skill of Neo, she found out that the way he drove seemed to be rather good. He should be only turned 17 not long ago, right? Where did he learn how to drive this good?

Her mind soon preoccupied with something different. The journey to Kale Company only took several minutes, and she noticed that she truly didn't know anything about these boys.

Upon arriving at the building, Kanae was astounded by the magnificent building in front of her. The number of the building in this city was many, but not all of them were as high as this one. She felt that she was really small in front of this building.

This was the first time she really understood that Kevin's company was big and many people lives were in his hand. Although it did feel that she was exaggerating, she knew that he was serious in his job as there were a lot of people life depended on this company. For now, it would include her.

"What's wrong?" Kevin asked when he noticed that Kanae stared at the building for several seconds without any intention to leave.

"No, it's nothing," Kanae snapped back to reality and answered.

"I think she's just surprised to see the building up close," Neo grinned as he closed the car and locked it.

Kanae scratched her head. It was not like she had never seen any building up close, but not one where she would work. After all, her working place was never this huge.

Kanae chose to change the conversation, "Where will I work?"

"In the fifth floor, Neo will escort you to the place," Kevin answered.

"Okay, thank you," Kanae smiled as she followed after them to the lift. When they came to the company, many people greeted Kevin and the others respectfully. It seemed their position in this company was really big, far surpassing what she thought in the first place. Well, her friends did say that Kevin was the president, so he was practically at the very top in this company.

On the fifth floor, Neo walked out with Kanae behind him. He walked to the others and stood in front of them naturally and calmly, "Everyone, from today there will be a new member. Her name is Kanae, please come and introduce yourself, Kanae."

This was really sudden. Kanae would really appreciate it if they could at least give her some warning before plunging her into doing something like this. But, it should be a normal thing to do, though; she was not sure what she should say apart from her name.

"Hello everyone, my name is Kanae. Pleased to meet you all," Kanae bowed down gracefully.

Luckily, this was not the first time she changed job or she would make a mistake on her introduction on the very first day. These guys were really something, to not tell her what she needed to do beforehand and immediately tell her this and that.

"Welcome Kanae."

"Hello, don't be so nervous."

The people here introduced themselves before Neo chased them to do their job. He then proceeded to take Kanae to one of the desks and explained the things that she needed to do.

"Basically, the task is to write the data on these papers to the computer, similar to what you do during the Student Council. Is there anything you want to ask?"

"After everything is done, what should I do?" Kanae asked.

Neo looked towards the batch of paper. The written information there was far more than what the papers in the Student Council held. Even he himself didn't have the confidence to finish the task in less than 6 hours while normal people usually take 8 hours. But, knowing Kanae, she might finish it even earlier.

"Go to the top floor and meet with President. You still hadn't signed the contract," Neo answered.

"I understand then," Kanae smiled.

After saying that, Kanae immediately went to work while Neo went down once again to meet with his father. The information on the paper was indeed a lot, but it was not outside her capability. Swiftly moving her fingers on the keyboard, she put the information inside and piled them carefully.