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58 Do You Want to Work for Me?

 Nolen School C, Class 1-A

"Why did I not see Kanae?" the class representative asked with bewilderment tone. He was pretty sure that Kanae was in the class just a minute before, but now he couldn't see her anymore.

Misae took three books. "She has returned back to her workplace. This is the homework of the three of us."

"Ah, thanks."

After collecting the books, Misae walked to Alice who was busy cleaning up her table. Alice looked towards Misae with a bitter smile on her face.

"Do you think Kanae is going to be alright after losing her job?"

"I don't know," Misae answered. "But if there's anyone that can be said as someone who's very tough, that would be Kanae for sure."

"You're really confident about this matter."

Misae nodded her head. "She's going to find a different job soon enough, so I don't think there's any need for us to worry about her so much."

Alice looked towards Misae. Although Misae said to not worry, Alice noticed that Misae herself seemed to be rather nervous. It was clear that Misae wanted to be able to help Kanae very much.

"How about if we visit her place tomorrow?" tomorrow will be Saturday, so they didn't have to worry about the school.

"Are you sure you want to face those Nali Family's guards?"

They heard that Kanae lived within the area that belonged to her uncle. Recalling how Sakura used to behave in the past, the two of them frowned. They were definitely not going to come there if they had to meet with Sakura again.

"We can just ask her to work for us if she needs money," Misae proclaimed. She needed help in the study too, so asking Kanae to teach her shouldn't be hard.

"That's a good idea."

"It's only if she wants that."

"You're right."


While the two of them were in the heated discussion about Kanae's work, the person in question was busy cleaning up. With the two of them worked together, the condition of the store was going better. Unfortunately, the condition of the streets was still as bad as before and there was nothing they could do to help.

"Old Man, I think everything should be finished in a few more minutes," Kanae said with a grin on her face.

"You are doing a good job, Kanae," the Old Man laughed. He was pretty impressed by how Kanae has worked so far.

"It's nothing, Old Man."

"Now that you're not working here again, do you want to work in an office? Many of the company still have to open during this time, and their employees are many," the Old Man suggested.

If she could, she would look at them. However, most of the companies would not accept a 15 years old girl. Logically speaking, there was no way she could find any job from the company since they were mostly accepted a university graduate. Some of them accepted an internship, but that way she wouldn't get paid.

"The company may be tagged as insane if they employ a high school student." Not to mention that she was still a freshman with no experience in working inside an office.

"I can introduce you to my son," the Old Man grinned.

Kanae looked towards the Old Man with a surprised expression. "Your son, Old Man? Is he working in an office?"

The Old Man nodded his head. "Do you really think I'm opening the store because I really need money? It's just a side hobby of mine."

"Old Man, are you serious?" Kanae was looking towards the Old Man with bewilderment. She found out that this Old Man was surprisingly full of surprise. First, she found out that he had an old friend from the underworld, now he said that his son worked in an office?

"Of course I am," the Old Man smiled.

Kanae stared towards the Old Man suspiciously. "Even if he is an employee, how is he going to convince the company to accept an underage student?"

"There's no need to worry. He has quite a good connection with the higher-ups."

"I feel that it's hard to believe."

The Old Man laughed. "He's going to come here in a few more minutes. I'll introduce you to him. Well, it's more accurate to say that you already know him, though."

"I already know him?" Kanae was stunned. Her mind drifted towards the guys from the Student Council as she suddenly had a bold guess inside her mind. No way, don't tell me that this Old Man was the father of one of her friends?

Before she could ask, a car stopped in front of the store and a few people came out. Seeing them, she was startled.

"Oh, Kanae, I didn't expect that I will be meeting you here," Neo waved energetically.

"Me too," Kanae answered as she looked towards the other who came. "Good afternoon, President and Mike."

"What about me?" Neo raised his hand.

"Didn't you greet me first?"

"You still have to greet me!" Neo complained. He didn't want to be left out when he was clearly the one who greeted the girl at the very first.

The Old Man laughed at their conversation, "Welcome, young men. I have not seen you in a long time."

Kanae looked towards the Old Man and the three of them forward and backward, "Do you know each other?"

"En," Kevin nodded.

"He's my father," Neo said the truth immediately.

Kanae looked towards the Old Man then to Neo. Are you serious? Honestly, the two of them didn't look alike at all. Besides, how old Neo was for his father to be this old. Wait, didn't he say that he was still in his 40-s? Still, they didn't look alike at all.

"Are you thinking of something rude?" Kevin peered at Kanae face.

Kanae shook her head, "Nothing. How come you guys never told me that I work under your father, Neo?"

"I don't know that you're working under my father until about a few days ago," Neo shrugged. "My father suddenly asked me about the new Vice President in the Student Council, so I told him about you and he tells me that you're working under him."

"A few days ago..." she ended up worse since she only knew about it today.

"It's not a big deal too, but if I know that you're working under my father, I would have asked him to change your schedule a bit," Neo shrugged.

"It's fine. What are you doing coming here today?" Kanae asked. She never met with them here despite working for months already. It seemed that Neo and his father didn't meet each other on this store at all.

"I'm here to pick up my father and have him rest," Neo grinned.

The Old Man patted Kanae shoulder. "My son will not allow me to work again for the time being. You should just search for a different job now. If it's possible, it will be better if you find a job in the office. They're far safer rather than a workplace near the street."

"Old Man, it's not that I don't want, but I doubt that there will be anyone who dares to hire me," Kanae smiled wryly.

"Even though you have those amazing skill, no one would hire you?" Neo still remembered his experience during the Student Council meeting. If anyone dared to say that they could do the work better than Kanae, it would be Kevin alone. She was doing her work very efficiently and swiftly.

Mike shook his head, "You idiot, normally there would not be anyone who wants to hire a high school student."

"Oh right, I forgot that you're only a high school student," Neo clapped his hand. Wait, she was even one year younger than them at that... he felt embarrassed now.

On the side, Kevin was thinking about something as he looked towards Kanae before offering something, "Do you want to work for me?"

Kanae stood rooted in her place the moment she heard that.