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56 Skipping Class

 Nolen School C, Class 1-A

"The number of the students that come here today has decreased by a lot," Misae swept her glance across the class as she commented.

Kanae nodded her head. "They're most likely want to stay at home because of fear that the fight is not over yet."

"I hear from my father that they have finished the fight yesterday afternoon," Misae said. Her father got home late yesterday, but he still told her about the news that he got to reassure her that it was fine for her to go to school.

"Well, they also don't want to have the teacher drill them for the end term exams too," Alice guessed.

"Can you please not mention about end term exam anymore?"

Kanae laughed as she saw the two of them argued. "I guess I'll just skip the class today."

"What? Why?" Misae was startled.

"I don't think I can sleep right now and I have finished the exercise for the exams," Kanae grinned.

"When do you finish them? I haven't even touched them."

"I did them last night," usually she wouldn't have the time when she got home, but yesterday she stayed up quite late and saw the exercise on the table. Because she didn't have much to do, she decided to finish them very quickly.

Alice leaned over. "Can I see yours as a reference?"

"I want to ask the same thing," Misae immediately chirped in. She was definitely not going to waste the chance to be able to finish her work as fast as possible.

Kanae handed the paper to them before she walked out of the classroom. Based on the number of students, the teacher would be more likely to feel displeased. There were over than half of them who didn't come today because of some reasons.

Walking to the Student Council Room, she noticed that the others were also inside the room. Even the usually lazy Jay was now inside the room while Tommy was nowhere to be seen.

"Oh, hello Kanae," Mike greeted when he saw her standing near the door.

"Good morning everyone," Kanae answered.

Jay leaned back on his chair. "I never thought that a model student like you would skip class."

Hearing the word 'model student', Kanae wanted to laugh. If her classmates hear what this man said, they would surely mock this person. In her class, there was no one who didn't know that she was the acclaimed sleeping princess because she could sleep very easily.

"Unfortunately, I'm not a model student," Kanae answered with a smile.

Jay's eyebrows shot up. "Are you sure? I think you're one with your name always hang at the very first of the list."

"Only my score is good while I almost always sleep in my class," Kanae shrugged.

"You're sleeping, but you still get a score that high?" Jay asked in disbelief. He couldn't say that he was not impressed. After all, the person before him was very diligent during the Student Council meeting and events.

"You can say that," Kanae said calmly. "What about you? Why are you here and not staying in your class?"

"I'm skipping class today. There are only around 10 people in my class and I'm sure the teachers are going to berate us, so I choose to skip first before having my ear hurt because of him."

Mike nodded his head. "Since you want to skip, how about if we train in the field?"

"I think you make the worse decision to come here if you want to skip class."

Jay had to agree with Kanae's opinion. He had to follow after Mike towards the training room as he wondered what was in Mike's head. Other than making coffee, doing work for the event, all he saw was this person training.

"Mike really loves to train," Kanae remarked.

Neo nodded his head. "He has been training ever since his youth, so it has been embedded deeply in his bone that he had to train every day."

"My body is going to be sore if I have to train that much," Kanae commented.

"That's Mike for you," Neo shrugged. Even he had to admit that he wouldn't be able to handle that training maniac. If he had to follow after Mike to do the training, he bet he wouldn't be able to move around at all.

Kanae walked to her seat. Her eyes glanced to Kevin's monitor as she noticed that it was the work from the company. There was no way Student Council would deal with a matter like the stock market.

"You change to your work at the company again?"

Kevin stopped typing and asked, "Again?

"I accidentally see the name of your company on the screen. Don't worry. I didn't read any of them," Kanae retracted her gaze.

"Do you have any interest in the stock market?" Kevin asked. His screen was showing the stock market at the moment.

Kanae shook her head. "Nope, I can't understand them and how they could predict the outcome after that. The way the price change seemed really strange."

Kevin typed something and showed three different stats. "Which one do you think would increase the most in the future?"

Seeing the weird stat in front of her, Kanae looked at them for a few seconds before pointing to one of them. "I think that one?"

"Hmm... probably," Kevin answered.

Kanae glared. "Why don't you teach me how to tell which one will increase in the future?"

"I use instinct."

"..." There was no way I could copy your instinct.

"Is there anything that you do aside from doing your company work and school?" Kanae shifted the subject again.

Kevin thought for a moment, "Nothing much."

"What is your company focused on?"

"Manufacture," Kevin answered. He stopped for a moment before adding, "Mostly utensil for construction and kitchen."

"Do you have any factory?"


"But, you're also focused on the stock market?" Kanae didn't really understand business, but she knew that the two of them were different.

"Yes. Stock markets are used to earn more money in my case because the company needed them," Kevin answered. He stopped talking for a moment. He rarely talked to other people about himself, but it seemed that with her, he just told her the common one.

"I don't really understand them," Kanae looked towards the stats on the screen with a frown. She never learned business before, and it was not like the school would teach a high school student something like this.

Kevin nodded his head. He was about to explain further when he caught the gaze Neo used to look towards him. That gaze was filled with shock and disbelief. Seeing that, he frowned and stared towards Neo.

"Neo, your work is not finished yet."

"Ah, yes bos -President," Neo immediately shifted his gaze back to his screen. He would not do anything that made Kevin paid attention to him again. He didn't want to court death with this peculiar friend of his.

Kanae looked towards the monitor once again. "Is there anything else you want to teach me?"

Kevin pondered for a moment. "You can just try watching me work."

"Are you sure it's alright? I won't accidentally stumble into a company secret, right?" Kanae asked half joking.

"There's no secret in the stock market," Kevin answered calmly.

Kanae thought about it for a moment. It would be a lie if she said that she was not interested. Although she didn't understand almost everything, she wanted to know more about them. She nodded her head with a smile on her face.

"I guess I want to try."

"Come over here."

On the side, Neo was trying his hardest to not look towards his president who was busy showing how he worked in the stock market. He felt that his president caught a weird disease today to make him allowed a stranger to see how he worked. Still, he knew that their vice president was also a very capable girl.