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53 Learning Cooking

 The two of them sat in front of the television as they watched the reporters gave them the news about how the city was in turmoil because of the fight. Watching the news made Misae felt rather angry while Kanae sat down calmly on her place.

"I really hate those people from the clans," Misae remarked as she changed the channel.

Unfortunately, most of the news today was about the clan's fight with the gang. This was the most popular news and nearly all television station chose to air them. Nearly none of them tried to tell other news because they knew that this was the most popular one.

Most people would be curious about what happened during the battle, but Misae was not interested at all. She didn't like the clans, and watching their fight would just make her feel worse.

"Let's just go to the kitchen," Kanae turned the television off.

Misae was startled. "I'm still watching."

"You're not watching like that. You'll only make yourself feel depressed if you continue to watch them. There's no need to force yourself to watch them if you can't."

Kanae knew that Misae has the misgiving towards the clans from a long time ago. She might not know the detail of the incident, but from what she heard Misae couldn't interact with the people from the clans at all. Whenever she heard those words, Misae would feel a big repulsion.

Although there were some differences between clans, group, and gangs, Misae never listened to them. She hated them to the core, so she didn't want to associate herself with those from the underworld.

"Misae, not all clans are bad."

Misae frowned. "I know, there's no need to remind me about that again."

Although it was what Misae said, her attitude showed that she still hated them very much. Towards this extreme hatred of Misae towards the underworld, Kanae couldn't say that she didn't understand. Many normal citizens also hated the clans very much because the clan's battle often involved them.

The two of them walked to the kitchen. Misae took two aprons and handed one of them to Kanae.

"What do you want to try making first?" Misae asked.

"Omelet, I guess," Kanae answered after a few seconds. She was not good at cooking anything, so she would just start from the basic.

"You need egg..." Misae listed everything needed, and Kanae clumsily prepared for everything.

"Where do you keep the egg?"

"It's in the refrigerator."

After the ingredients were placed on the table, Misae taught Kanae how to cut the vegetable, but it was really a disaster.

"Don't you ever wash the vegetable using soap! Are you trying to poison yourself?"

"Don't hold the knife like that! Do you want to cut your finger?"

"Wrong, you have to cut it like this."

"Wait, don't cut the egg using a knife!"

In the end, Misae spent an hour to teach Kanae before the omelet was ready. That was the longest time in her life she spent on cooking one dish. Usually, a few minutes were more than enough. Looking at the fine omelet in front of her, she sighed at the sight of her kitchen. Hopefully, her mother would not be angry at the mess Kanae created.

"If you can make that much mess, I want to know how the condition of your kitchen is." Misae sulked.

"It's far worse," Kanae smiled wryly. "I rarely use them, and I always clean up after that, but some of the utensils cannot be used anymore after I used them once."

Misae: "..." I don't doubt your words at all.

Misae shook her head. "Have you never learned how to cook in the past?"

"I never need to cook before," Kanae answered. She was living quite well, and she never liked cooking, so she didn't bother learning how to cook.

"Now you need to cook," Misae scooped the omelet to her mouth, but in that instant she was stunned. She forcefully dragged the food down her throat as she looked towards Kanae. "How much salt do you use?"

"I use 1 spoon like you say," Kanae hold the spoon with an innocent expression.

Looking at the image her friend portrayed, Misae got the feeling that she had just met with the best kitchen destructor. With how Kanae worked on the kitchen, she had no doubt that there wouldn't be any safe place in the house anymore.

"Redo the omelet."

"Eh? Why?"

"This," Misae pointed to the one in front of her, "is not edible."

"Will you give me pointers again?" Kanae asked.

Misae stared at the messy kitchen with a sigh. "I will. You just have to follow after my instruction precisely."

Unfortunately, for Kanae who was in the middle of learning, following after all Misae's word proved to be another disaster. Misae almost banged her head to the wall when she saw the mess in the kitchen after Kanae finished making another omelet.

"Let's just borrow someone else kitchen the next time you want to learn cooking," Misae said with helpless tone.

Kanae nodded her head. Her eyes landed on the fine looking omelet in the table. Did she manage to do it correctly?

Misae followed after Kanae's gaze and handed the spoon to Kanae. She was not going to taste them again because she couldn't forget how bad the taste from before was.

Kanae took the spoon and tasted the omelet. "It's good for me."

"Are you sure?" Misae took the spoon and tried to eat the omelet too. When she tasted it in her mouth, she knew that this was only barely passable. Still, this was far better compared with the one the other party made before.

"How is it?"

"If you become a wife, I'm sure your husband would not ask you to cook," Misae commented.

"I still can learn, 15 can still be considered young," Kanae grinned.

"What did you do during the 15 years of your life, then?"

"Uh, study..."

"I cannot understand how you can live alone all this time."

"I order the takeout food or eat in the food stall."


Misae shook her head. She walked to the kitchen again. "Help me clean up if you don't want my mother to murder the two of us."

"I got it."