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51 Student Council Work

 "Sorry that we're late," Jay said with a grin on his face. From his appearance, it was clear that he had just got into a fight.

Behind him, Tommy didn't look any better. As long as they were not stupid, they would know that the two of them have just exchanged fists with each other. Thankfully, none of the students in the Student Council were that stupid to ignore the obvious.

"Why are you fighting today?" Kanae was confused.

"We won't meet tomorrow, so we move our plan faster," Tommy answered with a grin on his face. Even after getting beaten up, he was still smiling happily.

Kanae nodded in understanding. Although she wasn't sure why they wanted to fight on Tuesday, she would not pry into their matter. She looked towards the president beside her.

Kevin nodded his head. "Let's start the meeting."

"Wait, today is a formal meeting?" Tommy asked in surprise.

"We're going to have a few holiday times, so the meeting is moved forward," Mike explained in Kevin's behalf.

"What is the content of the meeting?"

"We're going to make the plan for the end semester party. The theme is winter, and we need to start preparing before the snow starts to fill the street," Neo answered with a grin.

"I don't recall seeing snowy winter in this city."

"Me too, the snows are too little to hinder us."

Neo's face turned black. Couldn't these two follow that he was only making a joke? Besides, even if the snows were little, the temperature drop was still very apparent.

"What do you suggest for the party?" Kanae hurriedly changed the conversation.

"We're going to make a small party where the students watch performance then eat," Kevin answered.

Most of the end year party was only a small party where the students watched some performance from the other clubs such as drama, chorus, and many others. After the performance, they would eat together and talk to each other about their vacation.

"Who will perform this time?" Kanae asked.

Kevin shrugged. "They haven't prepared anything, so you're the one who has to keep watch of them."

Tommy pointed his finger towards himself. "You want us to make a visit to the other clubs to know their plan for the winter party?"

"That's correct."

Jay groaned a bit. He was pretty sure that he wouldn't have peaceful days after this. He had hoped that the Student Council could relax after the event, but it seemed like that was merely a hopeful dream.

"Can I just resign from Student Council?" Jay asked.

Mike looked back. "Are you sure you want to resign? Don't you enjoy staying here?"

Well, there were more pain rather than happiness, but he had to admit that comparing with everyday learning in the class, this was far better. Besides, the one who held the power to allow anyone inside or out was only Kevin. That person was basically the king in this room.

"Forget I say that," Jay shrugged. "When shall we start?"

"You're free to do this whenever you want. There won't be any Student Council formal meeting again until the end term finished. It is also the time when you should submit the report."

The end term should end in around another month, so they have quite a lot of free time. Hearing that, Jay and Tommy have their eyes glimmered. They finally didn't have to undergo harsh training anymore.

"But you have to do your daily patrol," Mike's voice made their happy mood turned sour instantly.

Tommy had to patrol every morning while Jay had to patrol every afternoon. Although the two of them often forgot about it, which made Mike drilled them again every noon.

"Every time you forget, meet me in the afternoon."

"We won't forget!" the two of them yelled immediately. Who would want to stay behind after school just for training with this devil? They must be insane if they willingly do that.

Kevin turned to Kanae. "Your task is to review the event from the previous years with me."

"I understand President."

Neo raised his hand. "What about me and Mike?"

"You have to make the budget report and the list of all the items that we need for the event. Mike will check all the security and everything," Kevin gave his instruction.

It was similar to the previous event, but this time they have a longer time to work. Besides, there was no need for them to be so desperate to finish their work as fast as they could.

"Now, can we go?" Tommy asked.


Tommy and Jay bolted out from the room happily while Mike and Neo were still inside the room. Mike looked towards the clock. "Do you want to return to the company now, President?"

Kevin turned his glance to Kanae. "Do you want to start the work?"

"Okay," Kanae didn't really mind. She still has some time before it was the time for her to work, so she would just use the time to do the review.

Mike and Neo looked towards each other. They knew that their president was very serious about his job, but they didn't think that it would be to this extent. Mike sighed as he excused himself to train while Neo chose to just finish the work that he had to do.

The room turned into silence as Kanae and Kevin both were busy reading the content of the report from the previous year's event. The events were simple, but they were done systematically and punctual. It seemed that last year the Student Council also has someone amazing to lead them.

"So, do you have any ideas about the party?" Kevin glanced up.

Kanae nodded her head. "Yeah, we need to make sure that each student will be able to follow the schedule in time..."

The two of them discussed the main point from last year party as they exchanged ideas. On the side, Neo paid no heed to the two people discussing besides him. He was too busy to finish his own work.