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50 Planning for the Break

 "You don't have to hit me so hard," Tommy was rubbing his cheek when they were inside the class.

"That's for taking my food," Misae answered angrily. Although Jay also got hit, the other party returned to his own class while Tommy followed after them.

Alice looked towards the boy beside her. "Don't you need to return back to your class?"

"There's no need to worry," Tommy grinned. "I'll just stay here for today. I always skip class on my daily basis, so there's no harm in joining a different class."

Although Tommy said that, in the end, he barely paid any attention to the class. It was history and Tommy found his head started to be heavy. He couldn't listen to what the teacher was saying anymore.

"Tommy, are you sleeping?" Alice's soft voice woke him up.

He turned his head to the side as he recalled his usual desk mate. Well, not that he had any because whenever he returned to the class, they would let him have the two tables for himself. After all, he barely existed in the class except during sports or martial arts, which the other students liked very much because of his ability.

"Barely, what is the teacher saying?"

"Oh, he's explaining about the clans and the reason they often clash," Alice answered. In term of history, she was one of the best, so she never slept in this class.

Tommy looked to the front and noticed that Kanae already fell asleep once again. He was not in the same class as these three, so he never knew that Kanae loved to sleep that much.

"Are they explaining about tomorrow clash between the clans too?"

"Tomorrow is the clash between a clan and a gang."

Tommy scratched his head. "Well, they're the same."

"No, they're not," Alice retorted. "Clans and gangs are very different. They have different structure and history."

"Uh, there's no need to explain them to me right now. I believe I'll forget all about it in the next minute."

Alice still told him a bit before leaving him alone. This was the first time Tommy noticed that this shy girl could talk so much. It seemed that in front of her favorite topic, this girl would speak much more.

Before the class ended, he decided that he would go from the class. There was no need for him to stay inside anymore. Besides, it would be funny if the teacher heard him joining other classes while skipping his own.

"What is your plan for tomorrow?" Misae asked when the class had finished.

"I have to stay at home," Alice said after a slight pause.

Kanae shrugged. "I think I'll just stay at home too. I don't want to court death by walking on the street during their fight."

"What about if you two come to my house?" Misae offered. "Rather than spending time alone, won't it be better if the three of us spend time together?"

When she heard that, Kanae thought about the offer. It was a good idea because she knew that she wouldn't really do anything in her house except resting. Rather than staying in that small room, she would be better spending time with Misae in the latter's house.

"Okay, I'll go to your house early in the morning tomorrow."

However, Alice shook her head. "I can't go to your place tomorrow, but I think I can if it's the next day."

Misae nodded her head. "Then we're going to use this time to play a lot!"

"Don't you need to study?"

"No, I don't want to use my holiday time to study. I already have enough in the school."

Alice also laughed a lot, and they went their own way not long after that. Kanae still has the Student Council meeting today while Kanae and Alice wanted to go home.

In the Student Council Room, she noticed that the other members except the first years were all already here.

"Good afternoon, President, Mike, and Neo," Kanae greeted politely.

"Good afternoon Kanae, you're always the earliest," Mike greeted back with a smile on his face as usual.

"I thought the others had come," Kanae commented.

"They're most likely still busy finishing their own work or so on," Neo remarked. He was still busy typing on his monitor, but he could follow the conversation around him.

Kevin glanced up, "Coffee."

Mike sighed, "It seemed that you no longer like the one I make."

Kevin ignored him as he waited for Kanae to finish the coffee. It didn't take long before the cup reached his hand and he drank it.

"You seem really proficient in making the coffee."

"I worked in a café before," Kanae answered.

Mike looked towards the cup on Kevin's hands. "Why do you like the one she made so much? I don't think that it's any different with the one I made."

"Hers is better," Kevin answered calmly.

Mike shrugged and stood near the door. It was not his job to make the coffee too as he only did it to spend his time. Since the other party said so, he would just believe it.

Still, it was going to be difficult if Kevin wanted to only drink the coffee that Kanae made. They only met each other once a day in the Student Council room and there was no way they could bother the girl to make the coffee in the company where they worked.

"Given your ability, I wonder why you're still at school," Neo remarked.

Kanae turned her head. "I can say the same thing to you."

Well, she was not wrong. Neo knew very well that the three of them didn't really need to go to school anymore. However, their leader still told them to go to school, so they just did. Besides, they could do their job even in far place.

"What makes you go to school when you have to work too?" Mike asked. He had heard that Kanae mostly spent her time sleeping in the class, so there was no doubt that this girl didn't really need to go to school.

"I want to have a normal life too," Kanae shrugged. "Besides, I can meet with a lot of people in the school."

"When you're always sleeping in the class?"

"I don't sleep at some lessons," Kanae immediately retorted. That was quite embarrassing, but she was indeed too tired to stay awake at all time.

Kevin suddenly spoke up, "Where did you work?"

"At a noodle store," Kanae described the streets to him, "It's located not far from your company. If you have time, you can go there."

Despite saying that, she didn't think that he would have the time. As the president of his company, he would need to maintain the balance of his work and made sure the company keeps going. There was no way he could spare any time to visit a small store.

Kevin hammered his finger on the table for a moment. "I will come there if I have time."

"Then I will welcome you there," Kanae grinned.

As they talked, the door opened and two late members finally arrived.