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48 Saving

 "Kanae, what are you doing up there?" Jay has finished the fight and noticed Kanae was near the gate. To be precise, she was standing on the wall.

Kanae glanced down. "They manage to escape."

"I can see that," Mike brushed off the dust on his clothes. He looked towards the unconscious men around them and frowned. With those people's state, how could they gain the information they needed?

Kanae jumped down from the wall gracefully. Jay was looking towards Kanae with big eyes. He was pretty sure that Kanae's movements were very good for a girl. It made him wondered where this girl came from.

"Your cousin is kidnapped; do you have any idea who it might be?"

"Nali Family has a lot of enemies," Kanae rolled her eyes. "Do you think I will remember them all when I'm just a branch family?"

That was an obvious question with a certain answer. There was no way Kanae would pay attention to those people. After all, Mike also knew that this girl didn't have a good relationship with the main family.

"Neo, do you think you can track that girl's phone?" Mike noticed Neo had come with Kevin on his side.

Neo shook his head. "Do you think I'm a godly person? There's no way I can trace the phone if it doesn't send any signal."

If he wanted to trace the phone, the other side has to answer a call or something similar. Without the signal from the phone, there was no way he would be able to trace that item.

"We should have just listed her in the blacklist," Tommy lamented.

They were already planning to put Sakura in the blacklist because of the recent accident, but their president didn't agree to it. In the end, they decided to postpone the matter and let the girl go. If she dared to do anything else, they would put her name, but if stayed docile, they would let her go.

This time, Neo completely agreed with Tommy. He too wished that they had put the name Sakura in the list so that they didn't have to pay attention to that girl. If this incident happened with the girl's name on the list, they wouldn't need to try so hard to save the girl.

Looking towards the fallen men on the ground, they were sure that some of them were Sakura's bodyguard. As the princess of Nali Family, there was no way they wouldn't send someone to protect the girl.

"Call the police and ask them to trace the car," Kanae suggested.

Jay nodded his head. "That's plausible, but I only remember the type of the car."

"The number is HAHA 123."

Hearing that, Neo immediately took out his phone and made a call to the police station with the information given by Jay and Kanae. After making sure that the police were tracking the car, he closed the phone once again and looked towards the others.

"They're handling this case. You should go back."

They nodded their head. There were nothing students like them could do anymore. All they could do was waiting for the police to do their job.

Mike looked towards Tommy and Jay. "Even though during training you two are really poor, you can fight rather well."

Jay grinned. "That's the power of experience."

"What experience? I bet you're just lucky," Tommy scoffed.

"Don't you underestimate me!"

Seeing the two of them quarreled again, Kanae finally understood why the two of them often clashed in the martial arts lesson. They were basically both enemies and friends at the same time, making their relationship quite peculiar.

Alice and Misae were still standing when they saw the group came back. Relief washed over them as Misae immediately ran towards Kanae and hugged the other party tightly.

"Hey, hey, there's nothing dangerous happened," Kanae was startled by the sudden move by Misae.

"What nothing dangerous," Misae scoffed. "You keep on getting into trouble lately, so I can't help but worry."

Kanae scratched her head. It was not like she wanted to get into trouble, but the trouble was the one that came to her. Come on, there was no way she could blame the people around her for dragging her into trouble, right?

"Let's continue with the cleaning up," Jay remarked from the side.

Misae nodded her head. "Yeah, there are still a lot of things that we need to do."

The group continued to clean up for hours. They only took a break for lunch before continuing their job. When it was noon, Neo finally got a call from the police, stating that they have managed to find the girl and save her.

"That's a relief, please send her home," Neo said on the phone.

"We'll do that, but we need to know who gives the information because the girl is asking."

Neo's eyes landed on Kanae and Jay. Truthfully, there was no need for Kanae to help Sakura because of their bad relationship. But it seemed that the girl didn't care in the slightest about their bad relationship and only focused on the matter at that time.

"Tell her that it's Kanae."


When the police managed to find Sakura, they found her in the storage room, being held for ransom. As the princess of Nali Family, her family treasured her very much. With that in mind, the kidnappers were happy because they would be able to get a lot of money.

Sakura was fine, but she was very terrified because they held her in the dark room. When the police came, she was feeling completely relieved because she knew that she would be safe.

"Who is it that calls the police?" Sakura asked when they took her to the car.

The police wore an awkward expression. He immediately asked his superior, and it took them a few minutes to get the answer.

"They say that the one who provides the information is a student named Kanae."


Sakura's eyes grew bigger as she looked towards the men in front of her. No way, there was simply no way her cousin would be the one to help her. She still remembered that the two of them never got along. They would clash with each other almost every time.

In addition, she hated Kanae very much because that girl always managed to get ahead of her in almost every situation. She tried to make her cousin hurt by arranging the incident with those first years, but she only wounded a bit. Although she was disappointed, she was elated with the fact that her cousin still has wounds on her feet.

Yet, Kanae instead helped her. Even though she was trying her best to drag the other party down, if it was possible to her death, Kanae didn't do the same to her. It was easy for Kanae to say that she didn't see anything and the matter would be shifted to her blame because she was walking alone at that time. But Kanae didn't do that.

'Why is it has to be you?'

If it was any other students, Sakura wouldn't feel this conflicted. However, she still hated her cousin very much and this feeling would never change.

After that day, Sakura never returned back to the school anymore.