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47 Kidnapped

 Kanae helped to move the lighter objects while the boys were busy moving the tables around.

"Can't we ask more boys to help out like last time?" Misae asked with a hopeful tone. If they didn't ask for anyone help, they were not going to finish moving those table out from the room even until midnight.

"The situation is a bit complicated," Mike remarked. "The boys no longer listen to Sakura, so deploying them to help is a bit hard right now. Some of them are willing to help after school, but not many."

"Why are they staying away from Sakura?" Misae was confused.

Alice smiled wryly. "Do you forget that whoever dares to stand up against the Student Council is not going to end well in this school?"

Most of the students were present in the hall when they hold the Halloween Party, so they knew about the incident regarding Sakura went against the Student Council. Even if they didn't see it by themselves, the news usually traveled fast and they must have known about the incident.

Misae finally understood. "Wow, I never know that the Student Council holds that much power."

"Well, the Student Council is the only way for students to relate with the teachers if they have trouble and so one. Usually, those who are selected to be the member are those who are very capable in study or fighting. If you're the enemy of them, they won't help you when you have trouble in study or if there's a fight in the school."

"Life is going to be hard for her," Misae commented.

Kanae nodded her head. For someone who was used to live like a princess every day, being casted away was hell. She didn't know how Sakura was going to be in the days to come because she was sure her cousin wouldn't be able to stand the treatment she got here.

"Let's move again, the work is not finished."

Alice looked towards the heavy items. She smiled wryly, there was no way she would be able to move them at all.

"There's no need for you to help us moving them," Tommy laughed when he saw this doll like girl looking troubled. "Just find us some drinks. It's very helpful when we are this tired."


"After that, give the receipt to Neo, so he can reimburse you."

Alice nodded her head and headed towards the canteen to buy drinks. Misae looked towards her friend who ran an errand as she remarked. "Why don't you say that you're the one who wants the drink?"

"I do, that's why I ask that to her," Tommy grinned. "What about you? Don't you want to help us out too?"

Misae nodded her head. She did want to help, but she didn't know what she was going to help them with. After all, her power was very little and it would be impossible to move those heavy tables.

"Here," Kanae handed the girl a stack of paper. "You can help Mike make sure that everything is in good condition and complete."

Hearing that, Misae beamed and ran towards Mike in full power. She talked to the big senior about her task happily.

"I feel like you're trying to pair them," Jay commented.

Kanae scratched her head. In truth, she knew that Misae only liked to come here because she could see the handsome boys. Because she knew it would be hard for Misae to interact with Kevin, she made the chances for Misae to talk with Mike as much as she could.

"Do you want her to help you instead?"

"No thanks. I'm just moving around the heavy items, so it's unsuitable for me to just supervise."

Although with Mike big build, he should have helped them to move things around; he still had to make sure that the list was correct. With Misae helped him, Kanae was sure that the work would finish quicker. After all, that big senior was very strong and it would be a waste if he didn't work to move things around.

"Kanae, take the banner to the storage room," Neo pointed to the stack of banners that they have took down.


Taking the stack of banners, Kanae walked to the storage room. She noticed that the field was rather empty today, but there was someone walking alone in the hallway.

It should be the time for the lesson, so Kanae was curious when she saw there was someone skipping class. One look and she immediately knew that the one who walked was her cousin. From Sakura's expression, she could guess that the latter couldn't handle the way the others treated her, which made her felt extremely angry.

She didn't want to bother with Sakura anymore because she knew very well that the two of them always clashed with each other when they met. There was no need for her to make the other party's situation worsened. After all, she still has more important things to do.

On her way back, she saw Sakura was still busy venting her anger to the trees outside the field. There was no one else around, so Sakura didn't care about her image as she continued to kick the tree heavily.

Kanae tried to ignore the other party and walked away to the hall where the others were waiting. However, her movement stopped abruptly when she heard a scream coming from behind her. The scream didn't only startle her, but also the students in the hall who stopped working suddenly.

"What is it?" Alice's soft voice broke the silence.

"I don't know," Neo answered when he saw that Mike already sprinted towards the source of the scream.

Seeing that, Kanae frowned. Jay and Tommy already followed after Mike running towards the source of the voice.

"Should we go there?"

"No, you stay here, Misae," Kanae said sharply. "Don't go anywhere."

With that, she too sprinted towards the source of the voice. Seeing their running speed, Alice was stunned. She was about to follow after them when she saw Kevin and Neo walked.

"Don't follow after me. Stay with your friend."

"I understand," Alice hurriedly nodded her head.

When Kanae arrived in the scene, she saw Mike, Tommy, and Jay were facing a group of black-clothed men. There were some men lying on the ground with heavy wounds, but there were still many of them who were up and good. The three of them were doing a good job fending them off.

As the three of them were decent fighters, many of the men were sprawling on the ground in a matter of seconds. It was a completely one-sided fight.

Her brow creased. 'Where's Sakura?'

She noticed the gate not far from there. Moving behind the trees, she climbed up the fence and saw a car was getting away from there. She understood the situation. They have managed to escape.