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44 This is My Territory

 As Kanae said, after the dance majority of the students went home. It was already noon, so many of them went home as fast as they could, especially those who walked home. No one was stupid enough to wait until the sky was dark to get home.

"I can't stay in the school for long," Misae looked towards the sky with disappointment. "My father says that the streets are going to be more dangerous next month, so I'm not allowed to stay outside for long."

Alice nodded her head. "My father also says the same."

"Be careful on your way home," Kanae smiled towards the two of them and waved her hand.

"Don't you need to go home too?" Jay already took his bag, and he was ready to go home when he saw that Kanae was still busy cleaning up the leftover cookies and drinks.

Kanae shook her head. "I'm not working today, so it's fine even if I go home late."

Jay looked towards the street. There were still enough lights because this was only around five or six PM, but the streets were going to be dark very soon. It was totally unsafe to walk around in the middle of the night like that.

"You might invite trouble if you walk around alone at night."

"Don't worry, the route is safe," Kanae answered calmly.

Although Jay found the reason to be ridiculous, he didn't try to pry deeper. If that was what the vice president said, he would just treat it as the truth.

"There are still quite a lot of leftover," Tommy stuffed the cookies into his mouth happily. It would be a waste to just throw them away, so eating them by himself was definitely the best option.

Kanae joined in as she took the cookies too. There were quite a lot of them. She was not going to waste them.

"We just need to clean up the food for today," Mike remarked from the side. "The rest can be done in a few days."

The school announced that they didn't have any class tomorrow, so the students were not going to school. The Student Council members also didn't have to come as they would clean up in the day after that.

"Can we bring that home?" Kanae pointed to the cookies.

Kevin nodded his head. "Those that already placed on the table, you can wrap them and bring them home. As for the others that still in the box, bring them to the Student Council Room."

"Okay President."

Tommy and Kanae practically fought for whomever the fastest to collect all the untouched cookies on the table. The plastic bags they used were being filled until they finished collecting all the cookies. Kanae looked towards the two big plastic bags in front of her with a satisfied feeling. She was going to enjoy eating them very much.

"Don't you afraid of being fat?" Neo looked towards the plastic bags on Kanae's hand. He had finished cleaning up the drinks and threw the unused ones.

Kanae shook her head. "Don't worry. I'm not going to be fat no matter how many times I eat."

"You can go back first, Kanae," Mike reminded. "The streets are more dangerous at night."

"I understand."

Kanae accepted the arrangement as she walked home. Tommy only stayed until they finished cleaning up all the foods and drinks before the four of them left the school too.

When Kanae reached her home, she could feel the atmosphere seemed rather gloomy. She guessed that Sakura was throwing tantrums again because of the event in the school just now. Knowing her cousin's temper, she quickly went towards her room and hanged the cookies to avoid the ants.

"Kanae! You #$%^&*(!"

Hearing her cousin cursed her without restraint, Kanae walked out from her room. It was easy for Sakura to know when she got home because she practically stopped in front of the mansion for a few seconds before circling to the back. At the front of the mansion, there were some cameras to watch anyone who came near.

"Anything you want, Sakura?" Kanae asked calmly.

Sakura had changed her clothes to a fancy one, but her face was flushed red as she saw her cousin in front of her.

"You b*tch, what did you do to the Student Council to make them hate me so much? I'm going to make you drop out of school! You'll regret opposing me today very much."

Kanae's face didn't change as she stared towards her cousin who started to curse again. It took Sakura a few seconds to run out of breath because she was practically yelling so much.

"Have you finished talking?"

Sakura got even angrier when she heard Kanae's nonchalant voice. "You just see! I'll take everything away from you until you don't have anything. You're just a b*tch that should have live on the street!"

With that, Sakura stepped forward. She was drowned in her hatred that she didn't notice that she was stepping into Kanae's territory. The servants were terrified, and they immediately held their young miss.

"Miss, you can't step any further."

"Why are you stopping me?"

Kanae pointed towards the rusty fences. "That's the limit for how close you can come near me. This is my territory. If you dare to get closer, I'll report you with the charge of trespassing."

When she heard that, Sakura's face was flushed red. She remembered that this was indeed belonged to Kanae. If she dared to come closer, she indeed would trespass the place.

"Miss, it's already night, let's go in."

"Shut up! Just you see, Kanae, I'll make your life even miserable!"

With the last threat, Sakura walked away unwillingly. She was still throwing tantrums here and there as the servants did their best to coax their little miss into following after them obediently.

On the back, Kanae released a sigh of relief when she saw her cousin walked away. Truthfully, Sakura didn't have the power to make her drop out of school, but her father did. If Sakura reported the incident to her father, Kanae might not be able to go to the school anymore.

'This is why I don't want to antagonize her.'

With the powerful force behind Sakura, Kanae knew that she was still nothing in front of that annoying man. With mere words, she might lose everything that belonged to her.

From the time she lost her parents, her uncle has been trying to get everything that used to belong to her for him and his family. She had to struggle hard to make sure that they didn't succeed as she tried her best to keep the inheritance. In the end, all that left for her was this small land and she had to work hard to fulfill her needs.

Her eyes turned to the big mansion beside her. It previously belonged to her family, but she had to sell it to her uncle to cover up the expense.

'One day, I'll take them back.'