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43 Dancing

 Principal's Room

"Principal, they're clearly trying to push me further," Sakura was complaining vehemently to the principal. She had changed her clothes, but her rage was simply overflowing so she decided to report everything that happened to the principal.

Hearing the energetic report full of hatred, the principal merely looked towards the girl with a fleeting glance. He didn't even bother to check out the content of the report and sipped his tea calmly.

"Have you finished?"

Sakura wanted to shake her head, but she didn't know what she was going to say anymore. If she said that she was not satisfied, she guessed that the principal was not going to listen anymore. From the nonchalant attitude the principal showed, she got the feeling that she was not going to be successful in this attempt.

"Yes, Principal, please address this matter."

The principal sipped the tea again. "Lady Sakura, I'm not going to interfere in the fight between students. Besides, don't you fall because of the water you spilled yourself?"

Sakura couldn't refute when she heard that. It was true that the puddle was created because she went through the trouble to make problems for Kanae. It was her fault at the very first, but she didn't want to admit it.

"But they say that it's just an accident when it's in fact not."

"If they say it's an accident, and then it's the truth," the principal answered calmly.

"Why are you siding with them, Principal?"

The Principal held the cup and moved it slightly. "There are numerous students clash with their friends everyday. I'm not that idle to barge into their business all the time. You have to finish the matter by yourself, Lady Sakura. Now, please excuse me."

Sakura was dumbfounded when she heard the principal's answer. She knew that he was not going to help her at all, so she could only give up the notion to chase after Kanae and made her pay for the incident at the party.

With a heart full of hatred, she walked outside the room. Her gaze turned towards the hall where the faint music could be heard, but it instead made her felt angrier. If she couldn't touch that girl in the school, she was going to make trouble at home!



Inside the hall, the students have started to dance with each other. Some of their costumes made them unable to dance properly, but some of the others didn't have any trouble. This made some of the made fun towards each other but in the joking mode.

"Misae, Alice, don't you want to dance?" Kanae looked towards her two friends.

"Mike rejects me," Misae said with sulky voice. This was the time for Mike to work, so Kanae didn't find it weird for Mike to reject Misae's offer. In any case, those from student council who has time to spare were only her, Tommy, and Jay.

"You can ask the others," Kanae pointed to Tommy and Jay.

At one of point of the time, the two of them were surrounded by the girls. Although they were not as popular as the second years, it seemed that the girls knew that they had to shift their target. After all, the two of them were still the members of the Student Council.

Seeing them, Misae's face turned dark. Even just to try asking them; she has to go through the girls?

"Are you afraid?"

"No way!"

In a matter of seconds, Misae already struggled to get the chance to ask Jay to dance with her. Seeing that, Alice laughed out so much. Her friend was really funny.

"Don't you want to ask Tommy to dance too?" Kanae pointed to the side.

Alice looked towards the troubled Tommy and decided to come closer. There was no harm in her trying to get the chance to dance with Tommy. After all, she didn't have any partner.

In the end, Misae managed to drag Jay away from the girls and they started to dance. It was a simple dance, but Misae messed up the rhythm so much that Jay nearly laughed in front of the poor girl.

"I don't know that you can't dance."

"I can, but not this one," Misae retorted.

Jay shook his head amusedly. "You have to step towards this side and that side too."

In the end, it turned into a dance lesson for Misae with Jay as her instructor. She was astonished when Jay began teaching her, but seeing the other students, she knew that this was normal.

"You told the others to dance, but you're still in this place?" Neo asked when he saw that Kanae still stood still.

"It'll be weird if I ask a man to dance with this outfit, right?" Kanae pointed to her clothes. She was wearing male waiter clothes, so it would instead be weird if she started to dance with a man.

Neo looked towards Kanae up and down. "If you want to dance, it doesn't really matter."

Kanae shook her head. She enjoyed watching the others but not participating by herself. Unfortunately, before long some girls tried to ask her for a dance. When they first asked her, she thought that they were kidding....

"It's better to dance with you rather than the boys, right?"

"Um, I'm a girl, so it's better if you just choose the others," Kanae tried to explain to the girls who came closer to her.

It took her a long time to make them not bother her anymore. She wept the sweats on her forehead as she thought to herself how the fate of those popular boys was. No wonder they always seemed tired, so this was how it felt.

"Kanae, do you want to dance with me?"

Kanae stared at her best friend with a dark face. "If you ask that to me one more time, I won't help you on your lesson."

"I'm just kidding," Misae giggled. She saw how Kanae was troubled to reject those girls, so she couldn't help but teasing the other party.

"You finished dancing?"

"Yeah, Jay has to go because he's the waiter in this event," Misae pointed to the busy Jay on the side.

Kanae took a cupcake. "After the dance, the party is over. Let's just eat."

"That's a good idea!"