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41 Halloween Party

 Nolen School C

The Student Council managed to finish the preparation for the party. On the day of the events, the students excitedly waited in front of the restroom to change their clothes. The School let the class ended earlier because of the party, but they still have some class before the event.

"The school really needs to build more restrooms," Misae stared at the long line in front of her with a sigh.

"That's because you're not fast enough," Kanae giggled as she patted her best friend's shoulder. Alice managed to line up faster, so she was already quite far from the two of them.

Misae frowned. "What about you? Don't you need to change your clothes?"

"I have a different place to change my clothes."

"The Student Council Room?" she asked with wide eyes.

"Yup, so there's no need to worry."

"Isn't the place is filled with boys?"

Kanae smirked. She would surely ask them to leave the room when she changed her clothes later. She and Misae chatted for a while longer before Kanae made her way to the Student Council Room.


Mike opened the door. "We have finished changing; you're the only one left."

"I got it."

The other members walked out to the hall first as Kanae took out the clothes she brought. At first, she didn't know what to wear until the president gave her a butler costume. Well, it didn't really matter much for her.

Finishing her change, she opened the door and saw Tommy and Jay right in front of her.

"You need to change your hairstyle," Jay pointed. "The two braids make you look like a girl very much."

'I'm a girl!' Kanae yelled inside her mind. "What do you suggest?"

Tommy put his finger under his chin. Kanae was indeed a girl, so there was actually nothing wrong with her hair. However, all the Student Council members wore butler clothes today, which actually made Kanae had to wear boy clothes. Still, those clothes surprisingly fitted the girl very much as she was not that pretty.

"What about a ponytail?" Jay asked.

Kanae was more familiar with her hair being made into braids, but she nodded her head. "I guess I can do that."

She walked into the room again and took out her comb. She undid her braid slowly and her wavy hair was fluttering free. On the back, both Jay and Tommy were stunned when they saw the new appearance of Kanae. She looked pretty plain with her glasses and braided hair, but when they were being undone, she looked quite mesmerizing.

"Hairstyles can make girls change a lot," Jay said after a few seconds.

Tommy nodded his head in agreement. If Kanae showed that appearance in her usual daily life, there was no doubt that there would be some men who fancy her.

Kanae finished tying her hair into a ponytail. She looked towards the two of them. "Do I look more boyish like this?"

Truthfully, there was almost no change in her face, but the two boys decided to nod their head. At least, it was better than seeing the braid when she was wearing the butler's outfit.

"Let's go down."

The three of them came out from the room and walked down the stairs to reach the hall. They were moving quickly because they still have to move the food inside the hall. Most of the foods were only dessert since they were not going to make this into a big and long party.

Many students started to come and Neo was busy giving them the random cards. Those were for the role game they wanted to hold. Each card has a different role and each student have to play that role before the dance party. The roles are simply normal people, villain, victim, and so on.

There would be a small case, and they could participate to try guessing who has the villain's role. It was only a small game, but many students were excited to guess who got the role.

"Kanae, you're not wearing any costume?" Misae and Alice approached Kanae who held the tray on her hand. Misae was wearing a dark robe with a hair wig and a slightly large hat. The wig made her hair looked like snakes as she was posing as Medusa.

On the other hand, Alice was wearing a long red dress with a small wand on her hand. She also wore a witch hat that was slightly big for her.

"I wear the butler costume," Kanae grinned.

Misae rolled her eyes. "You're a girl, but you pose as a man?"

"There's no way they can't guess that I'm a girl," Kanae simply shrugged her shoulder. She didn't do any makeup to make her looked like a man, so it was close to impossible for them to mistake her for a boy.

"By the way, how's my appearance?"

"You're very suited to be a medusa," Kanae giggled.

Misae smiled. "But you're not suited to be a butler. Why don't you search for a maid costume, that's going to better?"

"No," Kanae answered immediately. They would have to design again if they wanted to make a maid outfit, so she just said that she was going to wear the same with them. After all, it would be weird if she wore differently from the others just because she was the only girl in the Student Council.

Alice pointed to the side. "What's the case that you make?"

"A fake murder," Kanae laughed. "The one who holds the card villain has to defend himself while being one of the accused ones. You don't have to join if you only get the normal people card."

Misae and Alice both get the normal people card, so they were not really interested to join the game. What they wanted the most was the dance party after this event.

"I'm going to ask for the Student Council members to dance with me," Misae said with her eyes glittering.

"I don't think any of us is going to comply," Kanae giggled. They were dressing as the butler because of a reason, which was they were going to facilitate the others to enjoy the game while they supervise. Aside from that, the other students got the chance to interact with them more like this.

"I want to ask Mike or Kevin."

"President is very busy up there," Kanae pointed to the stage. Kevin was the leader, so his place was there to direct the event and supervise everything.

"You can ask Tommy or Jay," Alice suggested. Those two shouldn't be too busy in the event.

"No way. I'm not going to dance with them," Misae's face scrunched.

"They will be sad if they hear you reject them blatantly."

"I really don't want to dance with them."

While they were discussing the matter of dancing, they heard a girl's voice from behind them.

"A girl becomes a butler? It suits you very much."