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40 Fixing the “Accident”

 "Here's the paint and brush," Tommy placed them near Kanae carefully.

Kanae nodded her head. She took the brush and dabbed it into the black paint before she started to paint on the banner. Because she was the one who designed this banner. She knew very well the color placement and so on.

Sakura noticed that Kanae was busy, but she still said out loud. "This is the can. I'll place it near you."

She placed the can right beside Kanae. If Kanae was not careful, she would make the clan spilled into the banner once again.

"Don't place it too close," Tommy berated Sakura.

Kanae merely used her other hand and moved the can to the side without looking at the can. Her eyes were still focused on the banner in front of her. Her brows furrowed when she noticed that the paints were going to mix with each other.

"I need tissues and drier to make them dry faster," Kanae said to Tommy.

"I'll get it."

Kanae glanced towards Sakura. Even an idiot knew that it was the scheme from Sakura to make her looked bad. Unfortunately, she was not going to fall for simple and petty schemes like that.

"Do you want to help?" she asked calmly.

Sakura nodded her head and answered in a mild manner. "Of course I do." Then her smile turned into a mocking one. "After all, you're just too lousy."

Kanae didn't pay much heed to the insult that was thrown to her face. "If you want to help, you can search for tissues."

"You want me to search for those things?" Sakura's face scrunched up. She didn't like the idea of being an errand girl.

"Don't you want to help?"

"You're annoying," Sakura couldn't read Kanae's expression at all. It seemed as if this usually cheerful girl has turned stony in one minute.

From the back, Mike has come. He shook his head. "There's no need for you to help anymore. The boys have returned to their class, and it's better if you do too."

"I still can help."

"There's no need," Kevin also walked towards them. He and the other two members were discussing with the guards about the party. Because it was held in the evening to night, they needed to ensure that the place was safe.

Kevin stared calmly. "You're not a member of the Student Council, so you don't have to be here anymore."

Sakura felt that a hammer was being thrown to her this instant. She has just bragged to Kanae that she would be the one to replace Kanae, but this president said that she was an outsider. Should he say it outright to her face that she was only a helper they seek for the event?


"Please leave," Neo interjected. "The teachers are calling for you because you skip so many classes."

Feeling that she was rejected from all direction, Sakura felt that heat was going up on her face. She was extremely angry, so she stomped her feet and walked away from the scene. Those Student Council members were driving her mad with their sudden refusal.

Kevin turned his attention to Kanae. He crouched down and took another brush. "Let me finish this part."

"It's okay, I can do it," Kanae was startled to see the president suddenly said that he wanted to help her. There was no need for him to work this much when he still has a lot of work for his company.

"This will make it faster. The others don't know the design as well as the two of us."

Well, that was true because only she and Kevin saw the design at the very detailed in the screen. The others only saw them when the banners were finished and brought back to this place.

"Kanae the tissue is here," Tommy saw the two of them crouched on top of the banner and his mind blanked for a moment. Why did the president personally help Kanae?

"Thank you," Kanae took the tissue from Tommy. "You can return now, I'm sure you want to have some sleep."

"You read me very well," Tommy scratched his head. He didn't reject the offer as he also bid his farewell to the others and walked back to his class. Jay has returned with Misae, so the only ones who left were the second years and Kanae.

Neo sat down on the side. "I never know that your relationship with your cousin is that bad."

Kanae didn't bother looking at him. "She's the princess of Nali Family. I'm just an intruder in her peaceful life."

Kevin's eyebrows shot up. "That's quite a way to describe yourself."

It was nearing the truth as she was only someone from the branch family while Sakura came from the main family. From youth, Sakura lived a life full of wealth and happiness, while she only has simplicity on her small family before everything was taken from her.

"Yeah," Kanae switched the brush on her hand to the smaller one. "I'm coming from the branch family while she's from the main family."

"Even if you're from the branch family, I don't think there's any need to clash with that girl so much," Neo said with a confused tone.

There was indeed no need for them to clash so much, but it was Sakura who started everything. Kanae still remembered how her life turned to the worst after her parents left her nearly two years ago.

"Rich people always want to get more money even if they have more than enough," Kanae answered with a riddle.

Neo was stunned, but Mike held back the shoulder of his friend. There was no need for them to ask anymore. That one line was clearly telling them that the Nali Family never truly accepted this little girl into their family. After all, the three of them knew how Kanae has to work every day after school.

"You can't even fight back at all?" Neo creased his brow. That was simply too annoying.

"I'm just nobody under the light," Kanae answered calmly. "Unless I want to dig my early grave, I can't clash with her head on."

Neo's face turned black. He got the feeling that he wouldn't like that flashy girl anymore. He liked pretty girls, and Sakura was one kind of beauty, but he hated the attitude of that girl very much.

"No one can bully you here," Kevin suddenly stated.

Kanae was startled, but she simply nodded her head. Her expression has started to go back to normal as she worked on the banner.

"Thank you, President."

Mike watched from the side. 'If that girl really dared to do anything to anyone under Kevin, she is clearly looking for trouble.'

He knew his best friend's temper very much. Although Sakura only targeted Kanae, this action of hers would implicate the Student Council. As the president, Kevin wouldn't let her go if she wanted to ruin the event they have worked so hard to realize.