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39 That is Intentional

 Time passed swiftly and soon it was one day before the event. Most of the items were already in their place. and only a few banners were left. Because it was still morning, the field was rather empty. After the series of students skipping their class, the teacher implemented a strict rule. As the result, only several boys were left in the field.

"Senior, do you want some drink?" Misae also skipped class because she wanted to help out. At first, the teacher didn't like the idea because Misae's grade was quite low, but in the end, they complied.

Mike accepted the can of coke from Misae. "Don't forget to report all your spending to Neo. He will reimburse them."

"I'll do that later," Misae answered with a smile. After that, she went another round to give the drinks to the other boys.

Tommy waved his hand when he saw Misae. "Where's mine, Misae?"

"I don't bring any for you."

"What? You're really a little devil, come on, I'm thirsty."

Misae giggled when she saw Tommy like that. She handed a can to him. "This is for you."

"Yes! You're the best!"

After Tommy drank to his fill, Kanae pointed to the banner. "You still have some work to be done, Tommy."

"Aye, Vice President," Tommy answered leisurely as he stood up and walked towards the banner. The printing was well done, and he liked the design very much.

With help from the other boys, they started to put the banner on the designated place. The process was slow, but none of them were in a hurry because this was the last work for this morning. Later, they needed to place the food and drinks, but this one was mostly done the next day.

Sakura approached Kanae. "You don't work much. Your position as the vice president is truly a joke."

"My work is different with you, Sakura," Kanae answered calmly. After having to interact with Sakura a few times in this event, she found it easier for her to keep her temper in reign. Although she still disliked this girl, she could mask her real feeling very well.

Sakura snorted. "I'll take the position from you after this event."

Towards the competitiveness that Sakura showed, Kanae barely paid any attention. Her eyes only showed calm as she stared at the other party and answered in a calm voice.

"You can try if you want."

As Sakura walked away, Kanae refocused her attention to the banner in front of her. She gave instruction to place them in the place according to what she wanted.

"A bit more to the left," she said loudly.

The bell rang as it was the time to change the lesson in the morning. Misae saw Alice ran towards them with a bag in her hand. She smiled when she saw them sitting around on the field.

"I bring some cookies for you," she said with a wide smile.

"I want some!" Misae immediately waved her hand energetically. "There's no need to leave any for Kanae. She's still very busy."

"Just leave some for her. I'm sure she wants them."

"I want to eat them all!"

"You glutton."

They were busy eating the cookies while Kanae still did her work. Thankfully, they really did spare some for Kanae while Alice had to leave to her class again.

"I only get two?" Kanae looked towards the nearly empty plate.

Misae nodded her head. "Jay eats the most, so you only get two."

Jay nearly choked on the cookies he ate. This little girl truly didn't hold back in lying. He clearly only ate two of them because he was not that close with the girls. "I only eat two."

Tommy shrugged. "I don't see it."

Jay glared at Tommy, but the latter pretended that he couldn't see it. It would be better to have other people shift the blame other than himself.

Kanae took the cookie. "At least, I still get some."

"How many banners left?"

"There are only two. You all can go back to the class after this," Kanae answered while munching the cookie delightfully.

"Then I'm going back first," Misae wanted to accompany Alice, so she stood up and bid her farewell. Some other boys also started to disperse as they needed to coax their teacher too. Skipping too many lessons was going to cause them to be in trouble.

Kanae nodded her head as she watched the boys disperse when she suddenly heard the sound of something fell.


She turned towards the sound, and her heart fell. A boy was standing near one of the banners and a can of paint fell in front of him. It was clear that the paint was going to make the banner dirty.

Without much thought, she ran towards the banner and lifted it up. She saw that part of the banner was now covered in blue paint, making it a sore sight.

"I'm sorry, it's an accident," the boy was flustered.

"It's okay. You can go back to your class," Kanae answered with an emotionless tone and expression.

The boy was stunned. He thought that Kanae was going to lash out in anger, but the girl merely said that sentence. Still, the atmosphere around this girl was suffocating, so he didn't dare to stay much longer.

"Hey, Kanae, are you alright?" Tommy hurriedly asked. He hadn't returned yet, so he still saw what happened.

Kanae glanced back. Her eyes were still slightly cold, but her expression was unreadable. "I'm as good as I can be. Bring me a few cans of paint. I'm going to fix this banner before we hang it later."

"I understand."

On the side, Sakura watched the development disappointedly. She thought that Kanae was going to lash out to that second-year boy, but that girl instead held back. Maintaining a kind expression on her face, she approached Kanae.

"Do you need help?"

"Bring me a few cans of paint," Kanae answered without turning. She was busy placing the banner on the safe place.

Sakura's lips stiffened. She didn't expect that Kanae would treat her coldly and ordered her like she was a servant. Still, she kept the smile on her face as she walked to the place of the cans.