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38 As the Princess from Nali Family, Of Course She’s Very Valuable

 Nolen School C, Student Council Room

It was easy for Kanae to get permission to skip the classes. Because of her exceptional grade and her position as the Student Council Vice President, they allowed her to not join the class at all. However, when she arrived in the Student Council Room to start the preparation for the Halloween Party, she saw someone unexpected; Sakura.

Sakura was standing near Kevin with sparkling eyes. It seemed as if she enjoyed this very much.

"Good morning everyone," Kanae simply greeted them before walking to her own table for work.

Neo looked towards the three people gathered at the front and wondered. "Why does it seem that our president is making a harem?"

"Neo, if I'm you, I won't make that kind of remark," Mike smiled wryly.

In the next second, Kevin stood up and handed a file towards Neo. "Finish this along with the preparation of the place."

"Isn't this the material for the presentation tomorrow?"

"That's why you have to finish them. You're representing our company," Kevin answered nonchalantly.

With no other option, Neo took the file and started to browse through them. He was only saying that as a joke, there was no need to act so seriously, okay? Fine, he knew that he needed to finish the work in the company too. Being a student and work at the same time was tedious.

"Sakura, go to the field with Mike and ask the boys to help out."

"Okay," Sakura was unwilling, but she put out her best coquettish voice she could muster before walking out from the room with Mike. On the side, Kanae wondered what did that little princess did to make her voice sent goose bump to other people?

"President, is she going to help us?" Kanae asked.

Kevin nodded his head. "She's the small leader in the second year, so she can make the boys work for her."

Kanae nodded her head. Sakura was pretty and came from a rich family, so she was sure that many people tried to get close with that girl. Who wouldn't want to have a partner like that? She was the dream girl for many of the boys.

"I have finished making the design for the banner. Do you want to see them first?"

Kevin nodded his head. He walked to behind Kanae and scrolled the design using the mouse. Kanae made it simple, but it was interesting with the colorful layer and so on. Feeling a bit uncomfortable with his face beside her, she moved the chair a bit to let Kevin got more space.

"What do you think Pres?"

"It's good enough. I'll put it into the software then you bring them to print."

"I understand."

While the two of them worked in this matter, the field was filled with the boys from the second year who were eager to help Sakura. They wanted to impress this princess from their class.

"Let's start moving the items," Mike simply said and started to instruct the boys to move most of the items into the hall. The main party was going to be the hall, but they would use the field for additional tables and so on.

Under the glaring sun, the boys started to work around. Even if they were supposed to stay in the class because they were not over yet, no one wanted to return. For them, helping their little princess was more important compared with the lesson.

"I'm sure the second-year teachers are going to cry if they see their class empty," Misae commented. She came to the field right after her own class was over, which made Alice got left behind. She was curious about the preparation because she heard that they would start moving the tables and stage today.

Mike nodded his head. "They're the best free worker around."

"It seems so," Misae's gaze landed on Sakura. She still hated the other party very much because that girl was simply too arrogant and looked down on others very much. However, she knew that Sakura had what was needed to make these boys followed after her unconditionally; beautiful face and good background family.

"She can be quite charismatic at times," Mike commented as he flipped the paper on his hand to make sure that they got all the items they required.

"I think you mean charm," Misae said with annoyed tone.

Hearing that, Mike was stunned. He smiled afterward. "You're correct. It's more suitable to use the word charm."

Misae looked towards the smiling face boy beside her. Her heart was beating fast thanks to his handsome face. She complained internally why the Student Council members have a good face. Still, they were good eye candy for her.

"Misae, you're too fast," Alice arrived while gasping for breath. When it came to boys, Misae wouldn't care about anything as she burst forth. Unfortunately, Alice didn't have the same conviction, so she could only follow from behind.

Misae grinned. "I'm curious about the construction. Besides, I'm not the only one who comes quickly for this event."

Alice moved her gaze and saw that there were a lot of students from other classes here too. Many of them were staring towards Sakura while the others were looking towards Mike or the moving items.

"It's more like their intention is the same with you."

"What are you talking about?" Misae pretended that she didn't know. After all, the reason why she came here was right beside her.

Alice giggled. She noticed that Kevin and Kanae have come as the two of them walked towards them with a batch of paper.

"How's the work so far, Mike?" Kevin asked.

Mike pointed to the hall. "It's pretty good. The students are mostly very cooperative."

Sakura noticed that Kanae had come. She wanted to wear a smug face, but her face instead darkened when she saw that Kanae stood with Kevin beside her. Although it was only because of her position, Sakura hated to see Kanae got close with her target so much.

She approached them. "Senior, what do you think of the work?"

"It's good," Kevin answered in monotone voice.

Hearing that, Sakura was not disheartened. She tried all mean she could think of to talk with Kevin until he dismissed her and told her to work.

"President is as unapproachable as always," Kanae commented.

Mike smiled again. "That's president for you. Work is always the first priority in his life."

Misae nodded her head. "It seems satisfying to see Sakura get rejected like that."

"I'll be more surprised if President accepts her when they have only met a few times," Kanae shook her head lightly.

When she heard that, Misae shrugged. "She's beautiful and pretty, so I think that most students try to get close to her because of that."

Kanae looked towards the field. Some of the boys tried to get close to Sakura, but they were held back by the guards.

"She's princess of the Nali Family," Kanae said calmly. "Of course, she's very valuable."

The others couldn't be more agreed to that. After a few seconds, Kanae handed the paper to Mike. "This is the additional work for you. I have work again after this."

"I understand."