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37 Small World

 After they had got out of the principal office, Kanae stopped her feet and look towards Kevin, "It's easier than I thought."

"The principal is always like that," Kevin remarked.

"This is my first time meeting him."

Kevin nodded his head. "You'll meet with him again in the future for our work in the Student Council. He won't bother reading them, but if we fail the event, he won't accept them anymore."

Even without reading the proposal, the principal already agreed to their plan. It just showed how much he believed in them, so he would not interfere in their work. However, should they fail; there was no doubt that they wouldn't be able to do the same anymore.

"Will he change the member forcefully?" Kanae asked curiously.

Kevin didn't know. "There's that possibility, but you don't have to think so much about it."

"I know, we just need to do good work."

At that point, they arrived back in the Student Council Room. Neo was still sleeping soundly, and the others hadn't gone back to the room.

Kanae looked at the clock for a moment. "I think it's time for me to work. Thank you very much for today. See you tomorrow, President."

Kevin nodded and Kanae waved her hand as she walked out of the room. His eyes moved to the still sleeping Neo before he kicked the chair, making the sleepy boy woke up.

"What is it? Ah, President, you have returned?"

"It's time to work."

Neo hurriedly fixed his posture. "You're really fast. Did the principal said anything?"

"He didn't. Let's go."

"Wait, I need to call Mike first!"

"You have 5 minutes."

"I understand!" Neo bolted out from the room to the training hall. He needed to call Mike as soon as possible to avoid the punishment from Kevin.

At that time, Kanae finally arrived in her workplace. Her eyes watched the building not far from her working place. There were some construction trucks passed by the store.

"Old Man, I have returned," Kanae greeted.

The Old Man was currently reading a newspaper when Kanae came in. He looked up from the paper and flashed her a broad smile.

"Hello, Kanae."

"Is there anyone moving around here?" she pointed to the trucks outside.

"Moving? Maybe you mean that big building over there. The Kale Company is expanding its business," the Old Man handed the newspaper to Kanae.

She looked at the headline and smiled wryly. It seemed like she was the only one who didn't know that the building of Kale Company was located near her workplace. From the news, she knew that they had just got another big project and profit.

"President is really amazing," Kanae commented.

The Old Man raised his eyebrows, "President? Did you get work in the company?"

That sounded like impossible because he knew that she always came here after school. If she really managed to snatch a job in that company, she wouldn't bother coming to this place at all.

"No, I did not. The owner of this company is our Student Council President," Kanae explained. She found herself at lost with her explanation. Why did it feel impossible when she voiced it out? It was just a fact, but when being said, they felt unnatural.

However, the Old Man's reaction was out of her expectation. He believed her word as he looked startled. He proceeded to ask, "You enroll in Nolen School?"

"Didn't I tell you before?" Kanae looked towards the Old Man with a confused expression. She was sure that she told him about her school before. Besides, Nolen School was the biggest school in this city and more than half of the children enrolled there.

"There are three Nolen School in this city. Which one did you enroll, A, B, or C?" the Old Man asked again.

"It's C. After all, the one with the lowest requirement to enter is C," Kanae answered.

She didn't have much interest in going to high school in the first place but tried to enroll by doing the test. As the result, she managed to get into the Nolen School C without paying any fees. It was the worst among the three schools, but she didn't really care about it.

The Old Man nodded his head. It was his mistake for thinking that she enrolled in Nolen School A because of her intelligence. Most of the smart and capable students would pick the Nolen School A since the Nolen School C was the one with the lowest passing grade and requirement.

"With your intelligence, it's a shame that you didn't enroll in Nolen School A."

"If I did, I would not get the chance to work here," Kanae reasoned. Misae intelligence was indeed lower, so she didn't pick the A. This was also the reason the two of them still together after they graduated from Junior High.

Although the Nolen School C was the poorest, the name of Nolen School itself was the biggest school in this city. People trusted this school much more compared with other schools. It made the Nolen School became the first option for applying to most students.

"True enough," the Old Man agreed.

The other three who have company to manage might also think the same. They needed to work and couldn't always come to the class. From what she has known so far, they kept on skipping the class as she always found them in the Student Council Room. The Nolen School C provided this option for them and granted them the freedom to do that.

"By any chance, do you know our Student Council President?" Kanae asked.

"I do," the Old Man answered, "I have met with him."

The Old Man seemed reluctant to tell more, so Kanae didn't pester the information any longer. At that time, customers pouring in, so she had to move around to deliver their order. After a few hours, her work finally finished.

"I'll surely miss this place when you go away later, Old Man," Kanae remarked when the place was more silent.

The Old Man nodded his head. "I'll surely miss you too. Don't you want to try searching for another work from now?"

Kanae shook her head. "The streets are growing dangerous lately. I don't want to loiter around too much."

"You're right," the Old man nodded his head. The news has been reporting more dangerous events on the street lately. He wouldn't want to have the little lass got hurt.

"Now that you mention it, are you alright walking to your home?"

"I'm good, Old Man," Kanae smiled. She looked towards the clock. "I think it's already the time for me to go. See you tomorrow, Old Man."

The Old Man waved his hand. After Kanae disappeared from his view, he thought about the conversation from before. He rubbed his chin, "So the one that young man chooses as the Vice President is Kanae... It seems this is really a small world."