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36 Submitting the Repor

 Time passed swiftly. Each of them has almost completed their works as they only needed to pass what they got to the two leaders who were busy compiling their work into the report to submit to the principal. During these days, Misae occasionally dropped by because she wanted to see them work.

"Why are you here again?" Jay looked towards Misae with a dark face. Mike got the two of them to introduce themselves to each other, and she was tasked to supervise him. As the result, he had to run around like crazy for the past few days.

Misae sipped the tea on her hand. "I'm just accompanying Mike."

Jay stared at the two of them. Since when did they become so close?

"She's just dropping by to drink tea with Mike," Kanae interrupted before the two of them clashed. "Have you finished the task, Jay?"

"Yes, they're all here," Jay handed the paper to Kanae. His eyes looked towards the nearly finished report they made with astonishment. The two of them worked really fast.

At that time, Neo walked into the room with a listless face. It seemed as if he hadn't got sleep at all for the past few days with the word tired could be read from his entire body.

"Neo, are you alright?" Mike glanced up from his glass.

Neo waved his hand. "You can continue enjoying your small tea party. I just need to hand this to President."

His job was to ensure that they have all the necessary equipment for the party and their budget if they needed to buy more. After a long time looking through all of them and checking the place, he finally finished his work. Unfortunately, he was extremely tired as the result. He was calling almost all the store available to check their price, which made him really tired.

"Good work," Kevin said as he accepted the paper.

Neo beamed before walking to his own table and put his head on top of his hand. He was going to sleep here for a few minutes until they needed to return back to the company.

Mike looked towards Neo. "You need more workouts."

"No thanks, I'll die if I follow your routine," Neo used his other hand to wave towards Mike, declining the idea.

Jay looked towards Neo enviously. He and Tommy had to endure those harsh training while Neo didn't have to. That was totally unfair, and he wanted the others to experience the same with him too.

"Jay, let's go to the field. Since you have finished your work, it's time for some exercise."

"Can I just return back?"

"It's still early, let's go," Mike answered lightly.

Misae put the cup down. She has to return back now, so she bid her farewell. Drinking tea with Mike was more exciting compared with watching Mike train with Jay.

Seeing that Mike was adamant to make him exercise, Jay secretly cursed his bad luck. Tommy was away because he needed to practice in the club. In the end, he was the one who needed to train with this devil.

While they were bantering, Kevin and Kanae finished putting all the necessary information inside the report. They connected the computer to the printer and waited for the report to be printed out.

"Is he sleeping?" Kanae looked towards Neo. It seemed as if he was beaten to death because he was lying on the table.

Kevin nodded his head. "Let him rest."

Neo has been working hard these few days. All of them did, so they certainly wouldn't bother that poor boy when he wanted to have some rests.

"Who will hand the proposal?" Kanae asked.

"Both," Kevin glanced at the time. There was more than enough time before Kanae need to return to work. During that time, it was better for them to just hand the proposal report together.

Kanae peered to the written work and casually read a few lines. "It seems that our way of phrasing is quite similar."

"You're correct," Kevin looked towards the screen. He didn't notice it at first since Kanae only typed few pages, but after she pointed that out, it was indeed true. Even if he claimed that the work was completely his, there would not be anyone who knew that he was lying.

Kanae smiled slightly. There were a few differences such as her writing was blander than him, but the change was not that noticeable. If the one who read the paper was not someone who knew Kevin writing style the best, it was impossible to notice the difference.

"Maybe it's because this is the formal writing for a proposal?" Kanae asked.

Kevin knew that there were some rules when they were writing, so he merely nodded his head. "That's possible."

"The printing has finished. Let's hand it to the principal."

Kevin took the paper and stapled them together before walking outside with Kanae. They needed to hand the paper to the principal because he was the one who held the authority to agree or disagree with their proposal.

Kanae was not sure about the principal's reaction would be, but since Kevin was calm, she tried to not think too much. Kevin was sure that about their report, so she too would put her confidence in them.

Knocking the door, they heard the principal told them to come in. The principal was quite old but still looked energetic. He smiled at the sight of the two of them.

"Please come in, what is it, Student Council President Kevin?"

"I come to hand the proposal for Halloween Party next week," Kevin answered calmly. He handed the proposal to the principal.

The principal took the paper and flipped a few pages. He didn't bother to read any of the content and only browsed through most of them. After a few seconds, he started to speak again.

"Do you copy the style from last year?"

Kevin pointed towards the paper. "Most Halloween Party follows after the same pattern. The difference between this year and last year is we encourage the students to interact with each other more by making the role game."

"It sounds interesting," the principal commented before looking towards the two of them. "Sure, you're free to make this as you wish."

"Thank you Principal," Kanae answered in Kevin's stead.

The principal nodded and gestured them that they could go now. After the two of them disappeared from the room, he read the proposal again, this time with more attention.