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35 I Just Want to Watch

 Nolen School C

Kanae looked towards the person beside her. The two of them met after school in the Student Council Room as usual. Her task was the easiest for her, helping Kevin to make the proposal for the Halloween Party. They needed to make sure that the entire events were clear and accurate. In addition, they have to calculate the time precisely to ensure the schedule was on time.

Kevin started typing, "Things that we need to prepare before the event?"

"The place, the schedule, the equipment,..." Kanae listed down everything she could remember about the Halloween Party during her time on Junior High. She never participated in the Student Council, but she has heard most of their job.

The two of them began to share their ideas. Their voice filled the entire room as the other members were away to do their respective work. Kevin's voice was mostly monotone and indifferent while Kanae was calm and steady. After making the rough plotline for the event, they began to fill the content with the explanation.

"The importance of Halloween Festival is to encourage the students to interact with each other..."

As the two of them exchange ideas, the number of written pages on the screen increased and it continued on until they finished around half of the proposal since the rest of them required the information from the rest of the members.

Kanae glanced at the clock. "There is still around a quarter left before I need to go. Your typing is really fast."

Kevin nodded, "Coffee."

Because they were busy typing the proposal, Kevin hadn't drunk any coffee. Mike was not here, so Kanae decided that she was the one who would make it. Standing up from her chair, she walked to the small table on the side.

"Do you have any reason to like coffee? I don't think that normal people drink them every day."

From what she remembered, Kevin would drink the coffee every single day. It seemed as if he totally liked the coffee and needed to drink them on daily basis. Although it might just be his hobby since Kanae didn't know a lot about him.

"It's a habit," Kevin answered.

"I see," Kanae handed the cup to Kevin.

Kevin accepted the cup and turned his eyes on the screen once again. Kanae peered and saw that it was a work that didn't relate to the Student Council at all. It was then she recalled that the three of them have a company of their own with this man as the president.

"I'll be going first," Kanae decided that she should just go back.

Kevin nodded without averting his gaze from the screen. Seeing that, Kanae didn't bother anymore and walked out from the room and headed towards her working place.


Misae and Alice watched as the two boys ran here and there to ask the students what they were going to wear during the Halloween Party. Most of them have different answers and even if there were some similarities, they confirmed the costumes further to make sure that there was no one who wore the same costume.

"Work hard, Tommy," Misae said with a grin on her face.

Tommy looked back looking displeased. "If you don't have anything to do, you should just help me."

"No, it's too tiring."

Alice lifted up a small bottle of juice. "You may want to drink this. You have been running around so much."

"Thank you very much!" Tommy accepted the bottle happily. He drank it with delight before turning his head towards Misae. "You're totally not cute. You should be like Alice and take care of the others well."

Hearing that, Misae's face turned black. This guy dared to tease her in the broad daylight like this?

"Senior, Tommy is not doing his work!"

"What are you -," Tommy almost snapped. He looked towards Mike who was standing not far from him. "I'm returning back to work!"

Looking towards Tommy who ran away, Misae grinned while feeling satisfied. That was her small gift for him.

"You're really mischievous, Misae," Alice giggled when she saw all that.

"That should be called smart," Misae smiled back.

"If you don't have anything to do, you might want to help out, Misae?" Mike approached them and asked with a smile.

Misae was startled. When she yelled just now, she didn't expect that there was really a senior from Student Council staying near them. No wonder that Tommy looked like he was seeing a ghost.

She turned her head and saw Mike standing before them. "Senior Mike, I'm indeed not busy, but I don't know anything about your work, so I don't think I can help much."

That was clearly an excuse, but Mike also didn't force her to help him. He smiled. "You can help by supervising your friend to make sure that he does his work."

"That's easy," Misae grinned.

"Okay, you can report to us if you see him not working," Mike answered calmly before walking away again.

Alice looked towards the man with confusion filled her eyes. "He seems to be helping you."

"I think he just wants to make sure that Tommy does his work?" Misae shrugged. In any case, she would make sure that Tommy did his work since she was quite free this afternoon.

Alice chuckled. "I need to go back first. Make sure that you don't force him too hard."

"Don't worry. I won't."

In the end, Tommy was supervised by Misae for almost an hour. He was feeling crazy because his body was already tired from running around so much. Inside his heart, he swore that he would just let Jay did the work with the excuse of his club activities.