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34 Punishmen

 Nolen School C

The principal was having a meeting with several people. In front of them were the videos of the event that happened not long ago along with a stack of documents.

"I believe that we have made it clear that we don't accept students who don't follow the rules blatantly."

His words were filled with warning. The school didn't care if the students acted like an idiot outside the school as long as they were not implicating the school. If they were in the school ground, he would expect them to behave well and didn't do anything funny.

Small bullying was normal, and he didn't have the time to go through all the case. Attempting murder, however, was different. It was a crime and even if this place was full of crime, trying to attack ordinary citizen was out of the question.

The men in front of the principals have their face pale. They were only ordinary people in society, so they couldn't do anything much. Only one person among them has quite a high position and money. Unfortunately, he didn't have the slightest intention to help the other.

"I'll transfer my daughter," the man said calmly.

"Is that all?" the principal asked.

He pondered for a moment before taking out a single check. "Give this as the compensation to the wounded girl. I believe this should be enough."

The principal looked towards the number on the check before nodding his head. "Good, you can take her away now and this case is considered closed for her."

The other men felt the principal cold gaze was on them, so they could only scamper around reasons. In the end, they had to take out quite a sum of money for the reparation of the school ground and transfer their daughters from this school.


On the field, Misae was looking towards Kanae with an envious gaze. "If I can skip class, I'll be willing to have wounds on my feet."

"They're going to be very painful," Alice reminded.

"I know," Misae sulked.

As usual, they were having martial art class on Friday, and Kanae was still sitting on the edge calmly. Her feet were still full of bandages, so there was no doubt that she was going to skip the class again.

Kanae was about to sleep, but the sudden weigh caused her to be unable to sleep. Her eyes looked towards the girl in front of her resentfully. "I want to sleep, don't place the ball on my lap."

Misae laughed. She took the ball back and pointed towards the group of girls. "They are leaving. Do you know why?"

When the students were having warm-up, the teacher suddenly called Amanda and her group. After a few seconds, they were being escorted out from the field without anyone knowing the reason.

Kanae's eyes looked towards the gate. "Their parents are here. It seems that the school sends them home."

"What?" Misae followed after Kanae's gaze. She stared at the group of people with astonishment. She didn't expect that they were being sent home just like that without any reason.

"They're transferring," at that time, Mike walked towards them with holding an envelope in his hand.

"Hello Mike," Kanae greeted the senior in front of her. Misae was stunned to see him because she remembered seeing him in the Student Council before. Her heart secretly leaped in joy as she greeted him along with Alice.

Mike handed the envelope to Kanae. "This is the medical fees from Amanda's father as compensation of your wound."

"I see. Thank you."

Kanae accepted the money. Although she was not hurt very badly to the point needing the hospital care, the money was not only for the medical fees. They were more about making sure that she didn't tell anyone about this incident as it would affect their appearance very badly.

"They're the one who pushes the vase?" Alice quickly realized the crux of the matter.

Mike nodded. "There's no need to spread this out. They won't bother you all again."

"We understand."

After that, Misae talked with Mike a bit about the incident. From Alice perspective, her friend was only trying to get an excuse to speak with that boy as she didn't have the chance very often. Misae managed to talk for several minutes before Mike has to return, so she got no choice but to let him go.

"You should stop that habit of yours," Kanae smiled wryly.

Misae stuck out her tongue. "I want to enjoy the view of his face much longer."


They were stunned to see the faint sound of slapping. The three of them turned to look towards the main entrance and they saw Amanda stood in front of one of the men. Her head was tilted to the side, clearly it was the result of her father berating her.

Misae watched the show in front of her. Inside her mind, she thought that she too must be a bad girl. Seeing the scene in front of her, somehow she felt satisfied.

"The lesson is not over."

"We understand."


Noodle Store

"Oh, Kanae, you're early today," the Old Man was laughing when he saw Kanae came in.

"There's no Student Council Meeting today, so I finish earlier," Kanae answered leisurely. "You seem really happy, Old Man."

"Yeah, my son has just contacted me. He wants me to move back when it's time for the winter break."

Kanae looked towards the Old Man in astonishment. She didn't know that he had any son. More importantly, if he moved back during winter break, did it mean she would lose her job?

The Old Man scratched his head. "I'll have to close the store down at the end of November, so you need to find a different job."

Hearing that, Kanae merely smiled and nodded her head lightly. This was not the first time she changed job, so she was already used to it. After all, she knew that it was indeed hard for underage to have decent work.

"It's fine Old Man. I'm glad that you can spend more time with your son," Kanae smiled.

"Thank you, Kanae. I'll try to help you find a different job later," the Old Man promised.

Kanae nodded her head. She was unsure about her new job, but that was something she only needed to worry in the future. Besides, the compensation money was not too bad as they would definitely help her very much.