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33 Student Council First Official Event Meeting

 Nolen School C, Student Council Room

The next day, Kanae went straight to the Student Council Room after her class had finished. The three old members were there as usual, but Tommy and Jay were nowhere to be found.

"There's no need to hurry so much," Mike smiled as he sipped his tea. "We're not going to start right after the bell rang."

Kanae smiled. "I just feel like coming here quicker."

"Do you want some coffee?"

When she heard that offer from Mike, her head glanced towards the small table on the side. Usually, she didn't drink much coffee because she was not fond of them.

She smiled. "I'll be making them myself."

"Are you sure?" Mike was stunned.

Kanae nodded as Mike let her took the cup and make the coffee herself. Watching the girl pour the water elegantly and made the coffee, he felt astonished. Kanae seemed like a girl who was working to make them as a show.

"It looks good," Mike noticed the faint smell of the coffee seemed to be more alluring.

Kanae smiled. "Thank you."

She returned to her seat, but before she could take a seat, Kevin said a sentence to her, "Black coffee without sugar."

It took Kanae two seconds to understand. "Wait for a moment."

"President, why don't you just ask Mike? Don't tell me that you don't like Mike coffee anymore?" Neo joked.

Mike coughed. "If you don't like the coffee, you can always tell me, Neo."

"Wait, I like Mike's coffee very much!"

"You're just lazy to make one."

As the two of them bantered, Kanae reached out to make another one. She chuckled at their interaction, but still focused on the job on her hand. Finished making, she put the cup by Kevin side and sat down on her chair, still unsure about what she should do while waiting.

Kevin took the cup and sipped it. "It's better than Mike."

The members inside the room all laughed at Kevin remarks, including Mike. The joke that Neo made has come true because of that one simple sentence.

It was then the door opened and Jay was pulling the still sleepy Tommy inside. Looking towards their clothes, it seemed that they were having a fight right before this.

"You sure take your time," Mike smiled.

Jay shuddered when he saw Mike's smile. For him, this big person would forever be associated with the devil.

"I'm calling this sleepyhead, so I take longer to come here."

Tommy yawned as he moved back from Jay. "No one tells me that there's a formal meeting today."

Actually, Jay was the one tasked to tell Tommy that today was the formal meeting. Unfortunately, Jay forgot about that as he was still displeased over Tommy got the chance to skip the work yesterday. As the result, he had to go to the infirmary to call this sleepyhead.

Kevin glanced up. "Let's begin. What comes to your mind when you hear the word Halloween party?"

"Dance," Tommy answered immediately.

"Food and women," Jay added.


Mike hit Jay's head with a stack of paper that he scrolled to make a cylinder. "What is in your mind?"

Jay smiled mischievously. "I'm just kidding, erase the second one."

"Music and costume," Kanae continued the list.

Neo nodded his head. "Don't forget about the magnificent lighting, the atmosphere is definitely the best. Oh yeah, it'll be even better if there's a mystery game."

After they had listed out their opinion one by one, Kevin simply said. "Then, let's prepare for them all."

"HUH?" the three first years asked in unison.

Mike smiled wryly. "President has made the list of things you have to do starting this Monday."

There's no Student Council Meeting on Friday because most of the students have clubs. This was the reason their work could only be continued on Monday.

He put the paper in front of the students and they read their task carefully.

"We have to ask all the students what they want to wear during Halloween party," Tommy's face went pale at that thought. They needed to make sure that the students all wore different costumes, so they have to question them.

"There are over 500 students, right?" Jay's face also turned pale. Each year has around 140-160 students divided into three classrooms. It was not going to be easy to ask them all.

Kanae looked towards her task. She had to work with the president to make the proposal and the schedule for the designated day. It was not really hard, but they needed to pay attention to the time and event they wanted to make. If they didn't, the party was going to be a mess.

Neo sighed when he saw that he had to prepare for all the pieces of equipments and budget. There was definitely a lot. "Good luck for all of us."

Hearing his friend's remark, Mike nodded his head. He had to make sure the place was safe, so he had to make sure the guard and the camera worked perfectly.

"Can we switch the work?" Jay asked.

"If the two of you agree, there's nothing wrong with that," Mike shrugged. "But do you think the others are easier?"

Tommy immediately looked towards the other's list and groaned. They were definitely not easier because he could tell that the other's works were definitely harder because they had to interact with people other than the students.

"If you have any question, ask now," Kevin stated.

Immediately, the room was filled with students asking each other question regarding their work. The second years were already more or less familiar with their work, but the first years were not. In the end, they spend around one hour to discuss the work before the meeting was over.