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27 Student Council First Meeting 1

 Because Neo was completely focused on his work, Mike became the one who instructed Tommy to clean up the room. Kanae was only sitting on the chair, and she soon felt bored. She really wanted to sleep again.

Her eyes landed on the table beside her. There were three big tables in this room, one was used by the president and there was a chair beside him. Her guess was that chair should be her place, but she got no intention to sit there right now. She still didn't feel comfortable to sit with that stubborn ice block.

The other one was used by Neo while the other one was empty. Mike was standing near the cupboard without any intention to sit down. She was not sure about the reason, but this was not her place to pry into their business.

Putting her hand on the empty table, she used it as the pillow for her head. Before long, she had slept again.

"Little girl, do you want to read something?" Neo remembered about the girl and peeked out of his monitor when he saw that she was already sleeping peacefully.

"..." girl, this place was filled with men and you dared to sleep?

"Let her be. She seems tired," Mike smiled as he instructed Tommy again.

Moving the book to one hand, Tommy used his other hand to wipe his sweat. His gaze landed towards Kanae as he smiled wryly. She seemed to not feel any danger to sleep in this room. Well, there was indeed no harm for her as they didn't seem to have any other intention.

Neo moved his gaze towards her feet as he handed a flash disk to Mike. "Print this for our president. Oh yeah, Tommy, do you know what happen to her feet? It seems hurt."

"A vase falls in front of her this morning," Tommy simplified the story. He was in the infirmary at that time and only heard the news, so he didn't know about the detail too.

"A vase? She's really unlucky," Neo murmured.

Mike finished printing the report and handed them to the president. Kevin accepted the paper and browsed as he remarked, "Neo, another batch has come today, so you have to make another report."

"What?" Neo exclaimed. He didn't want to make another report again.

"You have one hour to finish them."

"Fine..." while groaned, he continued to type. This was indeed his work, so he couldn't complain anymore.

Time passed swiftly and Tommy spent the rest of the time by talking with Mike. He was mostly curious if there was any topic that could make Mike didn't smile, but so far he didn't get any reaction.

The bell rang and Kanae woke up. She took off her glasses to rub her eyes. "The bell sounds louder here."

"The location of the teacher's office is not far from here," Mike pointed to the side.

Kanae nodded her head. She looked around and noticed that most of the messy paper and the likes were neatly placed on the cupboard. It seemed that Tommy has worked hard to finish everything.

"Do you want to eat?" Tommy asked.

Kanae nodded. "Misae will surely look for me. I'll just wait for her here."

"Are you sure she knows that you're here?"

Kanae's lips curled up into a small smile. Considering Misae, she knew that her friend would surely search in this place. Even if she was not here, there was no way Misae would pass the chance to see handsome boys. Since she doubted she could help at any other time, she would just use this chance to let Misae saw them.

It didn't take long to have someone knocked on the door. Mike opened the door and found a girl was looking towards him with a smile on her face.

"Excuse me, I'm looking for Kanae," Her sparkling eyes didn't leave the man's face even in the slightest.

Looking towards Misae's action, Kanae smiled wryly. She had expected that her friend would fall into gaze like that. After Kevin, the second most handsome man in this room was certainly Mike. After all, with that smile plastered on his face, he seemed to be a kind man.

"I'm here," Kanae stood up. "Please excuse me, President, Senior Mike, and Senior Neo."

"No need to call us senior," Neo waved his hand energetically.

Tommy also bid his farewell as he walked outside with Kanae. Misae looked towards her best friend with sparkling eyes.

"So, can you tell me what you are doing inside the place?"

"Sleeping," Kanae answered truthfully. She was too tired and with her feet like this, they didn't allow her to work. Feeling bored, the only thing she could do was sleeping.

Misae rolled her eyes. "You have the best chance to talk with them and you're only sleeping?"

"I don't know what to talk," Kanae shrugged. She was tired, and she didn't have the intention to bother them in their work, so she chose the best option she had; sleeping.

Misae complained all the way towards the canteen. Alice has reserved a place for them to eat, so they only needed to take their food and sat down on the designated place. When they sat down, Misae finally finished her complain.

"I can't believe you just waste your chance like that."

Alice smiled wryly. The way their brain worked was different, so she couldn't expect the others to do things like what she wanted to do.

"Oh yeah, Kanae, the school reports the incident this morning as an accident."

Kanae frowned. "Why?"

"Based on the video, there's nothing happened in that place this morning. No one was spotted in that place, so they dismissed the case as an accident," Alice explained ruefully. They couldn't believe that something like that was an accident.

Kanae nodded her head. If no one was captured on the video, that must be meant that the person already prepared for this for a long time. Because there was no evidence, there was no need to make this into a big case.

"It's still dangerous. Let's hope the school improves their surveillance," Kanae said nonchalantly.

Misae and Alice looked towards each other. Although they were unable to accept this end, they knew that there was nothing they could do. If there was no proof, the school wouldn't act.

"This is frustrating."

Kanae shrugged. "No worry, if this is a plot; they will surely be caught later."

She turned her head to eat her food as her eyes turned cold. No one noticed it, but she too wanted to know if that was really an incident. As someone who was present in that scene, she recalled seeing someone suspicious. That person was the one that made her chose to stop abruptly, avoiding the perilous situation.

"Let's just hope this won't turn into a big case."