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24 Student Council New Members

 School Nolen C

On Monday morning, Kanae looked towards the announcement on the board with a dark face. She arrived very early in the morning, so there were not many students yet, but the board was filled with students. Out of curiosity, she walked here and noticed something she never imagined before.

Well, she did imagine that because a certain someone kept on teasing her. However, she never thought that it would really come true. After all, the number of smart students in this school was numerous.

"Tommy prediction is correct," Misae exclaimed with a grin plastered on her face. She woke up early lately because she knew that the student council would post their new member soon. She wanted to see them as fast as possible, so she came early.

Kanae turned her head towards the excited girl beside her. "Please tell me that this is a dream."

Misae giggled, "What are you talking about? Don't you happy that you're picked as the Student Council new members. It is even such a high position."

Kanae looked towards the board again still with a sullen face.


Student Council Members

President : Kevin Kalin

Vice President : Kanae Nali

Secretary : Neo Soha

Treasury : Neo Soha

Guard : Mike Johan

Members : Tommy Malady

Jay Hon


Looking towards her name at the very top of the list, she felt like tearing the paper down. Why did they pick her? There were numerous other students who were also smart. There shouldn't be any need for them to specifically choose her.

Her eyes finally moved to the other names. Aside from Kevin and Tommy, she was not familiar with the others. Aside from that...

"One person can hold two positions at once?" she looked towards Misae.

Misae nodded, "In the history of this school, there is even one instance where the members are only two because they have occupied all the needed ones. After all, it depends on who has the qualification to join."

'That person named Neo Soha must be capable.'

In the next second, she seemed to realize something as she stared at the list once more, trying to confirm her suspicion.

"What is it, Kanae?"

"There's no other girl in the list."

Based on the named that was on the list, she was basically the only woman in the group. Although she didn't have any attractive figure, it was still uncomfortable to stay in the place that was filled with boys. Well, once she got to know them, everything should not feel too bad.

"You're right," Misae read the list once more. "As far as I know, there is indeed rarely any girl get selected because the girls mostly unable to do martial arts very well."

"Do you mean I can do martial arts well?"

Misae recalled that she has never seen Kanae fought anyone. Even at spars, Kanae would not attack the other party and merely moved around to evade them. In the end, it was her opponent who has to give up.

"Maybe he sees your excellent score and your extraordinary habit."

Most of the students needed to work hard if they wanted to achieve what Kanae had. On the other hand, Kanae only spent little to none time to achieve this current rank in lesson. It was hard for others, but for her, it was like a walk in the park.

Kanae rolled her eyes. At that time, Alice came with a bag of cookies on her hand. "To celebrate Kanae gets chosen."

"How do you even know that I will get chosen before you come here?" Kanae looked towards her best friend suspiciously.

Alice smiled widely. She already planned to give the cookies to the other two in class. But when she saw them stood in front of the board like this, she chose to step forward to say her congratulation and gave the cookies.

"I think this is unplanned," Misae laughed.

Kanae shook her head at the two answers. Anyway, there was clearly no way for her to reject this position. If she tried to do that, she would surely make a scene in the school considering how popular that president was. Not to mention, she would surely become the limelight.

She sighed secretly. Her peaceful life in high school was going to end soon...

If she met that president, she would surely give him a piece of her mind. She didn't have any interest to join the student council. Just the matter of her life was already hard enough for her.

Oh well, if things got too hard, she would find a way to get out. There should be no problem, right?

"Later, I'll find the time to visit you in the student council room," Misae grinned. "That way, you can have companion."

"You just want to sneak a peek towards the others, right?"

Hearing her best friend point out the real reason, Misae stuck out her tongue. She would not lie. That was indeed the reason she wanted to visit. If they asked her to help, she might be better off not coming. Doing those works was definitely not her forte.

Alice smiled. "I'll bring you some sweets when I come to visit."

Kanae nodded her head. That was far better compared with Misae who only came to see the boys.

"What about cakes?" Alice suggested.

"That's a great idea," Kanae agreed.

Misae smiled widely. "Give me some of them too. I want to eat them."

"Okay, I'll make a big enough cake for you all."

While they were talking, the other students have started to come and filled the hallway. They wanted to see the board, and the three of them definitely blocked the way. Moving to the side, Misae yawned.

"Let's go to class. I want to sleep for a few minutes before the class start."

"Why are you this tired?"

"I have been forcing myself to wake up early lately," Misae answered lightly.

Kanae shook her head. "There was no need for you to do that."

The building for the first year was across a small field, so they needed to walk outside. They could just circle the hallway, but most of the students were too lazy to do that. If there was a shorter way, why should they use the longer one?

Kanae was about to step out towards the field when she stopped abruptly. Her movement caused Misae and Alice nearly bumped on her back.

"What is-."


A vase fell right in front of Kanae.

One step... If she had walked just one more step, that vase would surely hit her head.