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8 Coincidental Meeting

 Kanae looked towards Misae who was trying to stretch with the help of Alice. Looking at the two people who seemed to be unable to train their body, she had a huge headache. Trying her best to help them, they finally managed to finish the stretching.

After that most of the students would follow what the teacher said and performed to them. Only a portion of them didn't follow what the teacher said. Regarding those students, the teacher simply didn't pay any attention. He was not going to waste his time with them because many of the students were actually better than him.

"My feet can't bear with the stance anymore," Misae dropped to the floor.

"Just a bit more," Alice said in a low voice. She too was having a hard time trying to maintain her stance for a long time.

Looking around, Misae noticed that Kanae was only running. She secretly complained inside her heart. Other students came here, so they could learn martial arts, but Kanae simply wasted the chances and run around the field on her own.

It didn't take long for Alice to drop down too. They were only learning the stances and some simple training, but their energy was already drained from the stance.

"I can't believe that I can't even last 30 seconds," Misae grimaced. They have been training ever since young, but she was still unable to pass the simple requirement.

Alice smiled wryly. "Not everyone has the gift in this field."

Most of the students only train their body in school. This made their body significantly weaker compared to those who continued practicing. However, it was clear that at the very least they learned how to defend themselves with this training.

"When will the teacher teach us what we have to do in a dangerous situation?" Misae lamented.

"We need to build our foundation first," Alice remarked.

Misae nodded her head. After the training from the teacher, they were free to do whatever they wanted. The two of them simply chatted together until the time was over and Kanae joined them.

"I can't believe you keep jogging for two hours straight," Misae commented. Their time to train in martial arts was only two hours and a bit more. That additional time was used for their time changing, so the full time they had for the class was only two hours.

Kanae simply laughed. "I'm just training my stamina by jogging."

"Don't you need to train your body too?"

"I have already trained in the past, so there's no need to repeat them again."

Alice looked towards the other students who started to go. "Don't we need to return too?"

"I want to look at the handsome second year," Misae immediately remarked. After this was the time for the second year to train in martial art. She hoped to catch a glimpse of their face. After all, the classroom for the first year and the second year was quite far.


In the end, Alice and Kanae dragged Misae to their class and forced the girl to change clothes. They were going to be late for the next class if this continued. No matter how Misae complained, the two of them were firm.

"Kanae, you should think about joining a club," Misae commented when they were inside the class. She finally decided to forgive her friends for dragging her away from secretly looking towards the boys. "With your ability, it's quite a waste if you don't."

"I'm not interested," Kanae rolled her eyes.

"It's better if you can spend your time doing something you like, right?"

Alice nodded her head. "If you want, you can join the cooking club like me."

"No, that's impossible," Kanae answered promptly. She knew very well how amazing her hand was in terms of making the entire kitchen on fire. There was no need for her to make a mess in the school at all.

Misae nodded her head in agreement. "If you still want to keep the kitchen safe, don't let Kanae in."

"Is it that bad?" Alice was stunned.

"Yeah, believe me. You wouldn't want to see her in the kitchen at all."

Kanae smiled wryly. The only one she could make was possibly only coffee or tea, but they were drinks and not food.

"You can choose to join the choir instead," Misae offered.

"I'm not interested."

"Don't tell me you can't sing too."

"I can sing," Kanae rolled her eyes. "My score in singing is not that bad. Don't slander people."

Misae stuck out her tongue. It was not slandering, she was trying to find out more about her friend. She looked towards the clock and nearly cursed. It was already the time for her to start her club activities.

"See you next week, Kanae."

"Have fun in your club," Kanae waved her hand towards the two girls. She looked outside the classroom for a moment.

'Club activities, huh?'

Thinking about their previous conversation, she made her way towards the field. If there was any club she would be interested to join; that would be sports. Looking at the crowded fields, she chose to move towards the further one and found a basketball court that was nearly empty. There was only one person shooting the ball.

That person was quite tall and has handsome features. Kanae was sure that if the one standing here was Misae, that girl would squeal loudly out of happiness.

Standing beside the court, she watched as the boy shot another ball towards the ring. His movement was steady and precise, which made her wonder if he was in the basketball club.

He noticed Kanae was looking at him, so he stopped playing. "New student?"


"Want to play the ball?" He asked with the ball on his right hand.

Kanae looked towards her skirt and wondered a bit. She did wear her sports uniform under her skirt, but it still felt weird to play with skirt. Well, that was not a problem.

"Sure, senior?"

The boy simply nodded and passed the ball to Kanae. Kanae took that as him agreeing with her that he was older than her. As for how much, she did not try to guess.

Her hand dribbled the ball as she approached the boy. Her hand moved faster when they got closer and feinted to the side before turning to the other side as fast as she could. The moment she passed him, she shot the ball towards the ring and in the next second, she saw his hand passed on her head.

Just one second slower and the ball would be stolen back. The ball flew to the ring and entered smoothly, scoring a perfect three-pointer.

"You're not bad," the senior said as he picked the ball again.

"You too senior," Kanae watched him carefully. He didn't seem to be angry that she managed to score against him. Before the other could say anything else, the bell rang and Kanae was startled.

"I need to go now, Senior."

She spent too much time dawdling on the field that she forgot about time. It would be soon her time to work.

The boy watched as the girl walked away. Two other boys came and followed his gaze. They were astonished to see him looking towards a girl.

"I never thought you'll be interested in a girl, Kevin."

"She's an interesting first year," the boy answered calmly. "Let's play the ball again."