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-1 Character List - Based on Affiliation

 Warning: This can be a spoiler for those who hadn't read until the newest chapter


Main Character :

Female Lead : Kanae Nali (Rei) - Branch member of Nali Family, Leader of Fiore Group

Male Lead : Kevin Kalin - Clan Head of Ryukalin Clan, CEO of Kale Company


Others (Based on Affiliation) :

Group :

Fiore Group : Current Strongest Group

Tommy Malady (Tom) - Fighter, Weapon : Barehand

Shiro Tan (Shin) - Doctor, Sniper

Jason Wells (Oro) - Successor of Wells Family, Weapon : Big Sword


Lore Group : Previous Strongest Group

Dean Yam - The leader, one of The Legend of the Black Street


Hunter Group : Third Strongest Group

Randy Kanuri - Affiliated with Vena Aida and Merion Clan, Weapon : Double Dagger


Clans :

Ryukalin Clans : Dragon Emblem

Neo Soha - Red haired boy, Hacker, Sniper

Mike Johan - Big bulky man, Barehand Fighter

Joni Soha (Old Man) - Neo Soha father, Noodle Store Owner

Lou Marco - Kevin Assistant

Taka Hiro - Errand boy at Kale Company, Sniper

Ryan Silver - Joni's acquaintances, Weapon : Metal Bat

Megara - Kevin rival for clan head position

Patrick Kalin - Kevin's Uncle, Weapon : Spear


Souhon Clan : Hand Grabbing Lighting as the emblem

Ray Hon - First Son of Clan Head

Jay Hon - Kanae's friend, Second Son of Clan Head

Ren Hanli - One of Souhon Elder

Vero - Jay's Bodyguard


Zone Clan : held one-seventh of the city

Aaron Berta - a regular member of the clan

Rick One - Young Master of Zone Clan


Tamari Clan : The third biggest clan, held one-sixth of the city


Merion Clan : held one-seventh of the city


Hidden Clan (Clan that's under other clan and do their work in the shadow)

Ainge Clan

Alice Ainge - Daughter of Clan Head

Nico Ainge - Clan Head


Pei Clan

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Rudy Pei - Great Master, only respect the strongest

Matt (Young man) - Poilitican, Weapon : Bow and Arrow


Celine - Daughter of a hidden Clan Head


Gangs :

Lighting Gang : The biggest gang in Souhon territory

Joshua Alloy - Leader of the gang, bulky man


The 4 Big Family

Nali Family

Frank Nali - Family Head, Kanae's Uncle

Sakura Nali - Kanae's cousin, Frank's Daughter

Laura Nali - Kanae's Sister


Doha Family

Taro Doha (Tara) - One of Doha Young Masters, friends with Kevin and Jason, like to disguise as woman

Albert Doha - the current Family Head, Taro's brother

James Doha - Albert's son, golden letter holder


Aida Family

Jon Aida - Second child in Aida Family

Vena Aida - First child in Aida Family


Others (Non Gang/Clan/Group/4 Big Family)

Misae Dara - Kanae's friend, Kano and Clara daughter

Clara Olivia - Misae's mother, lawyer

Kano Dara - Misae's father, police inspector

Amanda Phine - Nolen School C Student, like to bully

Sheila Fina - Shipping Company's Daughter

Yuki Piao - Patrick's deceased girlfriend

Ferdinand Mowlem - Work for government, a minister