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1226 Did You Reconcile With Chen Jingrong?

 Yao Anqi stayed for dinner, but she did not say a word during the entire meal, unlike Mo Ziyan who talked endlessly.

A family like this was very warm, but Yao Anqi did not feel like it belonged to her, so her heart was elsewhere.

Tangning could tell that Yao Anqi was trying to keep her distance, but she did not force her to warm up to them. She may be distant the first time, but there was bound to be a second and third time. Eventually, she would change her image of the family.

After dinner, Yao Anqi decided to return home; she had already seen her son and achieved her motive, so she couldn't just stick around.

Mo Zixi knew it was impossible for her to stay, so he gathered his courage and said, "Can I take you home?"

"What do you mean, 'can I'? It's something you should do," Mo Ziyan lectured her brother.

Yao Anqi did not refuse. After saying goodbye to the Mo Family, she followed behind Mo Zixi and the two of them left together.

However, on the way back to her home, Mo Zixi shared his thoughts, "I know you still mind the matter between Chen Jingrong and I, and perhaps, you may not want to get involved with the Mo Family. Anqi, you appear to be a cold person, down to the bone, but I know you also dream of having your own family."

"Xingzhe needs a mother and I need a wife. Since that's the case, would you consider an attempt at being my partner? I will try my best to forget about the past so Xingzhe can have a complete family."

"I can't guarantee that I'll develop feelings for you quickly, but I can promise to be a responsible husband. On top of that, after we get married, I will be loyal to you for life."

"Of course, if you have other plans, you can pretend that I never said a thing. But, if you're moved even the slightest by what I've said, could you open your heart to me a little?"

"I know you're probably thinking that I'm saying this because of our son."

"You're right to think that way. But, who's to say that this isn't a good start for us? Four years ago, I thought Chen Jingrong was you, so we missed out on four years together. But now, four years later, fate has given us another chance. Can you hold onto this chance for the sake of Xingzhe?"

"I'm not going to brag about how great I am, but at least, my values are positive and I do not have any bad habits. I must admit that I am an ideal partner."

"If you are going to look for a partner, could you first consider me?"

Mo Zixi spoke with seriousness and his reasoning was solid.

Perhaps, no woman could reject his suggestion. Especially since Yao Anqi thought that Mo Zixi's life was restricted because she was unable to have an abortion, yet, Mo Zixi didn't blame her and even asked her to open her heart to him...

How could she reject someone like this?

But, could she really receive happiness?

Because of this, Yao Anqi was quite hesitant. She was afraid that if she took one step forward, then she'd never be able to turn back...

Soon, the two of them arrived back at Yao Anqi's home. After escorting Yao Anqi back to her apartment, Mo Zixi finally felt relieved. But, before he left, he said seriously to Yao Anqi, "I hope you can consider my suggestion."

Yao Anqi was surprised for a few seconds, but she eventually nodded her head.

Xingzhe was the biggest connection between them. Yao Anqi was an orphan herself, so she really hoped that Xingzhe could grow up under the love and care of both his parents.

All of a sudden...her heart was a mess.


Meanwhile, after finding out that Mo Zixi visited the hospital, Chen Jingrong went around to ask about his whereabouts because she couldn't contact him. But, she returned empty-handed to her room. In the end, she decided she'd try to explain herself the next time Mo Zixi appeared and she assumed they'd reconcile.

Even in front of her superiors, she told them that there was nothing wrong between her and Mo Zixi.

She told them they were getting married!

When Mo Zixi's colleague friends heard this, they were quite surprised. Did Mo Zixi reconcile with Chen Jingrong in secret?

So, one of them gave Mo Zixi a phone call, "Did you visit the hospital?"

"Yes," Mo Zixi replied straightforwardly, even though he knew what his friend wanted to ask.

"Did you reconcile with Chen Jingrong?"

"I didn't go to the hospital for Chen Jingrong. I went there to pick up Yao Anqi. Anqi was injured."

"You scared me to death. I thought you forgave Chen Jingrong. I bet someone from the hospital saw you, assumed you went to visit Chen Jingrong and Chen Jingrong's now convinced that you will get back together with her, so she's telling everyone that you reconciled," his colleague sighed. He felt bad for his friend because he knew Chen Jingrong would cling to him.

However, Mo Zixi fell silent...

"What do you plan to do now? If you want to be with Yao Anqi, you can't let Chen Jingrong continue like this."

"I will apply to be transferred," Mo Zixi replied. "I don't want to dwell on this matter."

"Yes, now that things have gotten to this point, this is your best option. But, after you transfer, what's going to happen to Yao Anqi?"

"I need to ask for her opinion. I can't force her to leave with me," Mo Zixi replied. "If she's not willing to transfer as well, I'll try my best not to show myself at the hospital."

"Just play it by ear. The only issue is, now that I look at Chen Jingrong, I'm not sure how to describe her."

She felt both pitiful and disgusting at the same time because she was so clingy.

Didn't she know what she had done?

Why couldn't she set both of them free?

After hanging up the phone, Mo Zixi fell into deep thought. It seemed, he had to hand in his transfer application earlier than intended. However, he expected this to happen.

So, early the next morning, Mo Zixi immediately called his chief and applied for a transfer.

When his superior heard this request, he was a little surprised. After all, Mo Zixi was one of his favorites, how could he let him go?

"Didn't Jingrong say that you reconciled? What's happening now?"

"Chief, as you know, I already have a son. How could I possibly reconcile with her?" Mo Zixi replied. "I need to be a father."

"If you had no intention to reconcile, why did you go to the hospital?"

"I didn't go to the hospital for Chen Jingrong. I went there to pick up Yao Anqi. Anqi was injured," Mo Zixi explained.

"So, it was all a misunderstanding?" the chief sighed. "I guess an outsider can't place judgment on another's private matters, so I won't say anything else. You need to think this over properly. You know what a transfer means."

"I'm sorry for wasting your years of nurture, Chief," Mo Zixi said sincerely. He was well aware of the person that helped him get to his current position.

"Forget it...I understand..."

Only by distancing himself from Chen Jingrong could he truly end things with her. Mo Zixi needed to do something for the sake of Yao Anqi and himself.

"Zixi...remember to visit us often."

Mo Zixi did not reply. All he heard was his superior sigh on the other end of the phone.