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 "So, for the rest of my life, I will be staying with Hai Rui as long as they still need me!"

"I've even written a song for President Mo and Tangning. I will perform it in a minute..."

"Does that mean today's event will also be the launch of your new song? Song fans, you guys are so lucky. Song Linlin even said that she wrote it for President Mo and Tangning! In a moment, your​ ears will be in for a treat!"


The fans at the event were all cheering.

Now that Song Linlin was back, they realized she had become a completely different singer. In the past, even though Song Linlin was talented, she always had a slight arrogance to her.

But, after what happened, everyone could see her maturity and they could tell that she was a woman with a story. She had truly grown up and it made people's hearts ache.

So, fans cried out to her, "Don't find a boyfriend from the rubbish dump again. You're amazing!"

That night, at the event, Song Linlin cried.

She suddenly realized that so many people had not given up on her.

Soon after that, she began to sing her new song for Mo Ting and Tangning. It was called 'Follow'. The song title alone was enough to summarize the relationship between the couple.

Meanwhile, the deep and heartfelt melody drew everyone into the song.

"I never thought you'd suddenly appear,

So I always strived forward on my own...

I thought I'd be lonely until the world came to its end,

But, you were closely following behind..."

With the moving melody and the emotional lyrics, those that were listening began to cry. It was like they suddenly understood the relationship between Mo Ting and Tangning and how they stuck by each other through thick and thin.

Meanwhile, Tangning and Mo Ting were leaning against each other at home, carrying Yan Er and watching Song Linlin's event being broadcast on television.

When she heard Song Linlin's song, a smile appeared on Tangning's face, "She really put a lot of effort into writing this song. Ting, what do you think?"

"I think it could be the main song in her new album!" Mo Ting's expression was indifferent, but by labeling it as a main song in an album, he was acknowledging how good it was.

Soon after, 'Follow' ended up on all the biggest music charts and spread all over Beijing with a strong force.

In the end, Song Linlin actually benefited from her unfortunate incident and gained more jobs than before. But, on top of that, two months after the incident, she diligently handed over the other thing she promised: the theme song for 'The Ant Queen 2'!

"How did you know I'd be here?" Tangning asked curiously as she looked at Song Linlin.

"Because I told Lu Che to keep an eye out and notify me as soon as he saw you in Hai Rui," Song Linlin laughed. "This could be considered a present from me to the film."

"You've already given us a present," Tangning said, referring to the recent song she released.

"That's not counted. This one is the true present. You and President Mo can listen to the demo first."

Tangning held onto the USB stick and felt a little emotional. Who would have expected this to happen? Back when she helped Song Linlin, she didn't do it for the sake of receiving today's present.

So, after she put down the demo, she said to Song Linlin, "You don't need to do so much for Ting and I. As long as you improve your judgment with men and not cause another drama, we will be satisfied."

"Don't worry...I won't let that happen again."

After Song Linlin left, Tangning handed the demo to Mo Ting, "Have a listen. Who knows? Maybe the film won't be a hit, but the theme song will..."

Mo Ting looked at his wife dotingly and handed the demo to Lu Che. He then instructed him to show it to the professionals.

Song Linlin was indeed sincere...

Of course, by this time, the Bai Family had lost the battle and fallen to ruins. One scandal after another was revealed, slowly stripping off their fake facade, one layer at a time. In the end, Father Bai was directly dismissed from the national team and Bai Qingyi's affair was exposed. Her affair was even more passionate and long lasting than Rong Xiuyuan's​.

But, no matter what happened, it had nothing to do with Hai Rui and Song Linlin.

After all, Tangning was not interested in treading on others while they were down.

Meanwhile, throughout the entire fiasco, Elder Nangong monitored everything that happened and saw the way that Hai Rui handled the crisis. He couldn't deny that Mo Ting was quite capable.

If Springfall was in the same predicament, they wouldn't have been able to revive Song Linlin and even raise her to new heights like he did.

But, it didn't matter to him as long as it didn't affect the progress of 'Parasite'...

If it did, he would have shown the couple the true meaning of ruthlessness!

With this thought, Elder Nangong subconsciously patted Little Eggshell on the head, "Have you been happy at school lately, Cai Er?"

"Great-grandfather, I've made up with the twins, so I've been happy every single day."

"It's good that you're happy!" Elder Nangong said with a deeper meaning. "As long as Cai Er is happy, then great-grandfather is happy too."

As he watched the great-grandfather and great-granddaughter grow closer, Nangong Quan felt relieved but he also sensed danger. After all, he was still cautious of the old man. He was afraid that the old man would use Little Eggshell one day to seek his revenge.

Su Youran sensed the worry in his gaze, so she said comfortingly, "You can't ask Little Eggshell to continue hiding from grandfather, that would be too painful!"

"But, I still need to be cautious!" Nangong Quan said as he held his wife's hand. "You don't know how much I appreciate this family that took so much effort to complete. However, the human heart is hard to read."

Su Youran sighed and shook her head, "I wonder when grandfather will truly let go."

"I'm afraid it's a very difficult thing for him to do..."

After hearing Nangong Quan's response, Su Youran tried to think of a way to help, but she quickly realized that there was nothing she could do.

The next day, Elder Nangong offered to take Little Eggshell to school. Su Youran was naturally frightened by this suggestion because she was afraid that he would discover how close Little Eggshell was with the Mo Twins.

"Grandfather...I can handle stuff like this..."

"Since there's nothing happening at work and I have some spare time, it's no big deal. Cai Er, do you want great-grandfather to take you to school?"

Little Eggshell looked at Su Youran, then turned to look at Elder Nangong. In the end, she nodded her head, "I want great-grandfather to take me. Mommy, please agree!"

Seeing this, Su Youran had no choice but to nod her head.

Little Eggshell was still very young; Su Youran didn't want her to be implicated by the grudges between adults. So, she hoped Elder Nangong simply wanted to take Little Eggshell to school and had no ulterior motives.

Nangong Quan knew that Su Youran was worried, so he said to her, "If you're worried, I can send someone to follow him."

"I'm worried that grandfather will find out about the two brothers..."

"Don't worry about it. Leave it with me."

Not too far away, the great-grandfather and great-granddaughter knew exactly what Su Youran and Nangong Quan were discussing, but they simply looked at each other and winked.

After all, Little Eggshell received her great-grandfather's permission to befriend the twins. So, her parents were worrying over nothing...

But, Little Eggshell was still small. How could she possibly know that she was being used?