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1114 A Womans Heart Is Deep Like The Ocean!

 A little while later, the Zhai Family posted up a public apology like Tangning suggested. Whether it was directed at the public or at Liang Yongyu, the Zhai Family were extremely sincere. To make up for their wrongdoings, they even decided to donate money to help the poorer communities. This amount was in the hundreds of millions.

After seeing the Zhai Family apologize with such a large sum of money, the public had two thoughts: the Zhai Family had either gone crazy, or they were truly trying to make amends.

As a result, this method successfully saved the Zhai Family's reputation. At least, the public no longer criticized them like they did not long ago.

At the same time, the Zhai Family also thanked Liang Yongyu for helping them wake up, even though they were no longer related to each other.

Tangning looked at the article and turned to help Mo Zichen put on his clothes. It wasn't hard to wake the Zhai Family up, but who could wake Liang Yongyu up?

She was aware that Mo Ting had blacklisted Liang Yongyu. But, that was not enough! Liang Yongyu still had $1 billion in her hands. Even if she couldn't survive in the entertainment industry, she still had nothing to fear...

If this was a matter between the adults, Tangning would have let it go. But, Liang Yongyu had actually used her kids!

So, she had to put an end to her!


Late at night, outside a Beijing apartment, Liang Yongyu rang the doorbell. Afterwards, a man led her into his living room.

"No one followed you, right?" the man asked as he poured some wine. He was dressed in a white shirt and wore a limited edition watch around his wrist.

"No," Liang Yongyu said as she put down her handbag. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do now. I can no longer do anything in the entertainment industry!"

"You still have money. What are you afraid of?" the man said as he sat down and gave Liang Yongyu a glass of red wine. "Why don't we partner up and open a business? You can't stay in the entertainment industry forever. Why don't you take this opportunity to leave?"

"I'm not made for business!" Liang Yongyu shook her head.

"You may not be, but I am. I have a proposal in my hand. You can have a look and think about it!"

"Qi Lei, you may have helped me get this $1 billion, but I don't like it when others try to decide where I use my money," Liang Yongyu obviously didn't like the idea of investing into a business. It felt like a loss for her.

"It's fine if you don't want to invest, I'm not forcing you. If I really had my eyes on your money, why would I continuously help you without asking for anything in return?" the man shrugged. "I won't force you to do something you don't want to do."

The man's words successfully calmed Liang Yongyu down.

"Forget about it. As long as you're happy, that's all that matters. However, I must remind you to visit me less. After all, it won't be good if the media catches us meeting with each other."

Liang Yongyu nodded. The man's submissive approach worked well on her.

After all, the man was not only a lawyer, but he was also very handsome. Everyone woman that approached him swooned over him, let alone someone like Liang Yongyu, who he had helped!

After hearing from the man, Liang Yongyu tested him by leaning slightly towards him...

"I don't mean anything by what I said, I simply want to be careful!"

"I'm also doing this for your benefit. Look at the way you've been spending your money. How long will $1 billion last you at this rate? I simply want to give you a guarantee to fall back on," the man took the opportunity to charm Liang Yongyu. "If you want to be with me, you need to accept that I am quite chauvinistic."

"If you don't want me to get involved in your matters, then we can stop contacting each other from now on!"

"Qi Lei, during my toughest times, you were the one that helped me. In this entire world, you treat me the best."

Of course, Liang Yongyu couldn't withstand the man's charms in the end. So, she eventually decided to invest $300 million into opening a law firm. After all, Qi Lei was a lawyer!


But, Liang Yongyu had no idea that Lu Che had sent someone to follow her..

So, early the next morning, Lu Che placed a stack of information on Mo Ting's desk regarding the lawyer that had been helping Liang Yongyu.

"Qi Lei and Liang Yongyu met through a few collaborations in the past and slowly grew closer. Perhaps, Qi Lei thinks of Liang Yongyu as a big fish, so he's been very patient in gaining her trust."

"He even helped her get $1 billion from the Zhai Family!"

"That's why Liang Yongyu trusts him."

"But, according to our research, this man has a total of three girlfriend; he's a complete player. He uses the money he scams from Liang Yongyu on the other two women that he's seeing. This man sure knows what to do!"

"Does that mean we don't need to do anything and Qi Lei will help us get rid of Liang Yongyu?" Mo Ting asked as he threw the information to one side. "Don't expose yourself around Liang Yongyu. Contact Qi Lei's other two girlfriends and let them meet each other."

"If they're willing, ask them to help put on a show to trick Liang Yongyu of all that she's got..."

"Do you think Liang Yongyu will go back to look for the Zhai Family when she runs out of money?"

"I don't know. A woman's heart is deep like the ocean!" Lu Che laughed.

They already had the resources for dealing with Liang Yongyu. Now, all they needed to do, was give a little push from behind.

Although the photo incident​ didn't have a huge impact on the twins, Mo Ting still needed Liang Yongyu to pay for what she had done!


But, at this time, Second Master Zhai suddenly gave the Mo Couple a phone call, asking them to meet him in a five star hotel.

From the tone in his voice, he had gotten rid of his previous trouble and was especially happy.

Tangning and Mo Ting arrived in time and met with Zhai Lintian and a beautiful socialite woman that he had brought as accompaniment.

Mo Ting and Tangning looked at each other, not quite understanding the purpose of the meeting.

"Let me introduce you to Miss Jiang Ruolin, her father is a government official and her mother is in the medical field," Zhai Lintian said before he sat down and explained, "After I made a public apology like Mrs. Mo suggested, it worked wonders and the Zhai Family regained a bit of stability."

"After seeing my apology, Ruolin contacted me and said she wanted to try dating me."

"After getting to know each other for a few days, I've realized that I've fallen in love again..."

After listening to Zhai Lintian, Mo Ting and Tangning looked at each other again.

"I never believed in love at first sight, but after everything that's happened, it's a miracle that someone was still willing to step out and hold my hand!"

"I will only be with you if you've truly changed for the better. Otherwise..."