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1113 Hai Rui Was Quick, Direct And Ruthless!

 Liang Yongyu invested a lot of money into leeching off 'The Ant Queen', but Tangning's mission was to make her lose everything.

Right now, she was trying to sell the fake image she had created for herself. But, what was to happen if she couldn't back up her image with something to show?

Perhaps her true image would be revealed and perhaps she'd be completely ruined!

Either way, it wasn't right for her to use Tangning for her own benefit. Doing this was equivalent to digging her own grave!

Was she trying to sell a fake image, huh?

She chose her daughter over her identity as a socialite wife. This act of moral integrity sold well...

But, don't forget, back when she abandoned her daughter beside Mo Ting's car, Mo Ting had asked Lu Che to obtain surveillance footage from the theater. Lu Che even had footage of her abandoning her child for the second time. Since that was the case, why did they have to play nice?

Of course, Lu Che couldn't expose the footage under Hai Rui or Tangning's name. He had to pretend that he was a simple passer-by that came across it. So, he started off by posting up a message.

"I don't understand how you guys could be fooled by Liang Yongyu. When she abandoned her child, she wasn't worried at all!"

"I am a witness from the theater's parking lot. Originally, I did not plan to say anything, but now that Liang Yongyu is doing so well and is getting a little 'famous', I can't believe a person could put on an act like that!"

Afterwards, Liang Yongyu's fans left comments demanding for solid evidence. Wasn't that a popular thing to ask for? Since that was the case, Lu Che was going to follow the trend...

So, Lu Che posted up the video of Liang Yongyu abandoning her daughter beside Mo Ting's car on a cold snowy day.

The weather was so cold, but Liang Yongyu simply abandoned her child without hesitation and left...

This attracted a lot of hate from mothers.

"I'm sorry for being direct, but only a b*tch could abandon her child in the snow like that. My heart aches just looking at this video!"

"She is obviously a fake. What lengths wouldn't Liang Yongyu go to? Why did she leave the baby beside Mo Ting's car? She was obviously trying to throw the blame onto the Mo couple. How could she still have supporters that say she's brave? It's so annoying that I want to dig out my eyes so I don't have to see it!"

"Did you guys see how Mo Ting and Tangning saved the child afterwards?"

"How dare she insult my Ning? That piece of trash doesn't deserve to speak about my Ning in that way!"

"If even an evil woman like this has fans, then I really need to reconsider my moral values!"

One scandal after another broke out about Liang Yongyu. Because of this, she began to feel pressured. Tangning may have helped Liang Yongyu escape the Zhai Family, but her life was no better in the entertainment industry. After all, Tangning wanted her to know that her past would continue to haunt her forever...

Soon, Liang Yongyu thought of another way to divert the public's attention. She decided to expose a photo of Tangning and her son's at her wedding.

She tried to use the twins to divert everyone's attention.

But, she didn't just post up a photo, she also hired a fortune teller to analyze the fortune of the two kids.

Zixi's fortune was not bad. The fortune teller said he had potential. But Zichen was different. The fortune teller said he was a jinx that was destined to bring the family to ruins, and that the Mo Family and Tang Family were going to be destroyed by him. The only solution was to counterbalance his luck...

To everyone's surprise, this piece of news actually became a hot topic!

A lot of people began to shame the fortune teller, "How dare you use another person's child to make money? Why don't you check your own fortune and see how long you have left to live?"

"It's rare to see a photo of Tangning's kids. She was simply taking them out to attend a wedding. How did someone end up saying bad things about her?"

Her children!

Obviously, this was someone's doing. Tangning never imagined that Liang Yongyu would tread on her bottom line!

How dare she use the twins as a shield?

When Long Jie sat down and noticed Tangning looking at the news, she felt a cold chill down her spine...

Tangning's expression was a rare sight. She had always remained calm, but this time, her own kids were used!

"As soon as this news broke out I already gave Lu Che a phone call and told him to investigate into the matter. I also told him to delete every photo available of the twins."

"Luckily, the impact isn't big. Tangning, what do you plan to do?"

"You're pregnant, you should go home first," Tangning said with an obviously cold tone.

But, Long Jie understood. After all, the kids and Mo Ting were Tangning's bottom line, yet Liang Yongyu had tread on both of them.

Meanwhile, the atmosphere in Mo Ting's office wasn't good either, "No matter what method you use, I want you to blacklist Liang Yongyu from the entire industry. Make an announcement that if anyone dares to oppose Hai Rui, they can go ahead and give it a try."

"President, are we applying full force?"

"I don't care if you use full force or not, I simply want Liang Yongyu's name to disappear from Beijing - forever!" Mo Ting said in a cold tone. "Investigate who's helping her. I don't care who's been strategizing for her, I want you to act accordingly. If that person's life isn't tough enough, then your life is going to be tough instead."

"Understood, President!"

This was the first time Mo Ting had been so determined about notifying the entire industry to blacklist one person!

If anyone dared to use Liang Yongyu or co-operate with her, then they were opposing Hai Rui...

As soon as this announcement was made, everyone immediately decided to end their contracts with Liang Yongyu. Even the media were warned that Hai Rui was applying full force this time!

This time, even if Liang Yongyu came out to cry, she was not going to get exposure!

Of course, Liang Yongyu never imagined things would get to this point. In fact, she probably had no idea that she was already blacklisted.

Even her film was a disaster. No matter how much money she invested into it, everyone wanted to withdraw from the project.

After all, who dared to provoke a tiger?

News started spreading across the industry that Liang Yongyu called Hai Rui petty after she was blacklisted and was directly kicked out of the company she was working with...

This time, Hai Rui was obviously quick, direct and ruthless!

It wasn't until the next day, when Liang Yongyu received endless phone calls to end her contracts, did she realize how serious the situation had gotten.

With this thought, Liang Yongyu decided to call the director she was supposed to be working with. But, the director was afraid that someone would overhear him talking to her, "It's best if you never call me again, I don't want to lose my job. Hai Rui has publicly announced that you are blacklisted, so everyone is currently walking on egg shells. All the best on your own!"

Hai Rui blacklisted her?

Was it because she exposed Tangning's twins to the public?

Was this necessary? Liang Yongyu sneered.

In the end, she gave her advisor a call, "I've been blacklisted by Hai Rui, what should I do?"

"Come to my place, let's discuss it!" the person replied in a dull voice.