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1054 You Schemed Against Me Firs

 As soon as he heard this, Lu Che laughed, "Since you think I'm forcing you, then why don't I force you a little further?"

"That child in your arms that you keep kissing and hugging - isn't actually your grandson. Back when I handed you a sample of my sperm, I replaced it with someone else's. That's why - I don't have a son!"

After speaking, Lu Che pulled out a DNA test from his pocket and handed it to Mother Lu, "Have a proper look at this. The real father will be arriving soon."

After looking at the documents that Lu Che pulled out, Mother Lu suddenly felt weak at the knees.

"So, how does the child look like me?"

"Lu Che!"

"You asked for this!" Lu Che replied coldly. "By the way, Xiao Man is pregnant again. Whether it's a boy or a girl, I'm going to tell it honestly after it's born about the way that Mrs. Lu pressured its parents. I'm also going to tell it that it doesn't have a grandmother."

Mother Lu was trembling in anger, but she couldn't say a word. As she trembled, her eyes began to turn red.

At this time, a guest arrived. The housekeeper led the guest into the hall and said to Mother Lu, "Madam, this gentleman said he's here here to pick up his son..."

This man was a strong man with a burly figure. He seemed like quite a gentleman. As soon as he stepped in, he first greeted Lu Che before he said to Mother Lu, "I'm sorry, Mrs. Lu, but the child you're holding is my son. Could you please return my child to me?"

At that moment, Mother Lu glanced at the child in her arms, obviously on the brink of breaking down.

"This can't be..."

"I've carefully taken care of the mother and child for so long, yet you're telling me this isn't my grandson?"

As he looked at Mother Lu's flustered expression, the man walked straight up to her and took the child from her hands.

"I'm sorry, it's not convenient for me to get involved in other's family business. So, I'll just take my child and go."

After speaking, the man rushed out. It was a close call. From the look on Mother Lu's face, it looked like she would threaten the child's safety at any moment. Luckily, he arrived in time.

Back when he first spoke to Lu Che at the hospital, Lu Che had promised that he'd contact him to take the child as soon as it was born.

After exhausting her efforts on someone else's child for an entire year, Mother Lu was furious, "Lu Che, you're a monster!"

"After what you've done, you have no right to judge me." After saying this, Lu Che turned his attention to the pale-faced Father Lu. "I'm sorry, Dad."

Father Lu waved his hand lifelessly. He was completely exhausted, "You guys go...don't come back. Live your own lives."

"Lu Che, you are sure ruthless!"

In Lu Che's heart, the word 'mother' no longer existed. So, no matter what Mother Lu said, he simply acted like he didn't hear a thing as he led Long Jie out of the house.

Behind them, Mother Lu yelled furiously, but Lu Che completely ignored her.

Meanwhile, the Lu relatives secretly promised to themselves that they'd never offend Lu Che in the future. If he could treat his own mother like this, how would he treat others?

As a result, Lu Che officially broke all ties with the Lu Family.

Long Jie watched everything quietly. But, apart from feeling brokenhearted, she didn't feel anything else.

She knew, at this moment, that no amount of comforting would work on Lu Che. After all, what in this world was more heart breaking than being hurt by one's own mother? So, all the way home, Long Jie did not say a word. Only after they arrived home did she hug her husband and comfort, "It's all in the past..."

Lu Che did not move as he allowed Long Jie to hug him. But, it didn't take long before he began to sob in her arms.

The human heart was made from flesh and blood, so how could it not hurt when his mother had drilled a hole in it?

Meanwhile, Long Jie was filled with regrets. If she had known earlier that their happiness required such a big sacrifice from Lu Che, then she wouldn't have argued so fiercely with Mother Lu.

"Cry. Go ahead and cry as much as you want. After you wake up tomorrow, everything will be better."

Actually, after Lu Che left, a lot happened at the Lu Family home.

Especially while everyone was discussing what to do next, Father Lu finally exploded, "This is my family's private matter. If you guys have finished watching your show, please leave. My son has already warned all of you, if you dare speak a word about what happened today, he will fight you to the end. If he can break ties with his mother, then you guys should know where you stand..."

"Uncle Three!"


Father Lu's roar echoed through the entire house because he had reached his limits.

By the time everyone stared at him dumbstruck, Father Lu stood up from his seat and said to Mother Lu calmly, "I finally saw through you. You simply wanted to find a way to control your son. You've never done anything for the good of the family."

"Go with me to the Civil Affairs Office tomorrow. It's time we sort things out between us and get a divorce."

When Father Lu said these words, everyone was shocked. Especially Mother Lu.

"What did you say?"

"I said to get a divorce. I can't continue with you."

After speaking, Father Lu retreated and ended the drama.

After all, if he had taken good care of his wife, then all this would not have happened. But, everything was already too late and he was exhausted.

Meanwhile, the abandoned Mother Lu found herself falling to the ground. She still couldn't understand why her son and husband treated her the way they did, one after the other. What had she done wrong?

Afterwards, the Lu relatives also left the scene. After all, they didn't want to offend Lu Che. So, the crowded home was suddenly left with just Mother Lu.....

And slowly, she was shrouded by darkness.

That night, no one was any better off. After returning home, Lu Che did not drink a sip of water while he locked himself in the study room for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Long Jie couldn't do anything but take care of their daughter and sigh as she sat in the nursery...

She simply hoped that time would eventually heal all wounds.


The next day, Lu Che recovered his usual energy and acted like normal. So, Long Jie left the previous night's incident in the past and returned to Tangning's side after Lu Che went to work.

However, she was in a daze from the moment that she entered Hyatt Regency. Hence, Tangning couldn't help but notice her condition.

"What happened with you and Lu Che last night? Why have you been in a daze all day?"

Since the matter was already in the past, Long Jie decided to tell Tangning what happened and vented her sorrows.

"In the end, Lu Che and his parents have completely broken ties with each other."