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853 Save My Manager…

 No one imagined that Xia Hanmo's image would be cleaned up in this way, and no one expected Tangning to do it with this method.

Everyone was sure that Xia Hanmo was beyond saving. After all, she was covered in black marks. But, she ended up withdrawing from appearing on screen and never denied anything. In fact, she did not cause any arguments nor trouble.

Many people imagined that they'd ridicule Xia Hanmo no matter how she decided to return to the industry, but now that they saw her again, they chose to be silent.

Only someone with a completely dark heart would drag down someone that was trying so hard to live her life. If someone insisted on doing that, people would think that there was something seriously wrong with their morals.

Afterwards, someone discovered the situation with Xia Hanmo's brother and the reason why she worked so hard.

As a result, plenty of people finally understood Xia Hanmo, because she was displaying more and more of her real self.

Long Jie and Lin Qian were pleased to see the response from the public, so they quickly called Tangning to share the good news.

"You did it!"

"Not yet," Tangning replied. They had simply changed the minds of a few people. It wasn't a success yet.

Either way, Xia Hanmo was in no rush.

A week later, Xia Hanmo released another social media post. This time, she left Turkey and headed to a small island in South Africa. On top of that, she experienced something spooky on the island.

However, her photos were a little blurry, so she blamed herself for not practicing her photography like Tangning had told her to.

The current Xia Hanmo no longer tried to please the public. She simply lived her own life. But, it was exactly this change in her approach that truly convinced the public. This was human psychology. Once a person stopped acting the way that one expected, they will naturally become interested in their change.

Because everyone dreamed of change, they admired change, yet plenty of people found it impossible to change.

This was what Tangning referred to as a person's standpoint.

Later on, Xia Hanmo happened to come across an opportunity to recommend a camera to her fans. As a result, a few official camera brand accounts left some cheeky comments below her post.

This interaction made the public smile and resulted in an increase in sales for a short period of time.

This was Xia Hanmo's current value...

Actually, those within the industry could clearly see the signs that Xia Hanmo was gradually changing career paths and that it was all carefully planned by Tangning. But, it couldn't be denied that Tangning effectively freed Xia Hanmo from her famously bad reputation. All within the short span of one month.

Following on, her posts could attract the attention of travel magazines and her photos could be submitted to exhibitions. Compared to Xing Lan and Luo Sheng, her future was equally bright.

This was Tangning's third artist, but it was enough to prove her PR capabilities. However, Superstar Media still had a huge responsibility to uphold and Tangning's ambition had just begun.

But, no matter what dramas Tangning was involved in in the outside world, she would always return home as a gentle woman and patient mother.

Her love for Mo Ting did not change the slightest bit.

"In a few days, Hai Rui will be hosting a celebration banquet. I've organized for you to attend," Mo Ting said as he hugged Tangning in the bathtub.

"OK," Tangning replied swiftly.

She needed to reassure the higher-ups at Hai Rui that she was still an artist of Hai Rui's even though she was now running Superstar Media.

This celebration banquet was to be held for Hai Rui's newly formed music group. Of course, plenty of Hai Rui's seniors and business partners would be attending.

On that day, Tangning looked elegant and glamorous in her long silver dress, with a non-arrogant vibe.

Meanwhile, Mo Ting was naturally the king on his home turf. Every arm and leg he moved, displayed his commanding status, making those around him feel both reverence and fear.

A little while after the banquet started, Mo Ting went to the bathroom. During this time, the boss of another company approached Tangning with a glass of champagne, "President Tang, how are you?"

The woman was a powerful 40-something-year-old, but Tangning had no impression of ever coming in contact with her.

"My artist is also a contestant in the Journey Singing Competition," the woman explained after noticing the confused look on Tangning's face.

Tangning nodded her head in understanding.

"I wonder what President Tang thinks about winning the competition?"

"I think it's dependent on a person's abilities," Tangning replied; she had already seen through this woman's intent. It seemed, she wanted to negotiate an exchange for winning the competition.

"Xing Lan's future is filled with endless possibilities. Winning the competition won't make much difference for her, but I can offer her some great conditions in exchange. I want to give my daughter a present; she also made it to the top 32. I wonder if President Tang is willing to do me this favor?"

"I don't think your dear daughter would want to know that her victory was a result of her mother's bribery. So, I'm sorry, but I don't intend to get involved with the outcome of the competition," Tangning replied.

Seeing that Tangning was ignoring her offer, the woman's expression turned cold as she left.

A moment later, Mo Ting returned to the banquet hall. Seeing the coldness in his wife's eyes, he asked, "What's wrong? Did someone try to..."

"Do you think this is still a few years ago?" Tangning comforted. "Who would dare bully me these days?"


"Someone was trying to make Xing Lan withdraw from the competition."

"I'll ask Lu Che to organize enough men to watch over Xing Lan's safety," Mo Ting replied.

This was the true example of a couple: one sentence and they were on the same page.


At this moment, Xing Lan was still in one of the practice rooms at Superstar Media. Meanwhile, Lin Qian upheld her responsibility and kept her company outside. The two women ended up leaving around 10pm. But, as soon as they stepped into the underground parking lot, Lin Qian sensed something wasn't right.

A group of men appeared from all sides and quickly surrounded them.

"Get into the car first. If something doesn't seem right, immediately rush out to call the police," Lin Qian said to Xing Lan.

"But, what about you?" Xing Lan cried. "Let's rush out together. Damn it, there's no signal here."

"How many times have you seen scenes like this in a movie? Haven't you learned anything?" Lin Qian laughed. After speaking, she immediately pushed Xing Lan into the car and yelled, "Go!"

Xing Lan did not hesitate as she immediately threw the car into reverse. As a result, the men split into two groups and chased after the two women separately. In a panic, Xing Lan ended up circling the parking lot randomly...

It wasn't easy, but Xing Lan finally found the exit. However, the men quickly caught up. So, Xing Lan gave all she had and sped out of the parking lot. She then drove to the direction where she saw the most people, stopped the car and jumped out, calling for help.

"Save my manager...please..."

Xing Lan had a bit of fame, so people quickly gathered around to watch. Not long after, the police responsible for the area were immediately dispatched...

The entire process took 5-6 minutes, but by the time they rushed back to the parking lot, Lin Qian was already lying in a pool of blood...

If one was to say that Xia Hanmo attracted scandals...then Lin Qian definitely attracted injuries...