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799 Who Do You Think Did It?

 When they heard Lin Qian speak with such power, everyone was quite shocked.

Tangning's apparently quiet assistant had such a surprising side to her. Previously, she kept to herself and didn't say much like someone from outside the industry who wasn't accustomed to socializing. But, seeing the way she protected Tangning, the crew felt like they had to pay more attention to Tangning and be careful around her.

"There has to be a reason for an accident. You can't just scold a few words and let it pass. After all, this could have involved life and death."

"Assistant Lin is right. We need to investigate this matter in detail," the director agreed.

After all, if the person that got injured was an insignificant actor, things would have been a lot simpler. But, the person that was injured was Tangning. If Hai Rui planned to chase them for responsibilty, no one would be able to handle it.

"Assistant Lin, we won't be continuing with filming tonight. Please take Tangning to the hospital to check on her injuries."

Lin Qian nodded her head. As her eyes met with Tangning's, the two women understood each other.

For a matter like this to happen on set, apart from it being simply an accident, there was a 50% chance that someone deliberately caused it.

"Everyone can return home for now."

As Xu Xin looked at Tangning's actions and glanced down at the injuries on her arm, she was relatively calm. She knew that even if they investigated in detail, they would not be able to relate it back to her. She had done stuff like this enough to understand.

She hated arrogant people...


After returning to Tangning's room, Lin Qian quickly inspected Tangning's injuries. Seeing they were just slightly scratched, she let out a sigh of relief, "Lucky no bones or muscles were injured. I can still explain myself to President Mo."

"It was originally just a shallow well," Tangning sweated as she endured the pain from the antiseptic that Lin Qian was applying.

As Lin Qian helped Tangning with her wound, she asked, "Who do you think did it?"

"I'm not sure at the moment, but I will be more careful from now on," Tangning replied straightforwardly. As she looked down at Lin Qian's wet and dirty clothes, she immediately told her, "Go have a bath."

"OK. But, are we really not going to tell President Mo?" Lin Qian checked.

"It's really not necessary," Tangning shook her head. "The two kids at home will keep him busy enough..."

"In that case, call me if you need anything." After wrapping up Tangning's wounds, Lin Qian finally noticed that her clothes were a bit smelly.

As Tangning watched Lin Qian turn away, she couldn't help but say, "From now on, don't risk your life for me like that."

"I have always been such a serious person," Lin Qian said before she finally returned to her room, leaving Tangning in deep thought. She originally thought that no one would offend her after she received this most prestigious award. But she never expected that someone would still make a move on her.

It seemed, there really was no end to the entertainment industry.

Thinking of this, Tangning suddenly felt disgusted by the industry. She wanted so badly to have a clean working environment where no one schemed against her and dirty methods did not exist; a place where everyone simply lived to act and there weren't so many dramas.

But, just at this moment, at the end of the corridor on the same level of the same hotel...something dirty was happening.

"Why are you looking for me so late at night?" the director looked around after opening his door and seeing Xu Xin standing in the doorway, afraid that someone would misunderstand.

"Director...I know I made a lot of mistakes today, so I thought I'd come get some guidance from you."

"I'm a director and you are an actress, how can I guide you?"

"I spoke to Ning Jie, but she ignored me..." Xu Xin said suggestively, "Why don't you help me out?"

Xu Xin was dressed quite conservatively, so the director let down his guard and assumed that Xu Xin truly wanted some guidance from him. But, as soon as he allowed her into his room, she immediately removed her jacket and practically stood naked in front of him.

"What are you doing?"

"Director, since you have no way of talking yourself out of this situation, you might as well..." Xu Xin leaned against the director and drew circles seductively on his chest. "I'm lonely. I don't want anything but to be your lover. We just need to be close like this more often..."

"Get lost!" the director pushed Xu Xin away.

"Director...don't reject me," Xu Xin was like a professional and knew exactly how to win a man's heart. One should not be fooled by her cheerful and innocent exterior. For someone with no background to get to where she was today and to secure an opportunity in such a big production, she couldn't possibly be that simple.

The director realized he had fallen into this woman's trap. Even if he wanted to explain himself at this point, a naked woman was standing in his room. What was he to do about his reputation?

Worst of all, he couldn't actually resist Xu Xin's seduction.

"I simply want to be with you..."

After this night, many changes would take place...

At the same time, Tangning would experience another twist of fate. So what if she received an award? If she didn't appear on screen, fans would quickly forget about her. Fans were fickle and the industry was unforgiving.

The next day, Tangning returned to the set. Seeing that Tangning returned with her injuries, the director couldn't help but say, "You didn't need to come so early."

Regardless of everything else, the director admired Tangning. He admired her seriousness and acting ability.

Plus, she was a box office guarantee. So, the director honestly held her in high regard.

But, after the events of the previous night, Xu Xin's importance in the director's heart also increased. No man could refuse a woman that was good in bed; women like that were too addictive. So, the way he looked at Xu Xin today was a lot more pleasing.

Actually, Xu Xin did not draw the director to her side because she wanted to compete with Tangning. She knew she couldn't compete with her current abilities.

But, at least she could make the director increase her appearances on camera and give her other benefits.

As for teaching Tangning a lesson, that was something she had to do. Although she wasn't popular or famous at the moment, if she had the opportunity to make things easier for herself, she was going to take it.

So, she was filled with joy when she saw Tangning get hurt.

"Ning Jie's night scene in the well is much too dangerous, why don't we change it to a day scene, or perhaps hire a stunt double?" a member of the crew said. After all, the crew did not take Tangning's injury lightly.

"No need. Let's just stick with the original plan. There should be no problems this time," Tangning replied.

When it came to acting, Tangning expected high quality.

"My character is supposed to be running for her life. Injuries will make it more life-like."

Hearing this, the crew member was helpless...

"Ning Jie, it's best you don't make things difficult for the crew. They are simply concerned about your safety," Xu Xin said as she approached Tangning. "Work isn't easy for any of us."

"In that case, could the props team please examine their props properly and ensure safety on set," Lin Qian said towards Xu Xin. "Upholding one's responsibilities is a basic requirement."