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794 You Are My King!

 "'The Lost Relative', Tangning. Through her detailed portrayal of the policewoman in 'The Lost Relative', she brought to life the helplessness of two conflicting identities..."

"Congratulations, Tangning," the presenters yelled happily as the audience erupted into cheers and an applause.

Tangning froze for a moment. Suddenly hearing her name being announced so smoothly made her a little surprised.

"Why are you still sitting here?" Mo Ting smiled beside her. "It's time to receive your award, my precious."

Tangning turned around and hugged Mo Ting. At this moment, she felt like she was the moon being surrounded by stars.

She then stood up and walked towards the stage. At this time, the bearded old scriptwriter added, "Actually, Hai Rui has made many great productions after 'The Lost Relative', including 'W.H.' and the television drama, 'The Forensic Concubine'. I must say that Tangning has a high degree of completion and is a versatile top actress."

"Recently, she has been filming 'Survivor'. From what I've heard, it will also be a masterpiece. I hope Tangning can continue like this and become an even greater actress."

"While I'm standing here in front of everyone, let me reveal Tangning's achievements so far. The combined box office sales from her three films have already surpassed $6 billion and this does not include her achievements within Hai Rui yet. She has already become a miracle in the box office. As for her television drama, 'The Forensic Concubine', it has already broken the record for highest television ratings ever and has been viewed over 2 billion times online. This was everything she achieved within one year of becoming an actress."

"I'm sure that many people cannot achieve what she has achieved even in their entire lifetime. One thing is for sure, Tangning puts in as much effort as anyone when it comes to being an actress."

By this time, Tangning had made her way onto the stage and was standing beside the two guest presenters.

At this moment, it felt like the entire world was cheering for her.

As the prestigious music filled the hall and she held the weighty trophy in her hands, she suddenly felt her eyes well up.

"Tangning, please share your thoughts of receiving this award," the host suggested with a smile.

Tangning looked at the trophy in her hands and said as she held back her tears, "To be honest, according to my past experiences, I wasn't prepared to receive an award today. I feel like it came too easily and doesn't suit my usual character. But, when I thought back on all the seconds I spent filming, I couldn't help but laugh at myself for almost forgetting the difficulties I had gone through."

"As everyone knows, I went from being a model to an actress. I'm sure plenty of you have seen all the struggles I have gone through during this process."

"Today, I finally received this weighty trophy, yet all I want to do is to go home to feed my babies and to cook for my husband. I can't wait to share this joy with the one I love."

"I would like to thank everyone as well as the committee for giving me this award because it has allowed me to feel valued by the film and television industry."

"Lastly, I would like to say one thing to my husband: you are my king!"

Mo Ting sat amongst the darkness and looked up at Tangning who was standing brightly on stage. This was the woman that he wanted to support; the wife that he was going to spend a lifetime with.

And Tangning's words allowed Mo Ting to know how much she worshipped him.

Afterwards, Tangning stepped off the stage and returned to Mo Ting's side. In front of everyone, the couple began to kiss passionately.



"Quick, look!"

"So sweet! I'm dying from sweetness."

"I also want someone like that to spend the rest of my life with."

Afterwards, the award for Best Actor was also presented. But, in the eyes of the Mo Couple, the awards ceremony was already over.

However, there were other surprises on the way. For example, 'The Forensic Concubine' ended up winning The Best Screenplay Award and The Most Popular Television Drama Award. Of course, when Mo Ting's appearance in the drama was mentioned, everyone cheered in excitement because industry insiders all knew that there was more to him than expected.

However, who had the ability to make him act again?

Apart from Tangning, no one else could do it. As for those that had doubted the couple and thought they were in a marriage of convenience, they no longer had anything to say. One line from a famous song lyric was enough to sum up their predicament: "If this isn't love, then what is there to be gloomy about?"

Soon, the awards ceremony ended and Tangning and Mo Ting left. However, just before they boarded their car, a line of reporters followed behind them.

Due to Mo Ting's powerful presence, the reporters were too afraid to get too close. They simply followed from a distance to get photos of the couple. However, one female reporter suddenly ran up to them and said, "I...I have a specific diet plan passed down by my ancestors that can aid in recovering a weak immune system if followed for a long period of time."

Tangning received the paper from the woman and smiled, "Thank you, I will give it a try and tell you the results."

The woman never expected Tangning to respond in this way. So, she scratched the back of her shaking head and replied, "I am honored to know that you will give it a try."

"We are all the same." After speaking, Tangning boarded the awaiting Rolls Royce under Mo Ting's protection. The reporter was left with the lasting impression that Tangning was the best tempered actress she had ever met.

In reality, the message that Tangning wanted to give was that she was willing to face the world with kindness as long as the world also treated her kindly.

After boarding the car, Tangning couldn't help but say, "Not everyone in the media is actually deserving of hate. Some of them are actually quite warm-hearted."

Mo Ting glanced at his wife. Just as he was about to respond, the driver suddenly stepped on the brakes and brought the car to a halt on the side of the road.

"Sorry, Mr. Mo."

"What's wrong?"

"Someone fainted up ahead," the driver replied.

"Call the ambulance."


After seeing that Tangning received an award, the hospital-bound Long Jie was happier than anyone. Back when she managed Tangning, Tangning had been stepped on by Mo Yurou for many years. But now, she had transformed into the much-loved and versatile Queen of Acting.

"Stop looking at the news, it's time you get some sleep," Lu Che reminded. "After one month, you can personally go congratulate her."

"I am quite envious of her sometimes," Long Jie put away her phone and lay down obediently. However, she never expected that the person to be sitting by her bed when she woke up the next day would not be Lu Che, but Mother Lu.

"Mom, what are you..."

"Lay down," Mother Lu said with reddened eyes. "Xiao Man, mom actually has something that she wants to discuss with you about."

"Mom, whatever it is, please speak," Long Jie replied as she lay on her side. Even though her instincts told her that Mother Lu's words were about to be quite hurtful.

"Why don't you and Xiao Che take advantage of this time to have another child? Have a son...I have no other wishes but to have a grandson."

Long Jie never expected that Mother Lu would favor boys over girls even though she came from an educated socialite family...

However, things weren't that simple...