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781 Ill Be More Gentle Next Time

 "Zihao, I'm scared," Chen Xingyan had never experienced this before, so she didn't know how to react.

Logically, she wanted to retaliate, but her body didn't lie.

"Relax, leave everything to me, OK?"

Perhaps it was because she had long desired for An Zihao's body, or perhaps it was because An Zihao's voice was extremely seductive, Chen Xingyan found herself relaxing. Soon, the couple were immersed in a fiery passion.

The desire in the air continued to surge, but An Zihao did not stop after scratching the surface like he normally did. He continued to move down her body, each move more intense than the last.

And, in the end, he even surpassed his limitations...

"I hope you don't regret this."

They had already reached this point. Could she still turn back? The couple's souls had long been connected, so their bodies were mere vessels at this stage. Even though her first time was so painful that she felt like she was being torn apart, Chen Xingyan felt a sense of belonging.

She now belonged to this man...

He was her first and most loved man.

After making love, Chen Xingyan was in so much pain that she couldn't move. She simply lay on top of An Zihao's chest, basking in the pleasure of the moment's intimacy, "I never thought that doing this would be so painful."

"I'm sorry. I'll be more gentle next time," An Zihao comforted as he stroked Chen Xingyan's back. "Have a nap. I'll bathe you later."

"OK." Chen Xingyan was tired, so after closing her eyes for a little while, she ended up falling asleep. At this time, An Zihao carried her in his arms, placed her in the bathtub and gently bathed her. However, halfway, An Zihao felt himself lose control. This time, Chen Xingyan's experience was a lot more pleasurable. After having a bath, she had become a lot more energetic.

But, by the time she returned to bed, she was completely exhausted. Yet, at this time, An Zihao wrapped his arms around her. Chen Xingyan quickly hid in fear, "Do you want to do it again?"

"Sleep, be good," An Zihao was simply covering her with the blanket. After giving Chen Xingyan a kiss, he ended up falling asleep.

An Zihao had already forgotten how many years it had been since he slept so soundly. He simply knew that this was all because of Chen Xingyan. It turned out, he loved this young woman so deeply. That night, Chen Xingyan felt extremely lucky. Not only had Mo Ting acknowledged her, she had finally become An Zihao's woman. She was now truly a woman.

But, the effects of the car accident were still present...

The next morning, Chen Xingyan arrived at a studio to film a commercial according to a contract she had signed. But, the advertiser's had already replaced her and said, " We'd rather compensate for breaching the contract than to use a murderer's daughter. If we use you, who would buy our product?"

"Your father's incident hasn't been resolved, yet you are in a rush to film a commercial. Don't you think that this is a little unreasonable?"

"You should go home. We don't have the courage to use you."

Chen Xingyan had never expected to experience a problem like this, nor did she expect it to be this serious.

After returning home, she was too afraid to tell An Zihao about it because the matter didn't simply effect her self-esteem.

Although Chen Xingyan was Mo Ting's sister, Mo Ting had never acknowledged it in front of everyone. So, she didn't expect him to do it now when there was such a huge scandal.

Any normal person would avoid implication, wouldn't they?

Soon, Chen Xingyan returned to her normal routine and no longer cared about Chen Tianhao's matters. But, the family members that had rejected Chen Xingyan when she tried to offer compensation, suddenly came looking for her now that she no longer cared. In fact, they even created hype in the newspapers.

On top of that, they somehow got a hold of Chen Xingyan's phone number and directly called her.

"Miss Chen, my husband is still lying in hospital. Are you going to ignore him? Didn't you previously say that you'd pay for the hospital bills?"

Chen Xingyan looked at her phone helplessly. At this time, An Zihao grabbed the phone from her hand and replied, "When she previously offered it to you, you didn't want it."

"We...Of course we need it. My husband's​ surgery still requires a large sum of money."

"I think it's more suitable for you to speak to Chen Tianhao. Chen Xingyan and Chen Tianhao aren't related. The court had already confirmed Bai Lihua and Chen Tianhao's divorce over 10 years ago. So, I'm sorry, but Chen Xingyan and her mother will not be held liable for this matter."

The woman seemed angered by An Zihao's response as she erupted into a string of swear words. But, An Zihao had already been on the battlefield for many years and had gotten used to situations like this, so he simply held onto the phone, walked into the study room and reasoned with the woman until she apologized.

"From now on, if someone tries to call you again, tell them to speak to the police."

"I understand," Chen Xingyan replied.

Seeing Chen Xingyan with her head lowered, An Zihao could tell that Chen Xingyan wasn't in her best condition. So, he stretched out his arm and hugged her, "It will only be temporary."

"Yes, I know," Chen Xingyan nodded.

No matter how bad the the public made her out to be, she had to trust in Mo Ting and Tangning. They were definitely going to resolve the matter beautifully in the end.

The victims' family members continued to contact Chen Xingyan, but Chen Xingyan simply called the police each time. The police had already investigated the Chen Family and discovered that Chen Xingyan's father had indeed gone missing when she was 6-years-old and only reappeared recently. As soon as he reappeared, the first thing he did was ask his daughter for money and deliberately tricked her with his son's medical records.

The police also discovered that Chen Xingyan had personally approached the family members asking for forgiveness, but was hurt in the process.

"Chen Tianhao may be Chen Xingyan's father, but he has never fulfilled his duties as one. Reasonably speaking, we can't expect Chen Xingyan to compensate for what her father has done. Especially since she's already contacted the families to give her apology."

"What about my husband's hospital fees then?"

"You can look for a lawyer and get Chen Tianhao to pay for it."

When Chen Xingyan contacted her to compensate, she didn't want it and even hit her. Although her anger was understandable, didn't she consider that Chen Xingyan was innocent too?

Initially, after the police heard that Chen Xingyan was a celebrity and her father drove under the influence of drugs and alcohol, they immediately jumped to conclusions and assumed that both father and daughter were indecent people. But, the truth soon revealed that Chen Xingyan was at no fault. So, why did she need to shoulder responsibility for what her father had done?

The victims' family members were helpless after they realized that the police were of no help; they assumed that Chen Xingyan and her mother had paid them out. So, they decided to contact the media, hoping that public opinion would help them reach their financial goal.

"Chen Xingyan was simply putting on an act when she contacted us. Afterwards, we couldn't contact her again."

"After her father has committed such a huge crime, does she think that hiding will help? We demand that Chen Xingyan step out and give a proper explanation!"

"If Chen Xingyan doesn't give us an explanation and present her standpoint, we will not let her live in peace!"