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755 Our Concubine Is Amazing

 "What Tangning means is that she's never taken Bai Yu to heart, right?"

"The meaning of Tangning's words are obvious. She doesn't want to be compared to others because she has her own path to take!"

"Bai Yu's words have suddenly become a little awkward..."

"Within this industry, not many artists know how to think for themselves, so Tangning is a rare kind. On the other hand, Bai Yu simply knows how to copy the path taken by others. If you compare them like this, you can immediately see the difference."

Those that said Tangning was leeching off Bai Yu were about to turn red in embarrassment. Because, the truth was, Tangning didn't even care about Bai Yu, Bai Yu simply thought too highly of herself.

As for those that said Tangning was showing off her EQ, Tangning was merely speaking her mind, she never intended to make comparisons with Bai Yu. The fact that Bai Yu spoke on behalf of Tangning during her interviews was just based on her own assumptions.

In other words, Tangning's main message was that no matter what Bai Yu did or said, it had nothing to do with her. She simply wanted to peacefully focus on her acting.

While Bai Yu thought she was creating threats for Tangning, Tangning was unaffected and skillfully deflected everything that was thrown at her.

"Haha, Bai Yu must be so embarrassed. She self-scripted and self-directed her own show, only to be disregarded by Tangning."

"I want to give Tangning full points for her response. As an artist, it's not necessary to act perfect in front of everyone. Otherwise, the audience will highlight their shortcomings. You should all just wait and see; as soon as Bai Yu has a scandal, it will definitely be the worst of the worst. On the other hand, Tangning is different. She's said from the start that she's not a nice person and the public has already understood this point. Even if she has another scandal in the future, everyone will understand her choices and consider if someone has stepped over her bottom line."

"Bai Yu, you should just play by yourself. Tangning doesn't want to play with you."

Indeed, Tangning's every step was extremely practical. No matter how others tried to interfere with her life, she would insist on her own path. So, there was no need to care about other people's comparisons.

After the interview, the reporters slowly exited the venue. Everyone walked out with a satisfied expression. Even while they were walking, they couldn't help discussing what had happened, "Aiya, this Tangning is really hard to hate. No matter how much hostility we approach her with, we end up feeling her sincerity."

"For the time being, she is indeed the least pretentious person I know. Look at Bai Yu and how much time she's spent focused on others. How would she have time to practice her acting? Her words may sound good, but she feels so sly..."

"Who cares about her? Tangning's already said that she hasn't taken Bai Yu to heart, so why should we make a fuss about nothing? As long as we have news to write about, that's all that matters!"

"That's right! Although Bai Yu cooperates during all her interviews, there hasn't been a single time where she hasn't gone in circles with her answers. On the other hand, even though Tangning doesn't always cooperate because she likes to keep a low profile, every word that she says to the media is exactly the answers we want to hear. I feel I have no choice but to side with Tangning."

"I hope to interview more people like Tangning. That way we can live up to our identities as entertainment reporters!"

In any case, Tangning's skillful deflection worked wonders.

This made Tangning's fans quite proud.

No matter what the Bai Fans said about Tangning, it didn't matter, because the Tang Fans weren't going to play along with them anyway. After all, the big brand endorsement, the best script and the most powerful management agency and man, all belonged to Tangning.

Bai Yu's fans were furious, but their attacks were like punches on cotton; soft and weak. They were obviously dying with anger, but there was nothing they could say to the Tang Fans to vent their frustration.

As for the fans that previously opposed Tangning's participation in 'The Forensic Concubine', as soon as they saw Tangning make a powerful comeback with a figure that was better than before coupled with a strong mental state, they couldn't help but feel defeated by her.

"If we look around the current entertainment industry in Beijing, no one else can live up to the identity of Qing Lan except for Tangning. She is truly serious about acting!"

"Another face slap! Little Miss Tangning, you don't need to understand the ways of the world, we can act as your reinforcement. You simply need to focus on being your concubine."

"Tangning will be fine, three cheers for the concubine!"

"The other person is about to get crushed. Our concubine is amazing!"

Plenty of people expected Tangning to complain about Bai Yu during her interview. But, if that had been the case, she would have been a real disappointment...


...she was indifferent as she stared at everyone blankly:

Oh, she wants to compete with me? She can do as she pleases...

Does she want to speak on my behalf? I never asked her to do so...

She tried to suppress me with headlines? I never knew about that...

According to the conclusion of netizens, all that was missing was for Tangning to roll back her eyes and think to herself:

I really don't want to play with you!

At a moment like this, silence spoke louder than words...


Bai Yu watched a recording of Tangning's interview at home, threw her computer aside and held her head as she paced back and forth.

Tangning looked down on her!

She had never thought anything of her from the start!

In fact, Tangning didn't even consider her an opponent!

Bai Yu was almost pushed over the edge. She had never felt so humiliated, yet helpless, in her life.

How was she to face the reporters tomorrow?


"Get out," Bai Yu yelled ferociously at Bai Linlin who had just stepped into the room to look for her. But, Bai Linlin couldn't handle this kind of treatment. So, she turned around, teary-eyed, and ran out of the study room. As she stepped out of the front door of the house, she stumbled into the arms of Bai Yu's husband.

"Linlin, what's wrong?"

" need to stick up for me," Bai Linlin said to Bai Yu's husband as tears rolled from her eyes.

"Come, let's go into the living room and you can explain everything to me."

Bai Yu's husband was a true American man: he was tall, built, mature, handsome and once made frequent appearances on the catwalks. Later on, he became a director and actor and played many roles in Hollywood, resulting in a slight amount of fame. When he first met Bai Yu, it was love at first sight. As a result, they were married within half a year.

In Bai Linlin's subconsciousness, she had never been comforted by a man throughout her entire childhood. So, as soon as Bai Yu's husband displayed concern for her, she hugged him affectionately and wouldn't let go.

"Brother-in-law, sis bullied me!"

"It's fine, tell me what happened."

One didn't think much about the relationship between opposite sexes and the other was an open-minded American man, so the sister and brother-in-law didn't notice how intimate their actions appeared at this moment.

Bai Linlin explained how Bai Yu had yelled at her to her brother-in-law and the man immediately said in a comforting tone, "Your sister is in a bad mood. From now on, if you have any issues, you can tell me about it, I will stick up for you."

"OK, you're the best."

After speaking, Bai Linlin hugged the man even tighter.

The man was mesmerized by the scent of this young woman, and only at this moment did he realize the physiological response that his body made. However, he did not reject it. Because, after marrying Bai Yu for so long, she had never satisfied him intimately...

So, Bai Yu had no idea, while she was focused on winning against Tangning, her family was about to fall apart...