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745 They Will Assume Youre Afraid Of Bai Yu

 Bai Yu became famous at an early age and had experienced lots of underhandedness. As a result, she knew how to behave and how to handle matters. So, in the end, by using Hai Rui as a platform, she graced the international stage with her presence and eventually opened Yi Xing Film and Television. These days, her and her husband worked hard together in Hollywood.

The important turning point that Mo Ting previously spoke about, happened during the time Bai Yu was still in Hai Rui. At that time she had a loving boyfriend who she had been with for many years. But, in the end, for the sake of future prospects, she had an abortion and broke up with the not-so-famous singer.

For a female celebrity, youth never stuck around for long. So, there was no reason to retreat home before their career even started.

Therefore, at that time, Bai Yu didn't hesitate at all. When her ex boyfriend found out about her abortion, he almost fell apart. But, in the end, he maintained his composure and let her go.

Perhaps to make Bai Yu feel regret, the non-ambitious ex boyfriend suddenly woke up to reality and began to use connections to aid in his advancement. As a result, he was now a well acknowledged mentor in the music industry.

It could be said that Tangning and Bai Yu's goal was the most similar. But, if Bai Yu was in Tangning's position, she would never become an actress just as she was about to become an international supermodel, and she would never have a child when her popularity was at its prime. She wasn't crazy. How many people dreamed of being famous?

Why didn't Tangning treasure the opportunities she was given?

Bai Yu disliked Tangning because Bai Yu had sacrificed so much to get to where she was today, yet Tangning always seemed to prove her decisions wrong.

Tangning had returned to work, so 'Concubine Ning', which had been in preparation for quite some time, naturally sent over their schedule. Although the producers had always said that Tangning was to play the female lead, they had never announced it to the public. Because of this, An Zihao once again contacted Tangning, "Are you ready to go on set?"

'Concubine Ning' was a long imperial palace drama. As soon as Tangning stepped on set, it would definitely take 3-6 months to complete. She liked the plot, but...

"Let me think about it," Tangning replied. It was definitely a concern for her to be away from her babies for so long.

"You can go home every day. You don't need to worry about not seeing your children," An Zihao coaxed her with a tempting offer. "At the moment, quite a few other actresses have already accepted this drama. If you don't make a decision soon, someone might steal the role from you."

"Then so be it..." Tangning smiled.

"Can you think of anyone that's more suited to this character than you? You've already received the contract long ago. But, you still haven't signed it!"

It's not that Tangning wasn't excited by a challenge like this, especially since she hadn't experienced filming in ancient attire, but, she had her worries...

"You need to give me an answer by tomorrow morning," An Zihao was filled with urgency. The preparation stage had already taken too long. Every day that they delayed it, the more resources they'd be wasting.

"OK," Tangning nodded. "By the way, didn't you say that Xingyan will have a role in the drama too? How's that going?"

"She has something else that she wants to do," An Zihao revealed a rarely-seen look of relief.

Chen Xingyan now knew how to take a lot of things into consideration. She now spoke up about whether something was suited to her or not and allowed An Zihao to finally see her possibilities of becoming a superstar.


Tangning was indeed tempted to participate in 'Concubine Ning'. But, as she looked at the sleeping expression on her babies' faces, she gave up on the thought.

Good scripts were bound to come around again, but the time spent with her babies could never be reimbursed.

Mo Ting seemed to have noticed her doubts, so, with his identity as her manager, he replied to the producers, accepted the role and told them they could now officially announce it.

"The babies require company, but, you also need to fulfill your dream. I've already contacted the production crew. You will be allowed to return home every day and no one will stop you from keeping the babies company at night. During the day, we will leave these two rascals with our mothers..."

As it was impossible for Bai Lihua to take care of two babies on her own, Xia Yuling handed Tang Corps to Tang Jingxuan and stepped down to provide assistance.

The babies' paternal grandmother was a biological researcher and their maternal grandmother was a famous businesswoman. Above all, the two babies were born into a rich family. So, there were no concerns regarding their upbringing.

Tangning looked at Mo Ting and knew that this man understood her the most, so she did not retaliate as she nodded her head.

"Just because you aren't with them 24 hours a day, it doesn't mean you are not a good mother. Don't feel guilty. When I have time, I will bring them to visit you on set."

Mo Ting would forever remember how Tangning learned how to act from scratch because of 'Stupid' when she was just one step away from becoming an international supermodel.

At a time like this, a lover's support was the best form of affirmation.

"OK, Daddy Ting!"

Tangning's decision to join 'Concubine Ning' was originally confirmed and the production crew were already prepared to announce it. As the entire cast was of a high standard, the male lead was not a young idol actor, but also an actor with great acting skills.

But, unexpectedly...

...overnight, the producers of 'Concubine Ning', suddenly changed their minds. Tangning was supposed to play two roles on her own, but in the end, they decided to add an extra actress and arranged for Tangning to play just one.

'Concubine Ning' was indeed adjusted. They had previously established that this was a story about a concubine that got beheaded because she brought disorder to the imperial court. But, the twist was, the concubine did not die and came back from the dead with a completely different personality and eventually became a concubine praised by everyone. Afterwards, an identity battle ensues between the two sisters. This was where the producers added a whole heap of fighting scenes between the two sisters...

The feelings evoked by the script suddenly disappeared...

The originally detailed plot had suddenly turned into a story about an exaggerated

Mary Sue



So, after An Zihao delivered Tangning the new script, Tangning had a quick look and threw it to the side, "I don't care about whether I'm the female lead. But, this character has become too single dimensional. I don't want to act in something that's so exaggerated."

"It's been confirmed that the drama will have two female leads. Do you know who the other female lead is?" An Zihao looked at Tangning with deep meaning. "Bai Yu! Bai Yu is famous to begin with and she has offered to invest money into the drama. So, of course, the producers naturally felt this was a blessing. Bai Yu has always been publicly acknowledged as a good actress. So, her presence is not expected to bring down the quality of the drama."

"She's indeed targeting me," Tangning smirked.

"Tangning, the drama has a complete script and professional post production. No matter who acts in it, the result will not be that bad. Of course, the addition of good actors is a plus. If you reject this role and the drama becomes popular, the public will definitely have a lot to say."

"They will even assume that you're afraid of Bai Yu."

"I'm not acting in it!" Tangning replied decisively. "You know how I am. When I accept a script, the other actors aren't the most important factor. The most important thing is the script itself. Do you think you can even convince yourself with a script like this?"

A seemingly perfect female character that receives criticism for being too perfect, boring and unrealistic.