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736 Dirty The Hands Of Others

 No one expected An Zihao to bite back, so they quickly scurried away. Of course, with An Zihao's protection, Chen Xingyan's mood slightly improved.

But, An Zihao did not feel like he had done enough. So, he placed his arm around Chen Xingyan's shoulder and protected her in his embrace.

"There's no need for this..."

An Zihao glanced down at her and said one simple word, "Go..."

Chen Xingyan smiled and no longer retaliated. At this moment, she only had this man in her eyes. No one was as tall and strong as him!

Soon, the couple reached the waiting room. Perhaps because of An Zihao, the makeup artist was exceptionally polite to Chen Xingyan. Even if people disregarded Chen Xingyan, they still had to consider An Zihao.

"That's enough. You've already delivered me here safely. I've experienced live broadcasts before. You can go back to doing your own work," Chen Xingyan remembered that An Zihao had an important meeting that night. If not for her, he would not be so busy, "Go ahead, don't be late because of me."

An Zihao glanced at Chen Xingyan and then at the makeup artist. Of course, the look in his eyes was very different.

One was warm and gentle, the other was sharp and threatening.

The makeup artist smiled, allowing An Zihao to relax a little. It seemed, this woman was not bad.

"I'll make my leave first then. Tell 'Little Seven' to give me a phone call after you're done."

"OK," Chen Xingyan nodded.

Little Seven was Chen Xingyan's assistant. Perhaps because of what happened with Annie, the assistant that An Zihao found for Chen Xingyan was very hardworking. But, she didn't know how to smooth out a situation and wasn't very quick-witted.

However, for someone that was only required to assist with Chen Xingyan's daily lifestyle needs, there was no need to find someone that was too witty. So, Little Seven was enough.

After An Zihao left, the makeup artist pulled out her tools and said admiringly, "Although you aren't signed to a well renowned agency, it's still worth it to be taken care of by An Zihao in this way."

Chen Xingyan looked into the mirror and gently nodded her head in agreement.

She didn't want to join Hai Rui nor Hollywood. All she wanted to be was An Zihao's only signed artist. That was already enough for her.

As the live broadcast was to start at 8pm, Chen Xingyan had been given a sufficient amount of time to get her makeup done. However, before her makeup had even been completed halfway, the door to the waiting room was suddenly pushed open by Bai Linlin's manager. She stuck her head in to check that Chen Xingyan was in the room. After confirming she was there, she pushed the door further open and walked in, "Miss Chen, how are you? Errr...can I have a few minutes of your time?"

Chen Xingyan had no idea that this woman was Bai Linlin's manager, nor did she know that Bai Linlin was the one that had poured sewage water on her. So, she asked curiously, "What's the matter?"

"The thing is..."

"Stop wasting your time being polite with her," Bai Linlin appeared from behind her manager and walked in past her, cutting into the conversation. She then stepped in between the makeup artist and Chen Xingyan, forcing the makeup artist to quickly balance herself against another makeup table. "We've met sister ordered me to come here and apologize to you!"

After seeing Bai Linlin, Chen Xingyan realized what she was referring to.

"Hand me the flowers," seeing the expressionless look on Chen Xingyan's face, Bai Linlin stretched out her hand towards her manager.

Her manager immediately handed her a bouquet of fresh flowers. After receiving the flowers, Bai Linlin simply threw them at Chen Xingyan, "You've received my apology!"

Perhaps no one had ever seen an apology like this. She was obviously here to cause trouble.

Chen Xingyan looked at the flowers on her lap and was aware that the woman was deliberately here to cause trouble, so she threw the flowers aside and said gently, "Before I make a move, you better get out of here."

"Are you angry?" Bai Linlin laughed. "I thought you were a person of integrity. Yet, you ended up complaining to Mo Ting. I simply said that Tangning was old, was there a need to blow up the situation to this extent?"

"Oh, could it be that Tangning doesn't allow anyone to call her old? But, this is the truth. She's already given birth. It's not like she can revert back into a virgin."

Hearing this, Chen Xingyan glared menacingly at the woman. But, Bai Linlin was not afraid as she continued, "Just because you can't beat me, you turned to my sister. Can you be any more shameless? If you have the ability, you should return the suffering you experienced back to me."

"Let me tell you. I specifically came here today to insult Tangning. I want to see how much of a suck up you are."

Chen Xingyan endured because she knew the woman had a strong background. She didn't want Hai Rui to help her, nor did she want to cause trouble for An Zihao.

But, the more she remained indifferent, the worse Bai Linlin got.

The broadcast was about to start, but before her makeup had even been half completed, Bai Linlin had come in to cause trouble.

When it came to being shameless, there was no way she could beat Bai Linlin.

"Do you know what the public are calling Tangning? They are calling her a watermelon skin...because the stretch marks on her stomach look like the pattern on a watermelon skin!"

Chen Xingyan could no longer hold back anymore as she grabbed onto Bai Linlin's shirt. But, Bai Linlin was not afraid as she stared straight into Chen Xingyan's eyes, "I can say whatever I want. Tangning is a sl*t..."

"What did you say?"

"She definitely is!" Bai Linlin responded too quickly. She didn't even notice that the response did not actually come from Chen Xingyan.

Bai Linlin's manager reached out her hand to stop Bai Linlin. But, her face turned pale in fear at the sight of Tangning as she quickly hid away, too afraid to say a word.

"How come I didn't know that I was a sl*t?" Tangning asked in an amused manner.

Hearing this, Bai Linlin finally snapped into realization. Tangning had personally appeared in the waiting room.

Bai Linlin froze as she turned around to look questioningly at her manager; why didn't she warn her?

However, Tangning was not a merciful person. So, she turned around and said to Lu Che, "Close the door."

Lu Che nodded and closed the door shut.

Tangning sat down on the sofa and asked Bai Linlin, "Since I'm such a sl*t, can you explain in what way I am one? I'm sure Miss Bai has plenty of time to give me an explanation."

Not just Chen Xingyan, but even the makeup artist was frozen in shock by Tangning's appearance. But, Tangning did not forget to remind the makeup artist, "Continue what you were doing. Doesn't she have 20 minutes before she's due in the studio?"

The makeup artist nodded obediently as she returned to applying Chen Xingyan's makeup, while she watched the show that was playing out.

Bai Linlin swallowed nervously. For some reason, her arrogance had completely disappeared...

No matter how arrogant she was, when faced with Tangning, chills naturally ran down her spine, giving her goosebumps.

"Why aren't you speaking?" Tangning asked as she lifted her head.


"I don't think you've forgotten about Song Xin who has recently been sent to prison," Tangning cut in. "My speciality is giving people an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth..."

" wouldn't dare," Bai Linlin realized her voice trembled a little.

"Oh, there's a private bathroom here," Tangning mumbled to herself as she looked at the bathroom in the corner. "Why don't you have a taste of being covered by poo? Actually, no, that's too much trouble...that would only dirty the hands of others..."