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652 Dont You Think Hes Biased Towards You?

 "Since you're pretty much certain that Annie did this, but she still hasn't confronted you, the answer is simple. She mustn't have achieved her motive yet."

"If she does something even worse, it will be because you are still keeping her in close proximity, allowing her to observe your every move."

After hearing Tangning's words, Chen Xingyan felt her knees go weak. Although she had witnessed many incidences in the industry, when she actually had to deal with it first hand, she didn't know how to handle it.

She was normally wild and arrogant, but when it boiled down to a critical moment, she was weak and of no help.

"What should I do?" Chen Xingyan asked Tangning. "How can I prevent An Zihao from being implicated?"

"What? Are you beginning to feel that you treated him a bit unfairly in the past?" Tangning chuckled.

Chen Xingyan was caught off guard by Tangning's question as she began to question the cause of her worries.

She was well aware that An Zihao was talented, whereas, she was just a non-ambitious stunt double. If An Zihao​'s reputation was destroyed by the scandals this time, she would probably live the rest of her life in guilt. She did not like the feeling of owing others.

"Ning Jie, can you tell me how I can help An Zihao?"

"You don't need to do anything. Just wait patiently and that's already enough," Tangning replied. "Don't give Annie the chance to attack you nor Zihao again."

"Am I supposed​ to do nothing then?"

"At a time like this, there's nothing you can do."

Tangning was very straightforward. Her words were like a warning directed at Chen Xingyan's selfishness. If she continued being the way she was, then not only An Zihao, but many others would also suffer.

"OK then, I won't do anything," Chen Xingyan said before she hung up the phone. Afterwards, she had the urge to give An Zihao a phone call, but she quickly realized, she would be of no help.

So, she entered the living room and analyzed the space instead. According to the angle from which the scandalous photo was taken, the culprit was definitely standing in the doorway of Annie's room.

Chen Xingyan held back her anger and knocked calmly on Annie's​ bedroom door.

Behind the door, Annie was holding onto her phone. As soon as the door opened, she handed the phone to Chen Xingyan, "The situation has escalated. Director Chen Feng has announced that he has canceled Mr. An's contract for 'Concubine Ning'. According to the current rate of progression, I'm afraid Mr. An will go through a long period with no work."

After looking at the latest news article, Chen Xingyan handed the phone back to Annie and pulled out her own phone to interrogate her, "Only from this spot and from this height could someone manage to capture this logo in this way. Am I right?"

Annie looked at the comparison photo that Chen Xingyan took from her doorway and fell silent.

"Even if you don't admit to it, I can find more evidence. You can stop acting, Annie."

Annie lifted her head; her eyes were red like she was trying to endure something. But, a moment later...

...she nodded her head and laughed. Her laugh was extremely arrogant, "So what if it was me? Does it still matter who exposed everything?"

"Perhaps, you can hold a press conference and tell everyone that I planned everything. Do you think anyone would believe you?"

Chen Xingyan did not say a word. She simply threw a punch directly into Annie's face and knocked her onto the floor, "I know you hate me, but why would you treat An Zihao this way?"

Annie lay on the floor rubbing her injured face and sneered, "Don't you feel that he is biased towards you?"

"No, I don't!"

"That's because you are stupid. Couldn't you tell that An Zihao brought me here just to provoke you into working harder? Previously, when 'The Savage Wars' was selecting their cast, you rejected the contract and An Zihao promised that he'd give the role to me. But, what happened in the end? He didn't even mention my name to the director. He was simply waiting for you to change your mind."

"All that he had said about equal chances and allowing the director to decide was rubbish. The opportunity was always yours and I never stood a chance!"

"Do you know how bad this has hurt me?"

"As a university student, I thought I had made progress and was about to debut. But, what happened in the end?"

"Even though he tried to make up for it afterwards, he ignored the fact that I wanted to be treated equally and that I wanted to develop my career overseas. As soon as he found out that I had failed my audition, he didn't even attempt to fight for the opportunity. You still don't think he's biased?"

After listening to Annie's argument, Chen Xingyan was dumbfounded. She had no idea what An Zihao had done for her without her knowing.

"When you said that your game console needed fixing, he immediately took it home and fixed it himself. On the surface, you appear to be at a disadvantage, but in reality, you are actually the person that he favors."

"So, why do you think I am treating An Zihao this way? It's because he asked for it!"

Chen Xingyan knelt on the floor and grabbed Annie's shirt. She then raised her fist, ready to throw another punch. Annie did not intend to dodge. She simply stretched her neck, ready to accept the blow. However, at this time, the door to the apartment suddenly flew open...

5-6 men rushed in. As soon as they approached Chen Xingyan they immediately started beating her painfully.

Chen Xingyan couldn't possibly beat 5 professional bodyguards, so she huddled up on the floor without moving...

The lead bodyguard helped Annie off​ the floor and asked, "Are you fine?"

"Grab her!" Annie said with no time to care about her pain.

The bodyguards did as instructed and grabbed onto Chen Xingyan. As soon as Annie saw this, she quickly walked over and threw a punch at her, "This punch is payback." She then threw another punch, "This punch is a bonus."

Annie then stood up straight and dusted off her body. Her expression quickly changed as she looked down arrogantly at Chen Xingyan.

"Did you think that this is over? Actually, I was the person that stole your role in 'The Savage Wars'. I would have never been satisfied until you were replaced. Didn't you say that you wanted to be a stunt double? And weren't you a reckless person? From now on, you can be as reckless as you want..."

"The good show is yet to come! This time, without An Zihao, I wonder who would still be available to save you."

After speaking, Annie turned around to leave. As she left, she said to the lead bodyguard, "Teach her an industry-style lesson."

"Yes, watch your step, Ms. An."

The scene that followed was something that Chen Xingyan wanted to erase from her memory.

The so-called 'industry-style lesson', meant being surrounded by the group of men as they urinated all over her.

The revolting smell spread from the top of her head to the rest of her body.

The thought of it filled Chen Xingyan with a murderous intent. She was willing to sacrifice herself in order to kill Annie.