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627 Doesnt He Know That This Will Also Hurt You?

 Actually, many things made people freeze in fear, simply because they were tricky and appeared like a dead end.

But, it was different for someone who had experienced many challenges...


It didn't take long before all mentions of Tangning's child completely disappeared from the industry. But, not even two days passed before a new rumor began spreading.

A person claimed that Tangning had indeed cheated and that they had evidence in their hands.

They had evidence of her cheating!

Even so, no one dared to spread this information because they were afraid of Mo Ting's revenge.

Everyone felt that the initiator of the rumor was being too brave. How dare they publicly challenge Mo Ting's authority?

But, where did it come from?

No one knew.

Everyone simply waited to see this person's fate. Especially since Hai Rui appeared to have already started their search. But, this time, someone else was drawn into the mix. Needless to say, this someone was Hua Wenfeng.

Because she wanted evidence of Tangning cheating, she began a thorough investigation using all forms of methods to find the person that started the rumor. If she could really get hold of evidence...

...then, not only in front of Mo Ting, but also in front of the entire Beijing, Tangning would no longer be welcome.

As a result, Hua Wenfeng did not hold back. She even hired a private investigator in hopes of beating Mo Ting to the search. Of course, she got what she wished for. The culprit turned out to be a friend of the 3rd person that Mo Ting dealt with.

This woman was partially involved in the entertainment industry.

Of course, Hua Wenfeng was careful. She couldn't possibly let anyone know about the schemes she was partaking in behind Tangning's back. So, after she received the woman's phone number, she hesitated for a while before making a phone call.

At first, no one picked up. When it finally connected and the woman learned of Hua Wenfeng's motive, she immediately scoffed, "Actually, my friend told me about this. She previously played a small role in 'W.H.' and witnessed An Zihao and Tangning acting very intimate. My friend is the one that was recently caught in possession of marijuana."

"At first, she did not suspect that they had any special relationship. After all, everyone in the industry knows that Mo Ting and Tangning's relationship is really good. So, my friend didn't think anything of it. It wasn't until she heard the recent rumors about An Zihao and Tangning did she realize she may have something shocking in her hands."

"If you want evidence, you should go look for her. After all, I'm afraid of Hai Rui's revenge. So, give her a phone call and try asking her instead," the woman explained. "The only reason why I spoke up was because I was drunk. I never expected it to cause such a commotion. So, I now need to go overseas and hide."

Did this mean that Tangning and An Zihao actually did something indecent behind Mo Ting's back?

After hearing the woman's explanation, Hua Wenfeng tried to tempt the woman into giving her more detail. But...

...the woman refused. She instead asked Hua Wenfeng, "Everyone in the industry is trying their best to avoid talking about Tangning. Why are you walking headfirst into it? How much do you hate her?"

"I hate her a lot!"

"Do you mind telling me who you are?"

Hua Wenfeng wasn't so stupid as to reveal her identity, so she avoided answering and hung up the phone. She then contacted the previously budding artist who no longer had a promising career.

However, the woman had only just been bailed out of the police station, so she directly rejected Hua Wenfeng's request, "Sorry, I'm not brave enough to provoke Tangning and Mo Ting. I don't have any evidence in my hands."

"But, your friend already emailed me a photo before she left for overseas..." It took a lot of bribing for Hua Wenfeng to get this information. Obviously, she needed to make sure the information was true.

Inside the photo, Tangning was indeed with a man. In fact, their actions were very intimate, each with one arm around the other. The man's eyes was covered by a mosaic effect to mask his identity, but it was obvious that it was An Zihao.

"I really don't have anything. Please stop bothering me."

Hua Wenfeng refused to give up; she insisted on getting the original uncensored photo. So, she proposed a very attractive offer, "As long as you are willing to hand over the photo, I can give you anything in return."

"Sorry, I still can't give it to you," the woman was firm on her decision, with no intention of backing down. "Stop trying to tempt me with your lies. If I give the photo to you and Hai Rui end up looking for me, how bad would that be?"

The woman was extremely careful because of her fear towards Mo Ting.

After careful thought, Hua Wenfeng thought of an idea, "How about we meet in person."

"Meet?" the woman laughed questioningly. "Why do you want the photo so badly? It's not like you can spread it around. Aren't you afraid of Hai Rui's revenge? I really can't comprehend how much you must hate Tangning."

"You simply need to let me know if you are willing to sell the photo."

"I'll sell it for $30 million. I need to leave Beijing. After all, I can't survive here anymore," the woman finally said after careful consideration.

"$30 million..." Hua Wenfeng was stunned by this amount, so she didn't respond for a while.

Seeing her hesitation, the woman immediately asked, "Too expensive? I won't force you then. I don't want to make the risk either. Even though I really want the money, I'd prefer to keep my life. To prevent others from seeking me out, I think I'll destroy this photo after you hang up. I really don't want to dig my own grave."

After speaking, the woman was prepared to hang up the phone. But, Hua Wenfeng called out to hold her back, "Let's set a time and place."

"Let me think about it. I'll send the details to your phone."

After hanging up, Hua Wenfeng held onto her phone anxiously as she paced back and forth across the living room. A few minutes later, she received a message with a time and address. Only then did her anxiety ease a little.

She did all this to make Tangning disappear from Mo Ting's side.

She really wanted to know, if she was to place the evidence in front of Mo Ting and he was to see the intimate photo of Tangning and An Zihao, how would he be able to tolerate her.

The meeting was scheduled for two days later.

Location: Hotel Miro.

Meanwhile, at the exact same moment that Hua Wenfeng received her message, Tangning also received a message on her phone: "Fish has taken the bait. The plan is running smoothly."

Sometimes, one could also utilize the method of unexpected reversal.

Afterwards, Tangning handed her phone to Mo Ting.

"Is it possible to confirm that the caller was Ms Hua?"

Mo Ting responded by showing some videos to Tangning on his phone. In the videos, Hua Wenfeng was seen purchasing multiple phones and SIM cards.

And, the phone used to make contact, was one of the ones that Hua Wenfeng had bought.

"Why didn't she look for a private investigator?"

"Because she knows, the more she asks of the private investigator, the more information they will have in their hands. If she can handle it herself with no issues, why ask someone else?"

"I can understand why Ms Hua hates me. But, what about your father?" Tangning asked in seriousness, "Doesn't he know that this will also hurt you?"