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613 They Did It Behind Closed Doors!

 But, the stall wasn't there.

Nor did An Zihao see Chen Xingyan. "Forget it," An Zihao told himself with a laugh. Since this interesting woman wasn't destined to have further ties with him, he shouldn't keep pushing it.

And, if she didn't like being an actress, he shouldn't force her.


Meanwhile, Father Mo returned to Beijing at just the right time.

While the entire world was discussing the Mo Family's scandal, Father Mo stepped out of the airport to see the entertainment news discussing Hua Wenfeng's revelations and the scandals that resulted from it. Scandals that involved Mo Ting, Tangning, Hai Rui and the Tang Family.


As soon as Father Mo stepped into his car, he gave Mo Ting a phone call, "What's up with the news?"

"Mom exposed information to the media," Mo Ting replied coldly.

"That's what I want to ask you. Why did she do that? Did you guys provoke her?" Father Mo asked in a caring manner towards his wife. This wife was exactly the reason why he had not taken over Hai Rui. He had decided long ago that he'd throw his life into biological research alongside his wife as a form of support. The way that Father Mo protected his wife was shocking.

On the other side of the phone, Mo Ting was silent. After quite some time, he explained calmly, "Mom was unhappy with my wife, so she released false information to satisfy her anger."

"I don't believe you."

"I never expected you to believe me. But, this is the truth," Mo Ting's voice turned a few degrees colder. Father Mo realized Mo Ting was no longer the son that would secretly hide his fear. He was now a ruler of an empire; the king of entertainment. So, when it came to having a powerful presence, he did not lose to his father.

"Fine. Even if this is the truth, can't you be more responsible as a son?"

"Responsible?" Mo Ting asked, "You take care of your wife and I'll take care of mine, it's only human."

"Mo Ting..."

"If you don't have anything else you want to say, then I'm hanging up," Mo Ting replied straightforwardly, no longer wanting to talk to Father Mo. "As a husband, you have upheld your responsibilities. But, what about as a father?"


Mo Ting did not wait for Father Mo to respond before he hung up the phone and placed it to one side, almost like he had been talking to a complete stranger.

The family that was once thought to be harmonious, was actually free of conflict because of the balance between the three people. But, now that Tangning had been added to the mix and she refused to follow the rules of the family, Hua Wenfeng had been angered...

"According to Ms Hua Wenfeng, Tangning is quite selfish in private. She is full of arrogance and doesn't take others into consideration. She has also used Mo Ting's position on multiple occasions for her own benefit. Most surprising of all, due to her lifestyle in the past, it is said that Tangning's child may be born with a disability. From the time that she announced her comeback, this may be the worst case of doubt on her character. After all, this information came from her mother-in-law; Mo Ting's mother. It's clear to see how bad their relationship must be..."

"That is f*cking nonsense!" Long Jie was keeping Tangning company at Hyatt Regency because she was worried that Tangning would be in a bad mood. "I never thought that Boss would have such a stupid mother!"

"Long Jie..."

"Am I wrong for stating the truth?" Long Jie asked. "I really don't understand the thought process of that woman. Even if she can't accept you, she shouldn't talk nonsense like this out in the open. Does she want to embarrass herself as well?"

Seeing Long Jie filled with righteous indignation, Tangning let out a laugh, "Every family has its own problems..."

"Man...even though I've seen plenty of internal fights within the entertainment industry, I've never experienced it in person. I always thought that family members should each sacrifice a little instead of allowing things to get so bad. But, now that I've finally come across it, I've realized that there are some people that are impossible to tolerate."

"Compared to you, I am quite lucky. Although I haven't been able to fall pregnant after so long, at least my mother-in-law is kind and pleasant and hasn't said a single bad thing about me to anyone."

"How does President Mo plan to handle this matter?"

"He seems to be caught in the middle..."

Hearing this, Tangning lifted her glass of milk and said something deeply meaningful to Long Jie, "He is never one to suffer a loss, so neither would he let me suffer a loss."

Of course, Hai Rui couldn't possibly step out to clarify the situation. If people suspected Tangning of suppressing her mother-in-law, it would not be beneficial for her. In fact, it would increase the misunderstanding that the public had towards her.

So, she could only watch from the side and gently guide the public into discovering the truth about her themselves.

However, no one would have imagined that the first person to step out and stick up for Tangning, would be one particular woman...

"Selfish? Yeh...sure...after all, she showed forgiveness to a person like me; an enemy that almost killed her and her child. Just because someone said she's selfish, then it's definitely true right? I guess it is as long as you guys are happy..."

Yang Xi!

This person was Yang Xi. The Yang Xi that had been saved by Tangning from the depths of hell.

Tangning had once said that rather than seeking revenge, it was better to do Yang Xi a favor. That way she'd forever remember it and learn to show gratitude.

And right now, was the moment for her to do just that.

"Ah Tangning, I've finally found my chance to hit you while you're down!" Yang Xi said into her camera with a smile, "I told you you were blocking too many people's paths. You absolutely deserve this."

"Actually, I have a lot of accusations against Tangning which I will address at the end of this video. Let's first talk about the problems that Hua Wenfeng has raised."

"The first one is the issue of Tangning using Mo Ting's position to benefit herself. Actually, I'm sure everyone already has their opinion regarding this. Whether Tangning has the ability and whether she even requires someone to constantly back her up, I'm sure everyone already knows. With Tangning's intelligence, if she was to use Mo Ting, she would have long surpassed her current status!"

"Over the last two years, she slowly worked her way from a model to where she is today. Even when she received an award, she had to perform on stage to prove herself. Doesn't this already say enough?"

"Now, let's talk about Tangning's bad lifestyle. I find this quite surprising. Perhaps others wouldn't dare to say this, but since I am no longer a part of the industry, it doesn't matter, right? The truth is, Tangning barely attends social events. So what kind of bad lifestyle could she possibly have?"

"As for the child in her stomach. Ms Hua, I have a few words I want to say to you as an ex-enemy of Tangning's."

"It's none of your f*cking business! Even though you are her mother-in-law, you have no right to cast judgment on your son's life."

"Most ridiculous of all: Tangning's brother and his girlfriend were simply enjoying their private time together at home. What does that have to do with you? Are you so controlling that you even have to stick your nose into other people's sex lives? They did their own private thing behind closed doors!"