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593 Staked Claim On Tang Jingxuan!

 As soon as Xu Qingyan heard this, she froze in confusion. What did he mean?

Didn't Tang Jingxuan get hurt because of Song Yanshu?

Song Yanshu lowered her head as her shoulders shook in laughter. She then looked at Tang Jingxuan and said, "I was only joking. I didn't think someone would actually believe me. Did Miss Xu actually think it was true? According to Miss Xu's intelligence, she doesn't seem like someone who would believe everything that others say."

"How could you stay by Jingxuan's side if you are like this?"

"That's our business," Tang Jingxuan replied coldly.

"Don't tell me you still haven't told her the real reason yet," Song Yanshu looked at Xu Qingyan in mockery, "Do you want me to tell her for you?"

"What do you mean?" Xu Qingyan stood up at the mention of her name and looked at Song Yanshu in seriousness.

"What do I mean? What I mean is, the person that actually hurt Tang Jingxuan was your jerk of a father," Song Yanshu replied. "Your father stabbed him and injured him, yet Tang Jingxuan still went out to buy you food...What a joke! Tang Jingxuan, it seems you are destined to not be understood by women. Everything you do is pointless."

Xu Qingyan was dumbfounded by Song Yanshu's words.

As she remembered what Tang Jingxuan had said earlier, she suddenly realized what was going on. The person that Tang Jingxuan had said was worth it along - was her!

It was her and not Song Yanshu!

"What? Are you shocked?" Song Yanshu sneered as her voice got colder. "Xu Qingyan, if you truly cared about Jingxuan, I wouldn't have appeared here today. Too bad you don't."

"After the way that you've treated your abusive father, don't you have any awareness of your own security? If Jingxuan wasn't following you and trying to protect you, you would probably be a corpse right now. So, how intimate could your relationship be? To be honest, I'm not convinced at all by the two of you. You are simply the same as me in the past. You don't care about him at all..." Song Yanshu said to Xu Qingyan as she pointed at Tang Jingxuan. She then turned to look at Tang Jingxuan and said, "I can't see how she is worth anything..."

Xu Qingyan didn't know what to say. Although Song Yanshu was cruel, her every word drew blood.

"Are you admitting to it? You and I are the same, neither of us have treated this man well."

"That's enough..." Tang Jingxuan yelled in seriousness.

"I know you don't want to see me," Song Yanshu suddenly became emotional, "But, Tang Jingxuan, you need to be fair. If my competition is an ungrateful brat, then why won't you choose to be with me instead? At least, I now understand you..."

At this moment, Tang Jingxuan decided to maintain his silence. After quite some time, he finally mumbled, "Everything I've done is of my own freewill."

"Sometimes, I feel you are quite pitiful. Tang Jingxuan, you really have no luck at finding someone that loves you the way that you love them." After speaking, Song Yanshu glared at Xu Qingyan, "I truly hope that you become the next me." She then turned and left, leaving Tang Jingxuan and Xu Qingyan all alone in an awkward silence.

Xu Qingyan twisted her body towards Tang Jingxuan and asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"There wasn't much to tell you," Tang Jingxuan replied with a smile. "I just so happened to see your father following you that day and I knew you wouldn't have the strength to go against him."

"Then why did you force yourself to go buy me food when you were injured?" Xu Qingyan continued to ask. "Was it just because I said that I wanted to eat it? Tang Jingxuan, are you crazy?"

"It's not as serious as you think," Tang Jingxuan replied in seriousness. "I can't change this compassionate habit of mine."

Xu Qingyan stared at Tang Jingxuan without saying another word. After staring at each other for a while, Xu Qingyan ran out of the room. When she returned, her eyes were red. It was obvious she had been crying.

Tang Jingxuan smiled helplessly, "Under those circumstances, anyone would have helped out their friend. It's really not much..."

Before Tang Jingxuan finished speaking, Xu Qingyan suddenly pounced forward, wrapped her arm around his waist and placed her head against his chest, "I don't care anymore. I've decided to repay you by giving myself to you."

After hearing these words, Tang Jingxuan let out a laugh, "Even if you are willing to give yourself to me, it still depends if I want you or not. I am, after all, a highly eligible bachelor. Plus, Qingyan, I honestly did this out of my own freewill. You don't need to do this."

Xu Qingyan seemed to have predicted this result as she hugged him tighter, "You are the first and only person that has ever been willing to get hurt for me."

"It's nothing!"


Xu Qingyan suddenly remembered, "Show me your wound."

"When you heard that I got hurt because of Song Yanshu, you never asked to see my wound. What a big difference!" Tang Jingxuan reached out his hands to stop Xu Qingyan.

Xu Qingyan insisted on seeing it, so there was nothing that Tang Jingxuan could do. In the end, he removed his shirt to reveal his bandaged stomach.

As Xu Qingyan looked at the wound, it practically felt like she had been wounded instead as her heart ached.

Tang Jingxuan had got hurt because of her!

It was only right for her to take responsibility for the scar that would be left on his body. It was like a logo or stamp on his body that belonged to her.

So, Xu Qingyan promised to herself that she would never let Tang Jingxuan get hurt because of her ever again.

"What's with the expression on your face? I don't need you to repay me with an extreme sacrifice."

Xu Qingyan quietly helped Tang Jingxuan put his clothes back on before she stood up straight and asked, "Where's Xu Zhenqing?"

"He escaped!" Tang Jingxuan replied.

"I'm going to kill him if I find him!" Xu Qingyan said as she gritted her teeth. "Get some rest."

"Where are you going?" Tang Jingxuan asked as he held her back.

"I'm going to go catch the culprit," Xu Qingyan said before she left the room.

Tang Jingxuan took a deep breath and shook his head helplessly as he pushed himself out of bed. He was injured. Couldn't she just let him recover in peace?

When Xu Qingyan said she was going to catch the culprit, she was relying on the fact that she was the chairwoman of Xu Corps and that Xu Zhenqing had a lot minions remaining in the company. Perhaps, through them, she would be able to find some clues.

Of course, she wasn't stupid. She couldn't directly ask if anyone had seen him. So, she instructed her secretary to install a camera in the meeting room and call the higher-ups and shareholders in for an urgent meeting.

It was simple, she was going to tell the shareholders that the Xu Household hadn't actually been changed to her name and she had merely said it out of anger and that she wanted to find her father and reconcile with him by handing the house back to him. She was going to sit back and observe their reactions.

Xu Qingyan may not be able to control her emotions sometimes. But, it didn't mean that there was a problem with her intelligence!

Now that she had staked claim on Tang Jingxuan, she was going to find the jerk and seek revenge on him.