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573 You Have No Right To Make Me Leave!

 The Xu Household.


The two women waited patiently in the living room for Father Xu's return. Following on, another huge family battle was about to ensue...

10 minutes later, Father Xu walked into the living room with his briefcase. Perhaps it was because he knew that Elder Xu had left, his footsteps were a lot faster and lighter than usual. As he put down his briefcase he also removed his suit jacket. In his eyes, Xu Qingyan did not exist, so he directly walked over to Ye Lan, wrapped his arms around her and kissed her like no one was watching.

"Don't be like this, Qingyan is here," knowing that her husband's heart was on her side, Ye Lan pretended to be shy. In reality, she was reminding him that Xu Qingyan was standing right there and it was time to deal with her.

Xu Qingyan looked at the couple coldly. It seemed, she had already become accustomed to Ye Lan's tricks. The only problem was, she had always allowed Ye Lan to bully her in the past.


Xu Qingyan called out in a gentle voice. Of course, her words contained no emotions, but Father Xu still assumed that she was trying to plea for mercy. So, he placed his arm around Ye Lan's shoulder and sat down on the sofa, pointing his chin as he looked at Xu Qingyan, "You finally know how to plea?"

Xu Qingyan looked at Father Xu's arrogant expression, but did not respond.

"Qingyan, it's not that I want to lecture you, but you should learn how to distinguish whether your father is closer or your grandfather. No matter how much your grandfather dotes on you, he is over half a century old; he won't be able to protect you for the rest of your life. So, it's only right for you to side with your father. How could you drive a wedge between us and make us go up against each other? You shouldn't have done what you did..."

"An unfilial child is complete rubbish! When will you be able to bear me another one?" After yelling at Xu Qingyan, Father Xu turned to question Ye Lan instead, "Since you created a big mess today, you should just stay at home and focus on trying to get pregnant."

"I need someone to take over my inheritance."

Hearing this, Ye Lan looked at Xu Qingyan with an amused smile, "What about Qingyan?"

"I've given her a place to eat and sleep, and I've given her the identity of the Big Miss of the Xu Family. This is already a huge gift to her..." Father Xu said. "Haven't you heard that a daughter that is married out is like water that has been poured? Right now, she is already conspiring with outsiders, I wonder how much of the Xu Family assets she still plans to pocket. That's why I've decided to directly kick her out of this household."

He wanted to kick her out...

He said it so blatantly to Xu Qingyan's face. As her father, he treated her completely like trash; like someone that was disposable at any time.

Although Xu Qingyan had gotten used to it over the years, every time she heard words like this from Father Xu's mouth, she could never understand how a father could abandon their daughter like this.

"Get's not too much to ask of you," Ye Lan and Father Xu were completely in sync, because they both wanted to step all over the person in front of them.

"When you were telling your grandfather to come teach me a lesson, you should have expected a day like this to come," Father Xu said as he stared ruthlessly at Xu Qingyan. "The old man has never treated me like this before. I'm your father!"

"Since you are so capable, then get lost. I want to see you leave without taking even a single leaf from the Xu Family."

Xu Qingyan stared coldly at Father Xu; at the face that got uglier by the day. She found that she still felt a slight sense of fear. After all, this face had left quite a traumatic impression on her...

Everyone around her encouraged her not to be afraid and not to back down. She did not deserve to be bullied, even if the person that was bullying her was her father.

So, Xu Qingyan focused her gaze and let out a cold laugh, "You want me to leave? I'm afraid I don't have any intention on doing that any time soon. Plus, if Mr Xu wants to talk about what we owe each other, then let's calculate it clearly."

Father Xu never expected that Xu Qingyan would refute against him. Not only that, her eyes seemed to be completely void of fear...

"Do you think that you deserve to be a father? No, let me rephrase. Do you think you are still human?" Xu Qingyan laughed. It was like she was looking at a wild dog and a stray cat.

"After all these years of being hit and scolded by you, I've long cursed at you with every single swear word I know. I bet you didn't know this, right?" Xu Qingyan continued. "Sometimes, I even wonder if God is blind. How could he allow a monster like you to act so freely. Many times after you hit me, I even prayed that you'd get hit by a car."

"Actually, I should have known long ago that I couldn't put any hope in a person like you."

"You're finally telling me what you really think," Father Xu had never seen Xu Qingyan go against him in such a way. Nor had she ever spoken to him in such a disrespectful manner. Finally, he felt that she was quite interesting. "But, there's nothing you can do about it. I am your father and you deserve to be bullied and abandoned by me..."

"There's actually a few words that I've wanted to say for a long time. How could you dream of still having a child. Even if you still have the ability, Ye Lan may not want one. Haven't you considered that she is younger than I am? When the day comes that you can no longer satisfy her, what do you think she would do?"

"Xu Qingyan, shut your mouth," Ye Lan immediately warned.

"She must know better than I do, how important it is to give you a child. But, for some reason her stomach hasn't made any response..."

"Don't you understand what's going on? Why should a young and beautiful woman like her, follow an old bull around for the rest of her life?" Xu Qingyan laughed.

"Hubby, don't listen to her provoking words!" Ye Lan felt a little guilty as she turned to comfort the man beside her.

"Ye Lan, are you brave enough to swear that you do not have another man?"


Ye Lan wanted to explain herself, but Father Xu took a deep glance at Xu Qingyan and said, "Hurry and leave!"

"You have no right to make me leave," Xu Qingyan shook her head at Father Xu.

"Do you think your shares will come of any use?" Father Xu mocked. "If I wanted to, I could immediately gift Ye Lan 10% of my shares."

However, Xu Qingyan did not waste any more time on arguing as she directly said to the housekeeper, "Prepare the luggage and bring it out."

Hearing these words, Father Xu assumed that Xu Qingyan had given up and was ready to leave.

But, Xu Qingyan did not move at all as she smiled and waited for the housekeeper to bring the luggage to them...

Xu Qingyan then pointed to the luggage and said to Father Xu, "I've helped you pack everything. Now, get lost!"