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570 The Video

 The video!

After going around in circles, Han Xiner finally got to the main point: the video taken by the Dutch plumber! The video that captured the entire incident.

However, Yang Xi refused to believe that Hai Rui could present any useful evidence. If they could, Mo Ting would have revealed it long ago, why would he give her so much time to mess around?

"Miss Yang said that she will sit back and welcome this video because she believes that there is justice in this world!"

After hearing this, not only Han Xiner, but quite a few of the reporters revealed an amused smile.


"A gangster's woman shouldn't be talking to us about justice..." Han Xiner responded directly.

Seeing that the lawyers had nothing to say to her response, Han Xiner smiled and continued, "Since Miss Yang is so confident, let's all sit back and enjoy the show. We will soon see who lied and who doesn't know right from wrong."

"I just hope that Miss Yang can handle the consequences!"

After speaking, Han Xiner once again turned around and looked confidently at the screen behind her.

Afterwards a shaky video appeared on the screen. As it was secretly shot from the doorway, all that could be seen was Yang Xi and a bit of Tangning's protruding belly. Tangning could not be seen entirely clearly...

Even so, everyone was able to recognize Tangning's voice from the get go and could hear the argument between the two women. They also heard the sinister tone in Yang Xi's voice as she told her bodyguards to make a move on Tangning.

They heard how she told them to strip Tangning naked and get rid of her child. And how she told them to be careful not to kill her.

This was just a snippet of the video provided by the Dutch plumber. Of course, he recorded much more, but for Hai Rui, this small snippet was already enough...

The video ended when there was a knock on the door and Mo Ting and the police appeared. However, the footage captured, was already enough to confirm who had lied, who had slandered who, and who acted ruthlessly without hesitation.

The truth had finally been revealed!

While the reporters snapped frantically with their cameras, they were shocked by the way that Yang Xi had acted in the video. They had never imagined, when a woman turned heartless, they could become so cruel and disgusting.

"This Yang Xi is so cheap! How could she do something so cruel, yet turn around and cry like a victim? She actually tried to use the public's compassion to achieve her own motive. Completely disgusting!"

"To treat a pregnant woman in this way, isn't she afraid of being struck by lightning?"

"She is, after all, a gangster's woman. No wonder everything she does is completely inhumane."

"If I was President Mo, I wouldn't just give her a slap. I may even kill her!"

"Good on him! But, one slap was definitely not enough!"

Faced with anger from reporters and netizens, Han Xiner looked down at Yang Xi's lawyers in ridicule and asked, "I would like to know if this is the justice that you spoke of?"

The lawyers were dumbfounded as their powerful expressions disappeared.

"As a human, it's bad enough that she didn't show mercy on a pregnant lady and her child, she even tried to throw the blame onto the victim. I would like to know if you can really sleep at night after accepting money from someone like this?"

The lawyers' faces turned red in embarrassment; they didn't know how to respond. After taking a quick glance at each other, they swiftly turned and left.

Han Xiner did not make things difficult for them; they only played a small role in the incident. Instead, she did something completely unexpected: she made a phone call to Yang Xi. Of course, Yang Xi was currently sitting at home trembling, unsure whether she was angry or scared. So, when she received the call from Han Xiner, she immediately hung up.

Han Xiner looked at everyone and shrugged her shoulders. She then made a phone call to Yang Xi's management agency. Of course, the agency had already received news of what had happened and realized that Yang Xi had lost her value, so they immediately announced that Yang Xi's actions were of her own doing and had nothing to do with them.

If the incident involved normal competition within the industry, then Yang Xi would have merely been treated as a joke.

But, Tangning was pregnant!

In fact, she was already 6 months pregnant!

This completely escalated the incident to an unimaginable level of seriousness. Because, it was no longer an issue that involved the entertainment industry, it was a moral issue that involved the entire society.

Of course, the release of the video was like a fiery slap in the face for those that had previously scolded Mo Ting and Tangning. In an instant, they were seen as trash that encouraged Yang Xi.

At this time, the climax had just started!

Han Xiner looked at everyone coldly. She knew deep down, no matter how angry and righteous these people were currently acting, she could never forget how they had scolded and insulted Tangning and Mo Ting earlier on.

So, she directly said to everyone, "There was a reason why the press conference was organized in such a way."

"Initially, Tangning did not want to alert the media to her pregnancy. But, when faced with a woman as cruel as Yang Xi, she had no choice but to reveal it to prove her innocence and to protect her child. Did she do anything wrong?"

"No...let me rephrase. You were the ones that claimed she was evil, yet, you were also the ones that claimed she was innocent. Brains are useful, you should use it."

"Hai Rui has been in the entertainment for many years and no one has ever successfully challenged their position. Who gave you guys the confidence and courage to insult President Mo and discuss his name so casually?"

"I'll be honest with you, there is no way that Hai Rui will show any mercy towards Miss Yang. On top of that, they also won't be letting any other troublemakers off the hook. Hai Rui will do all they can to eliminate all the negativity that this incident has created towards them and they will also show everyone, the consequences of causing trouble!"

"Of course, Hai Rui would like to take this opportunity to clarify all other scandals related to Tangning."

"Firstly...Tangning's retreat from the industry was partly because she wanted to keep her pregnancy out of the limelight. But, behind it all is an even bigger conspiracy. So, I would like to take this opportunity to deal with each and every issue related to this matter..."

Following on, Han Xiner was planning to resolve the issue of Tangning's name being removed from the nomination list of the Fei Tian Awards.