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528 Retreating From The Industry!

 "I've never seen such a pitiful singer. Should we still play the accompanying music?" one of the musicians on the stage asked his colleague as he looked at the empty venue.

"I've played for over a decade and never seen anything like this. Today has really opened my eyes," the drummer replied as he brushed back his hair. "Even I feel sympathy for Luo Xing."

"What use is your sympathy? We need the audience to show sympathy! How bad could his rumor have been?"

"I must praise Luo Xing for his courage. He's spent the entire year at the top of the popularity charts. Last time when he held a fan concert, he filled a stadium of 10,000. What a pity!"


In reality, Tang Jingxuan knew exactly what was happening outside. But, he remained seated at the makeup table and got ready like usual.

Within the industry, for one to enjoy the glory of the limelight, they must also understand how pitiful it feels to be hated.

5 minutes before the concert was to start, Tang Jingxuan was dressed in a dark grey cocktail suit and ready to head on stage. However, at this time, he suddenly received a phone call from Tangning.

"Don't be afraid. Even if you lose everything, your family will always be here."

Tang Jingxuan's heart was deeply touched by Tangning's words.

If a moment ago, he still had any trace of weakness or hesitation, then at this moment, after hearing Tangning mention family, he completely relaxed. Putting down his phone, he looked at the staff and made an 'OK' gesture.

Seeing Tang Jingxuan's persistence, the host felt all his awkwardness disappear as he stepped onto the stage like there were millions of fans before him.

To his surprise, there was a person seated calmly in the VIP section of the audience. And this person, although not a fan, was significant enough to be equivalent to millions of fans.

The host was a little stunned as he felt himself fill with excitement. After all, Tangning was at a level where a small host like himself would not easily get the chance to see her. So, he couldn't help but feel slightly nervous.

Perhaps she sensed his discomfort, so Tangning looked at the host and smiled. This would be a night that the host would never forget.

A moment later, he collected his thoughts and told himself to pretend he was in a rehearsal.

In an instant, he was in the right mindset.

"Please welcome our Prince of Music, Luo Xing, to the stage."

As the stage lit up, Tangning watched as Tang Jingxuan jumped out from behind a mirror accompanied by his dancers, dressed in a black leather jacket.

He had always specialized in ballads. But for the sake of his last concert, he put on his spunkiest clothes and performed his most inspiring dance.

Of course, Tang Jingxuan never expected to see Tangning seated amongst the empty audience. But, thinking about what Tangning had said to him earlier, he realized, even if the entire world abandoned him, his family would never leave his side.

Tangning would never leave his side!

Tang Jingxuan continued to dance as he shined brightly on stage. Meanwhile, he felt his eyes begin to water. After 3 fiery minutes, Tang Jingxuan handsomely completed his dance and walked over to the host as he tried to catch his breath.

"Luo Xing, today..."

"You don't need to be so serious. Take it easy today. If possible, can you hand me the microphone? I have a few things I would like to say."

As usual, the fan concert was being broadcasted live. Although there weren't many people watching it online, Tangning had prepared a surprise gift for her brother. She had hired the biggest public screen in Beijing and the concert was being broadcasted on there as well.

"OK," the host nodded his head.

"Firstly, I would like to say hi to my fans, even though none of you showed up," Tang Jingxuan said disappointedly as he bowed to the cameras. "However, I won't be upset by this. Because, below the stage, I still have my beloved family."

"I would like to take this opportunity to clarify the rumors that are going around about me. There is no relationship between Miss Zhao Qinyi and I, nor am I the father of the child in her stomach. The so-called evidence is based on the fact that I invited Miss Zhao to Hyatt Regency as a guest. I'm sure you all understand that this industry is all about creating hype, so I simply wanted my Sister Three to tell Zhao Qinyi that I didn't want to help her."

"As for what happened afterwards, I don't think there is a need to explain. Before I entered this industry, I must admit that I thought a celebrity's only responsibilty was to sit around being admired by others. But, after experiencing the industry for myself, I've realized that this industry is much more dirty and dark than I originally thought."

"Love is all a lie; talent is all a lie; sometimes, even fans are all lie."

"Following on, I would like to dedicate the song, 'Hypnotize Myself', to the people that abandoned me. They were the ones that made me realize that reality could not be changed and a person's heart was unpredictable."

After Tang Jingxuan finished talking, a melodious tune resonated across the stage and he was quickly consumed in the emotional song...

"If leaving someone is for their own good, looking back is pointless..."


Tang Jingxuan's voice was broadcasted to multiple corners of Beijing via the city's biggest outdoor screen. Those that saw it, couldn't help but stop in their tracks.

He had no audience!

He had no fans!

But, he was still the same singer that loved his music.

"To be honest, I wanted to say this a long time ago..." Tang Jingxuan said in seriousness after his song was complete, "Life is a mess in itself, but this industry is even a bigger mess."

"I know a lot of people want to see me disappear from this industry because I disgust you."

"Since we've gotten to this point, I can only say that I'll do as you wish!"

"I, Luo Xing, officially announce that from tonight onwards, I will be retreating from the entertainment industry and will no longer sing. In fact, I will never take a step back into the industry again."

"Once upon a time, I sang because I enjoyed it. Afterwards, I sang because of my fans..."

"But, faced with the fickle fans that turned on me overnight, I can't see anything that is worth me wasting my youth on anymore. Especially since my family has been waiting for me."

"From this moment onwards, I am Tang Jingxuan, the Fourth Master of the Tang Family; future heir to Tang Corps!"

After speaking, Tang Jingxuan tore off the costume on his body and threw it on the ground...

"Lastly, I would like to thank you all for your short-term love and your current hate." After speaking, Tang Jingxuan took a few steps back and bowed to the cameras before stepping off the stage and walking towards Tangning. It appeared, there was nothing in the industry that he'd miss.

Meanwhile, the netizens were in an uproar online.

The Prince of Music, Luo Xing, had retreated from the industry to prove his innocence!