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498 Surving in The Entertainment Industry = Good at Managing a Business?

 Tang Corps. The board of directors decided to hold an urgent meeting. At this time, Tang Xuan shocked the shareholders by making an appearance.

It's not that they didn't know that she had returned to the company, but the fact that Elder Tang had placed her in an insignificant position for so long, they did not take too much notice of her. So...had she suddenly been given a chance to redeem herself?

Tang Xuan was aware that these people had never trusted her and thought her capabilities were so-so. So, this time, she had to prove herself to these stubborn old folk.

"Today, I am here on behalf of my grandfather. If you guys have anything you want to say, go ahead."

The shareholders looked at each other. Finally, a 40-something-year-old man standing to the right of Tang Xuan neatened his suit and said with an arrogant expression, "I would like to know when President Xia will return...A big company like Tang Corps can't operate without someone in charge."

Tang Xuan lowered her head and thought for a few seconds before smiling, "We are currently​ uncertain whether Auntie Xia is dead or alive. I hope everyone can give us a bit of time."

"Time? Do you know how much we invested into the collaboration with Switzerland? Yet, it was canceled just like that! Who's going to hold responsibilty?"

"Big Miss, although we understand your difficulties, you still need to protect the interests of your shareholders," another old man said as he crossed his arms. "It's OK for the Tang Family to hold control of the company. After all, the business was founded by your family and you also hold majority of the shares, still need to provide us with an explanation, right? President Xia is temporarily unable to return, so shouldn't the chairman take over?"

"My grandfather hasn't been well lately!"

"Well, Second Miss is a doctor, so we don't want to force her. What about the Third Miss? Hasn't Tangning retreated from the entertainment industry recently? If she can temporarily take charge, that would be better than leaving the company unattended."

Tang Xuan's eyes darkened. Just as she was about to respond, another shareholder suddenly spoke up, "Handing the company to an entertainer? Are you guys joking?"

"Although Tangning is in the entertainment industry, she is held in high prestige. Moreover, she treats people well. So, isn't she the best candidate?"

"That's enough. There's no way I will accept a clown as the leader of the company. How ridiculous is that?"

"Then, who do you propose?"

Because of Tangning, a few of the shareholders were red in anger. They did not view highly on acting as a career, let alone the fact that Tangning was also once a model.

"I wonder how many people she's had a disagreement with...If we get her to lead Tang Corps, isn't that submitting Tang Corps to humiliation? Rather than that, I'd rather the Big Miss take control..."

Someone suddenly changed the focus to Tang Xuan and Tang Xuan was quite surprised by this.

In reality, the majority of people in the room were aware of the limits to Tang Xuan's capabilities, but it was too awkward to point it out in front of her...

Tang Xuan knew what they thought of her, so she smiled and said in a sincere voice, "I know I had many flaws in the past and have made everyone disappointed. But, after a long period of reflection, starting all over from the grassroots of the company, I have developed a new understanding of Tang Corps. This is something that I want to tell everyone regardless of who is to take over."

"Support for Tangning!"

"Support for the Big Miss!"


"Big Miss."

"From what I've heard, Tangning doesn't seem interested in management. The chairman has looked for her multiple times in the past, but she firmly replied to the chairman that she didn't want to sit around in meetings all day with a bunch of old people. Management is not where her interests lie."

As soon as this particular shareholder spoke up, everyone stopped arguing. This was something that plenty of people knew about.

Tangning had indeed rejected Elder Tang. In fact, she had rejected him more than once.

"Since we can't count on her, what else can we say?"

"As long as the Big Miss can take over, I will be rest assured!"

The discussions were obviously leaning towards the result that Tang Xuan wanted. But, she remained calm as she said, "I would like to thank everyone for your belief in me, but, I have made a mistake in the past."

"Since it's so hard to settle on a decision, let's cast a vote."

"That's right, let's vote."

After mutual agreement, the shareholders decided to use the fairest method. Tang Xuan was confident with this decision, because she had already bribed a large number of people. But, unexpectedly, the results between her and Tangning were a tie.

"You are all recommending Tangning, but too bad, she would rather expose some flesh to the public than to take Tang Corps into consideration!"

"Everyone calm down. The best thing for us to do is to let grandfather make the decision. I may not be able to repay everyone's kindness..." Tang Xuan acted modest. "Grandfather has the final say.

"What else is there to consider? Which one of you have seen Tangning's abilities? Just because she survives well in the entertainment industry, does that mean she is good at managing a business?"

"If you guys insist on putting Tangning in charge...then I will consider selling my shares."

After a round of voting, there was no resolution to their problem. They were still in disagreement between the choice of Tangning or Tang Xuan. At this time, a phone call arrived from Elder Tang. No matter how disrespectful they were, the shareholders still endured their anger and answered the phone.

"Yuling has encountered a kidnapping in Switzerland and we currently don't know if she is dead or alive. The entire Tang Family are working together to locate her. So, tomorrow, I will be announcing who the Acting CEO will be. I'm certain that no one will have any doubts about my decision."

Tang Xuan lowered her head and let out a cold and gentle laugh. She was sure that apart from herself, no one else in the Tang Family could truly take charge.

"Tomorrow, I will get my granddaughter to hold a meeting with all of you."

He said granddaughter...

...but he did not say which granddaughter!

Tang Xuan was certain that Elder Tang was going to place her back at the top.

The shareholders also misunderstood Elder Tang's words, assuming that he was going to get Tang Xuan to temporarily take over, so they clapped their hands in agreement, "That's right! The model should step aside. To be blatantly honest, Tangning is only suitable as a man's toy. Someone like her, who can't handle responsibility, should never step foot through the company's doors."

"Watch what you're​ saying," one of Tangning's supporters warned. They were already displeased that Tang Xuan would be placed in a position of power again, yet Tangning was also being insulted in front of them. How could they tolerate it?

"Since grandfather has made a decision, then let's meet again tomorrow!"

"It's still not certain who we will be meeting with tomorrow. You aren't the chairman's only granddaughter," someone sneered as they left. These words hit Tang Xuan exactly where it hurt.