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398 30 Year Contrac

 When Han Xiner saw that Tangning got a new assistant, she was both stunned and broken-hearted.

Her mission to take care of Bei Chendong was supposed to end once he started filming. So, she originally expected to return to Tangning's side. But, who would have thought, Tangning would end up getting a new assistant.

It was reasonable though. After all, she was meant to be a temporary assistant from the start. So, how could she dream of remaining by Tangning's side.

"What are you daydreaming about?" Bei Chendong asked as he watched Han Xiner walk ahead.

"Ning Jie got a new assistant. So, I think it's time I retreat," Han Xiner replied as she turned to look at Bei Chendong. Her expression swept over with disappointment.

"She has an assistant...but, I don't," Bei Chendong said as he looked down at her, "Don't tell me, following me isn't as good as following her... Look at her new assistant. She isn't as pretty as you and couldn't possibly be smarter than you. Shouldn't you show her what you're capable of and make her regret finding someone new?"

Han Xiner remained silent...

She was actually quite hurt. After all, Tangning didn't even give her prior warning. It was like she didn't care.

"Forget it. You make it seem like following me is a huge torture. I won't force you..." After speaking, Bei Chendong pulled his luggage behind him, ready to leave. At this moment, Han Xiner suddenly reached out her hand and stopped him.

"You're on your own..."

"I've always been on my own. Either you be my assistant, or I continue on my own," Bei Chendong replied straightforwardly.

Han Xiner glanced at Tangning and her new assistant and then looked back at Bei Chendong. Finally, she nodded her head, "Fine then, I'll be your assistant."

"There's no point saying it. I've prepared a contract, let's sign it first..."

Han Xiner: "..."

At this time, Han Xiner finally realized Bei Chendong was a man of action; it was quite frightening how quick he was. Did he perhaps want to sign her a long time ago? Otherwise, why did he already have a contract and why did he carry it around with him?

"At least give me some time to look over it."

"What's there to look at? Your salary will be double, so sign it!" Bei Chendong directly flipped to the last page of the contract and handed Han Xiner a pen.

Han Xiner was quite surprised, but she still ended up signing. Actually, if she had taken the time to note the details of the contract, perhaps...she would not have signed a 30 year contract without knowing.

The impatient Bei Chendong quickly put away the contract and revealed a rare smile. He then led Han Xiner over to Tangning.

Without looking suspicious, Tangning acted like nothing happened as she played along with Bei Chendong's act, "Xiner...because we couldn't confirm when you'd be back, Ting got Yanshu to be my assistant."

"That...that's OK..."

"She's already signed on with me," Bei Chendong proclaimed before he dragged Han Xiner away. As they left, Tangning couldn't help but giggle.

Life was like a movie that depended on acting...

No wonder Bei Chendong managed to become a national treasure actor.

"Don't you think you were a bit too fierce in front of Tangning? She didn't do anything wrong..."

"She doesn't want you, isn't that wrong?"

"She didn't say that she doesn't want me. In fact, she's already helped me enough in the past. Please don't hold a grudge against her," Han Xiner said in seriousness.

"If you don't want me to hold a grudge against her...I will need to see how you perform."

Han Xiner had absolutely no idea she was being tricked. Actually, as a cousin of Mo Ting's, Bei Chendong​ had the same unapproachable aura as him. Of course, Mo Ting's methods were hidden in secret whilst Bei Chendong's was out in the open. This was because he was impatient and lazy...

His thoughts were simple. He simply felt no one was more suited to Han Xiner than himself.


It didn't take long before 'W.H.' held their launch ceremony in secret. As the producer, Mo Ting also attended. In reality, Mo Ting had higher hopes for 'W.H.' than for 'Stupid'.

This was because the disaster genre in the domestic market was still lacking. If Hai Rui managed to produce a masterpiece, it would be very meaningful for both him and Tangning.

"President Mo, thank you so much," An Zihao thanked Mo Ting wholeheartedly. "It's not that I didn't try to ask other people, but whenever I mentioned money..."

"My judgment has always been right," Mo Ting said in confidence.

"Don't worry, I will definitely take good care of Tangning..."

An Zihao understood what Mo Ting was worried about. After all, the incident that happened with 'Hidden Expert', happened right in front of his eyes. It was something he'd be haunted by for the rest of his life.

"Also, control Bei Chendong a little. Once his on set, the only person he will listen to is the director."

"Leave it with me."

"When the time is right, I will start promoting the film." Timing was important, especially since someone new would become famous everyday and someone old would be forgotten at the same time.

An Zihao was never worried about the marketing side of things. As for the way Hai Rui operated, they could only exceed his expectations, not disappoint.

"Let's see how Tangning performs. If 'W.H.' gets released during the second half of the year, she can definitely try for the best newcomer award."

In reality, if Hai Rui really wanted it, they could simply ask for it. But, over the years, Hai Rui never once interfered with the voting process.

"Even though she's my wife, she will need to depend on herself."

After hearing Mo Ting's words, An Zihao did not comment any further. It was clear to see how much faith Mo Ting had in Tangning. It also hinted that Tangning was indeed capable.

"The first scene will be a big scene. Do you want to watch it before you leave?"

"No need, I want to leave it as a surprise for later," Mo Ting turned around, whispered something in Tangning's ear and left.

As soon as Mo Ting left, Tangning immediately began to feel empty inside...

But, it didn't take long before she found a distraction. Just like An Zihao said, the first scene was indeed big.

The village had just been infected with the virus and everyone was investigating the cause. The husband portrayed by Bei Chendong would spend all day treating patients at the hospital and then lock himself in the bathroom for 2 hours after returning home every night.

The writer wife portrayed by Tangning started off with nightmares about her body deteriorating away. Then one day, she stepped into the bathroom and was met with a putrid smell as well as her husband's back facing her weirdly.

The couple owned a pet Labrador. But, the Labrador had been chasing the husband around for the past few days, so the wife had no choice but to lock it up in a cage.

"Lately, the village hasn't been very safe. Try your best not to leave the house."

The wife looked at her husband's back suspiciously and slowly approached him. Just as she was about to check what he was doing, he suddenly turned around...

The wife jumped up in fright...

Tangning's first appearance on the screen was a close-up of her frightened face...

The production crew never thought Tangning would be so good at acting scared. Her face was pale like she had actually seen something terrifying...

As for everyone on set, they felt themselves sweating in suspense...

The reason why Tangning played this scene so well was because she had practiced it hundreds of times at home.

Her seriousness striked up the interest of Bei Chendong!