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228 Just Because You are the President, Does That Mean You Can Cheat?

 Tangning thought Huo Jingjing wouldn't pick up the phone. But she unexpectedly picked up...

"It's Tangning," afraid that Huo Jingjing would hang up, Tangning immediately revealed her identity.

"I know," Huo Jingjing's voice was a little raspy. It was obvious she had been crying. However, her voice also contained a sense of stubbornness; it seemed she hadn't fallen into complete despair.

"The scandal..."

"Everything they said in the scandal is true," Huo Jingjing appeared to have finally found someone to chat to as she continued Tangning's sentence. "The infamous international supermodel, Huo Jingjing is taking care of a gambler at home. On top of that, she has had an abortion three times and is often beaten."

"He and I met when we were 17 years old and we started dating when we were 18. At that time, I never dreamed of being a supermodel. However, I wasn't financially well-off. So, when my parents were in need of money, he suggested I become a model. He even did all he could to help me find resources."

"We were happy in our first few years. Tangning...we were even happier than you and Mo Ting. However, with the temptations of this industry ever increasing, he eventually couldn't keep it in his pants and slept with another model."

"Yet, I was so cheap I couldn't let him go. The problem was, after his mistress passed away, he even concluded that I was the one behind it. Since that day, he hasn't looked me in the eye once..."

"I can't even remember how many years it's been..."

"I kept the promise I originally made to him and have been leaving half my pay at home. However, I know he's simply been gambling it all away. He also drinks often, and once he's drunk, he would hit me..."

"There have been plenty of days when I've thought of ending my life. I thought things would be better; it would all be over. Until I met my current manager, he brought out my potential. As for Hai Rui, they accepted me and trained me..."

"I even thought at one stage, for the rest of my life I would be willing to work like a horse for President Mo. I never thought everything would get exposed one day. It's been hard keeping it a secret for so long."

Tangning listened as Huo Jingjing shared her experience. She could imagine, for a woman at her status to continue sticking to her man, how deep her love for him must be.

"You've already done really well."

"He was the one that exposed the scandal. It was because I refused to give him money. I can't believe he sold the information to Star King..."


Tangning cursed inside.

He was no less than Han Yufan.

"Now that I've gotten everything off my chest, I feel a lot better."

Tangning didn't understand why Huo Jingjing trusted her so much. Perhaps it was because they had both been through difficulties that they felt like they could relate to each other.

"I will officially announce that I am quitting Hai Rui. I don't want to implicate my friends and family, especially you. I know it wasn't easy for you to get to where you are today. But right now, there are too many rumors about me...I..."

"Jingjing, since Hai Rui is your home, you have even more reason not to leave it!" Tangning tried to stop Huo Jingjing. "I believe you've already seen enough of this life. Perhaps you are tired and annoyed by it. However, listen to me, if I can meet Mo Ting, you can also find someone that is genuine towards you."

"Just hang in there..."

"Just hang in there a little longer!"

Huo Jingjing did not respond. She simply gave a bitter laugh as she hung up the phone.

Tangning put down her phone. Just thinking about Huo Jingjing's situation made her tremble in fear; the entertainment industry made her fearful and the unpredictable human mind filled her with panic.

As Mo Ting came out of the study room after finishing his conference, he saw Tangning's pale expression. He reached out his arms to support her trembling body and realized her hands were icy cold. He immediately carried her over to the bed, "What's wrong?"

Tangning clutched Mo Ting's arm in a daze, "The person that betrayed Huo Jinjing was the man she had loved for many years."

In an instant, Mo Ting understood what Tangning was afraid of. He cupped her cheeks between his hands and began to kiss her.

Sensing Mo Ting's warm breath upon her lips, Tangning closed her eyes and became entangled in the moment. It was not until she felt her entire body completely heated up did she finally pull away from his lips.


"Much better," Tangning nodded.

The couple's eyes met. Mo Ting did not need to hear a word from Tangning to know what she was thinking. Hai Rui was definitely going to get revenge on Star King and most importantly, they were going to make the betrayer face his consequences. Otherwise, what hope was left in this world?

What else...would give one courage to get back on their feet?

After Tangning calmed down her emotions, she gave Mo Ting a nudge, "Go do your work. I'm fine."

Mo Ting did not respond. He simply pulled Tangning up and led her into the study room. He was going to continue working, but he wasn't going to let Tangning out of his sight.

So, Tangning ended up sitting quietly as she observed Mo Ting's serious expression while he worked. Every single decision he made, he would put it through careful consideration. This was exactly the look of a man that she admired.

After Mo Ting finished working, Tangning wanted to return to her suite, but Mo Ting carried her into the bathroom to bathe together. They then laid on the bed beside one another.

Tangning felt Mo Ting embrace her from behind and couldn't help but laugh, "Didn't you say, during my working period we will stick to the contract?"

"Yep, but I am the President."

"Just because you are the President, does that mean you can cheat?" Tangning turned around, smiling as she pressed her body atop Mo Ting's.

"For you, there's nothing I can't do," Mo Ting replied after being stunned for a moment.

This sentence resonated clearly from the tip of Tangning's head to the rest of her body, making her freeze in surprise.

"I know you are afraid of losing me. But, I am more afraid of losing you."

All of a sudden, Tangning let out a giggle because she realized Mo Ting understood her fears. It turned out, she wasn't the only one that was afraid...Mo Ting was also afraid.

"So, why do you think I insisted on being your manager..."

"It had always been because of you..."

"All because of you."

Tangning's heart suddenly filled to the brim with a thing called 'confidence'. It all came from Mo Ting's adoration. Because of this, she was no longer affected by Huo Jingjing's situation. She simply believed in the feelings in her heart.

This man was the right person for her and he deserved her love.

"I still have one day of work. After I am done, let's return to Beijing together. Ting...promise me you won't let Star King and that man get away with what they've done."

Mo Ting did not say a word. He decided to respond with his actions as he flipped his body and pressed Tangning firmly underneath him.

Tangning hooked her arms emotionally around Mo Ting's neck. When it came to moments like this, the couple had long been in sync. Even a simple gesture was enough to understand each other's desires.

However, before they took things further, Tangning couldn't help but bite Mo Ting on the shoulder...

It was like she wanted to leave an everlasting mark on his body; a symbol of exclusivity.

This man is exclusive to Tangning, don't anyone dare lay a finger on him!