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195 I am Leaving Cheng Tian Entertainmen


"Isn't that Tangning? Why is she back?"

"Oh god...Tangning's also getting involved. This time we have a good show to watch. This is practically a textbook example of a destructive internal battle."

The reporters furiously snapped photos of Tangning.

At a moment like this, when the situation was getting interesting, Tangning suddenly returned.

This model who seemed to leave behind a path of destruction was known to keep a low-profile, yet, whenever she showed up at a place, it always turned into a battlefield.

Lan Xi watched as Tangning slowly approached the stage. She immediately turned to look at Luo Hao, gesturing for him to contain the situation and not to let things get worse. So...

...Cheng Tian's security swiftly turned towards Tangning.

However, to everyone's surprise, Tangning had brought along her own bodyguards. In fact, they were professional bodyguards...

The security couldn't do anything as they watched Tangning walk onto the stage.

Everyone was certain that not too long ago, these two women had been on good terms and Tangning even praised Yang Jing. Yet, only a small amount of time had passed and they had turned into enemies. In fact, their relationship had gotten to an extremely terrible level.

"How come you're back? Shouldn't you be in London?"

"If I didn't come back, I'd be defamed to the point where my career would be completely destroyed," Tangning removed her sunglasses and stared at Lan Xi. The two, of course, had a noticeable difference in height. Whenever she faced women, Tangning always found herself looking down on them.

Lan Xi glared at Tangning; her eyes contained a sense of hatred. The scene playing out in front of them had completely slipped out of her control. Lan Xi originally thought Tangning would speak, if that was the case, she would get the chance to argue back. However, Tangning simply got her bodyguards to deal with the security around An Zihao before saying to him, "Say what you want to say and do what you want to do..."


"I am simply here today to protect my friend," Tangning said in a serious tone. "An Zihao, you can speak out about your grief and suffering. After you let it all out, you can finally be free."

An Zihao looked at Tangning; at the unpredictable woman before him. Back in Hai Yi Center, for the sake of Long Jie, she was willing to risk ruining her image by slapping Li Danni and her manager across the face.

Now, for his sake, she flew all the way back from London to put up a safety wall in front of him.

An Zihao suddenly felt a rush of confidence as he lifted his head and faced the reporters. He then pulled out his phone and started playing the original recording.

"The recording is indeed real. After this, I will send the recording to be examined."

"As for what I mentioned earlier about our president being envious of her models, I'm sure everyone already has a rough idea. Previously, during the Ling Feng incident, in an attempt to control Tangning, Lan Xi ordered her to have dinner with Ling Feng the night before their shoot. In the end, just because Tangning refused, the whole situation turned into a mess..."

"Afterwards, came a series of suppression incidents created by Lan Xi; I'm sure everyone heard about how Tangning's jobs were all given to Li Danni and Hua Yuan. Fortunately, Tangning managed to win back everyone's recognition via the outstanding advertisement she did for LM."

"Following on, we had the interview Tangning did with Feng Cai. In order to prevent Tangning from going on the program, Lan Xi went as far as to kidnap her assistant, Long Man's, grandfather. Hence why Tangning had to publicly ask for his return on the show."

"Finally, let me tell you about the stalking incident during JK's show. I'm sure none of you would be able to believe that an agency's CEO would actually hire paparazzi and a male model to team up and play out an act to slander her own model."

"Everything I just told you, was what Lan Xi did to Tangning after she signed on with Cheng Tian. And as her manager, this is everything I witnessed clearly with my own eyes."

After An Zihao's words left his mouth, the reporters were thrown into a frenzy.

Cheng Tian Entertainment had never been involved in such a frightening scandal. Who would have thought, their internal battle was so extreme, and under the surface, there was so much drama.

Lan Xi looked at the uncontrollable situation and suddenly took a few steps back.

Everything An Zihao mentioned had plenty of evidence to be found; she had no way of retaliating and no way of preventing people from digging up the truth.

Never would anyone have imagined, An Zihao would expose everything without holding back...

Lan Xi held back her anger as she turned to An Zihao, "An Zihao, do you still want to survive in this industry? Do you have a death wish?"

"Did you think I'd still care about surviving in this industry?" An Zihao questioned back coldly.

"From the time you pushed Yun Xin to her death to the time you planned to hurt Tangning, I already started repeating to myself...Lan Xi, someday, I will make you pay."

"The industry? Did you think I'd still care about that?"

Lan Xi glared at An Zihao with hostility; her eyes were red as tears rolled down her cheeks.

At this time, the reporters were getting riled up.

"My god, if everything An Zihao said is the truth, then Lan Xi and Cheng Tian Entertainment are too frightening."

"I know right? Murder and kidnapping! As a second-tier agency in the modeling industry, I always thought Cheng Tian Entertainment wouldn't be so dirty. Only now have I realized, I know too little."

"I don't know about Yun Xin's incident, but in regards to Tangning, I've heard my fair share. There have been rumors in the industry about Tangning being suppressed for quite some time now. The only difference is that Tangning isn't as easily bullied as Yun Xin."

"None of it is true." Lan Xi heard all the ridicule and speculation coming from the reporters and hysterically yelled, "An Zihao, you've said so much, but do you have any evidence?"

"If you can't present any evidence, then you will need to pay the most serious price for the humiliation you have caused me today."

"I see what you are trying to do here. Everything you have done today was planned by you and Tangning to destroy me."

Everyone looked at Lan Xi like they were looking at a spectacle. Compared to An Zihao's words, it was obvious she was trying to talk her way out of the situation and trying to frame them for planning everything.

"Lan Xi, do you really want to see evidence?" An Zihao looked at Lan Xi from behind the bodyguards. His expression had a trace of ridicule and sadness.

Lan Xi choked...she was suddenly speechless.

She knew if she was to demand for evidence, there would be plenty of netizens ready at their keyboards to scour all sources. If that happened...

...she would be pushed to a point of no return.

"Did you know how much I wished you had nothing to do with Yun Xin's incident?"

"And how much I wanted to believe that you had only lost your mind for just a moment? But...after seeing how hard you tried to defame Tangning, I realized, I could no longer remain silent."

"Tangning...just wants to be a successful model. She has never had the intention to go against you. But, you have endlessly tried to hurt her...and the people around her."

"You even used me as a sacrifice to achieve your motive..."

"So, I am officially announcing...I am leaving Cheng Tian Entertainment!"